Reasons Why Mario and Sonic Are Equally Good

A debate has been going on for 23 years: Mario or Sonic? Well, the answer is simple: They're equally as good!

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1 Both saved their companies

Great reason.

Nintendo almost went bankrupt, but they made Mario along with the NES, and that saved their buttholes. With SEGA, they needed a mascot immediately. They were being crushed by other companies. And, thus, Sonic was born.

2 They both have amazing abilities

Mario uses many of his powerups, like the mushrooms and fire flowers. Sonic's natural ability is his speed, but his powerups like the Elemental Shields are awesome.

3 They both have a fair share of bad games

To me, the "Dark Age of Sonic" never existed. Due to the Sonic fanbase becoming better, they hate his games less now. Mario is good with most of his games, and Sonic is too, now. But bad ones still exist. Hotel Mario, Sonic Labyrinth, Mario Clash, Sonic and the Secret Rings... yeah. You get my point.

Some Sonic are getting good.

Still sonic have more bad game

Sonic has more bad games

4 Red and Blue are two of the best colors

This may seem like an opinion, but whenever I ask someone what their favorite color is, they usually tend to say either Red or Blue. And what do both Mario and Sonic's appearance have? Red and Blue!

That's so true. My favorite color is blue & red is my brother's favorite color.
#Mario & Sonic

5 Both had amazing entrances into 3D

Super Mario 64 was epic. I won't deny that. Sonic Adventure was epic. I won't deny that, either. NOTE: Sonic 3D Blast is NOT 3D. So it doesn't count as the first 3D Sonic game.

6 Their enemies are great

While I prefer Eggman more, Bowser is a good villain. I just wonder how he expects his same plan to work for over 30 years. Eggman is an evil genius, with an army of robots.

Facing Bowser on SM64DS and playing as Eggman on SA2 was my childhood

7 Mario saved the game industry, and Sonic started the console war

Didn't alex kidd because the master system was successful in Europe so.. - Tyoshi

Really dude?

Now I know what you're thinking: "Wait! Isn't saying Sonic caused the console war a bad thing? " No, because then, we wouldn't have our awesome systems like the N64 and SEGA Dreamcast.

8 They have both saved many people

Mario has saved the princess numerous times, his home, the Mushroom Kingdom, and even saved the Galaxy twice. Sonic has saved the world numerous times, and saved Time itself twice (Three times, if Sonic '06 counts. But it shouldn't, because the events of Sonic '06 never happened).

9 Their best friends are great

Luigi is an awesome sidekick. Too bad he always gets the short end of the stick. Tails can fix anything, anytime, and makes tons of machine of electronic, to help his best friend Sonic. Now move on, before you run out of time. And this all makes sense, because it has a rhyme.

10 They're both made by two of the greatest gaming companies

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11 They both have good music
12 They are actually friends
13 They both have good games
14 They both have great casts
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