Top 10 Reasons Why Marvel vs Capcom Infinite Was Disappointing

When Marvel vs Capcom Infinite was announced everyone was exited that a new Marvel vs Capcom game was being made sadly they were really disappointed with the final result as Marvel vs Capcom Infinite completely failed to live up to the hype due to a number of issues including the small roster, the exclusion of the X-Men characters or the return to 2 on 2 battles or others.

The Top Ten

1 No X-Men Characters No X-Men Characters

This was a big letdown for Infinite due to licensing issues that prevented not only The X-Men characters but the Fantastic Four characters from apperaing in this game which is infuriating as the X-Men characters are a huge part of the Marvel universe and not having them in the game just made the roster feel weak, - egnomac

2 The Characters Look Awful The Characters Look Awful

The character models in Infinite are really hideous. - egnomac

3 Terrible Story Mode Terrible Story Mode

To be honest no one really cares too much for the story in a fighting game. - egnomac

The story mode itself is incredibly repetitive as you constantly battle wave after wave of the same grunt enemies while occasionally battling against the other characters in the game plus the writing and dialogue is just terrible. - egnomac

4 Too Many Returning Characters from Marvel vs Capcom 3 Too Many Returning Characters from Marvel vs Capcom 3
5 Not Enough New Characters

Which is a real shame as they could have brought in so many characters who had never been in a Marvel vs Capcom fighting game but they only managed to bring in including the DLC characters 10 New characters which is not nearly enough. - egnomac

6 No 3 vs 3 Tag Battles No 3 vs 3 Tag Battles

I really hated this change I had really gotten use to the 3 on 3 tag battles and ghoing back to 2 on 2 battles really sucked. - egnomac

Some of these reasons is why I'm not getting this game & stick with Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3 on PS4 - WWEWBMortalKombatFan

7 Not Enough DLC Characters Not Enough DLC Characters

There are only six DLC characters. - egnomac

8 The Characters Lack a Lot of Personality

The characters in the previous MvC games had a lot of personality like Deadpool who would break the fourth Wall and talk to the player and especially when utilizing their special moves in Infinite the characters looks almost lifeless. - egnomac

9 The Hyper Combos Are Terrible

The Hyper Combos in this game are down right bad and the animation looks very lazy. - egnomac

10 No Character Endings in Arcade Mode


The Contenders

11 Weak Roster

The most requested character was asura and he isn't in

12 The Infinity Stone System is Confusing
13 The infinity stones are just held by any one and are able to use with out an infinity gantlet then what is the point of having a infinity gantlet in the first place
14 Got rid of awesome characters like: Deadpool, Wesker,Iron Fist, and Dr. Doom for example.
15 They got rid of awesome playable characters like: Deadpool, Iron fist, Dr. Doom, Wesker, She hulk, and Taskmaster.
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