Reasons Why Matpat Sucks

I HATE Game Theory/Matpat. Here's reasons why I despise that bitch of a YouTuber

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1 He treats his theories as fact

Shut up Matpat made the best theory ever (Mario is Mental) - Schoolisawesome

He breaks his own slogan. Hey MatPat It's Just a Theory! Not fact.

Why do you hate him? He's cute.

(Cough)Mario is Mental (cough cough) Rosalina unmasked (cough cough) - Randomator

2 He brainwashed his fanbase

People agree with his opinions because he's a smart and kindhearted person who educates his fanbase, It's fairly obvious why people like him

Dude, game theory is just a conspiracy theory base not everyone believes cause he himself says that his theories aren't right

no come on

I bet if he said the sky was green they would actually believe him

3 He doesn't admit his mistakes.

Actually, he's done this several times, on both Game Theory and Film Theory. - LordDovahkiin

No he doesn't. He said on a few videos that "He doesn't necessarily believe all his theories." And he jokes about his Wario being ten feet tall theory all the time. And learn the difference between internet personality and real life personality. - LordDovahkiin

4 The way he treats his Mario is mental theory is bad

He treats Mario like Satan and Luigi fans have followed the trend.

5 He claims that he's the best theorist. Smartest show in gaming.

He's just nuts.

I've had literal petitions to remove me from the internet for calling Mario a sociopath but this one hurt.-quote from MatPat himself.

For being the "smartest show in gaming" of course people are going to hate you. Because there are better theory channels out there like Lockstin or Treesicle.

Every theorist does this. - LordDovahkiin

6 He lies to get people to feel sorry for him

He defends himself on this website under the name "LordDovahkiin"

I want evidence. Someone reply to me, and give me evidence. - LordDovahkiin

7 Takes haters too seriously.

He might be a trap

Most people aren't even extreme with their hate. MatPat just takes it too seriously.

8 He can't handle critics trying to help him

He calls them haters. They are only trying to help.

Yes, he can. - LordDovahkiin

9 He doesn't have any common sense.

Not all of his evidence can be proven false. A lot of it is real. - LordDovahkiin

Evidence is real. Yes I agree with you on that but if you know anything about the Mario franchise you could debunk it in a matter of seconds - Randomator

Look at Mario is Mental. All of his "evidence" can be proven false in a matter of seconds with a little common sense.

Shame on him - BoyGenius234

10 He uses his "it's just a theory" as an excuse for bad theories and to avoid criticism.

He's basically giving us an excuse for crappy theories. So he's saying this: Who cares if my theory is bull because I'm immune to criticism. It's just an idea. No you are not immune from criticism just because you are giving us an idea.

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11 He plagiarized the Rosalina unmasked theory

Just cause someone did this theory before him doesn't mean it's plagiarized. - LordDovahkiin

12 He's a troll


13 Started the most annoying trend in 2017

Hopefully you know which one I'm talking about!

14 He is a corporate shill bought by Youtube and Google

If you get payed by Google to promote Stadia and do it in the most unsincere and scripted way possible than you should never be trusted.

15 He sometimes sends his fans to harass celebrities about his theories

I can name the Ellen DeGeneres one right off the bat. - Lmrpirate

16 He's a liar

KPT awesome's video is a lie to they both lie KPT and MatPat you're both grounded until you both change your hobbies

17 He’s a crybaby

If you say something “mean” (by the way I’m sure some he has gotten some actually terrible stuff and I’m not trying to downplay that) in the comments he’ll waste three minutes of your precious time whining about it. Dude you have a kid GROW UP ALREADY!

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