Top Ten Reasons Why Matt Walst Is Better Than Adam Gontier

For all of those Three Days Grace fans who refuse to let go of the past, here's a list for you.

The Top Ten

1 His range is better
2 He's better to his band mates

I wouldn't say that he's better than Adam, but I do agree with this! Adam left his best friends after 20 years. I understand that he had a reason to leave, but he left just weeks before the tour with Shinedown without even telling Neil, Brad, or Barry face-to-face, which was the least he could've done. Matt stepped in and helped the band move forward! They didn't have a lot of time to find a replacement, but Matt was an obvious choice because he is no stranger to any of the guys or most of the fans.

3 The instrumentation sounds much better now
4 His lyrics are somewhat better

Not at all take one x for example most of the songs in that album were written by adam when he was in rehab the song animal I have become was about his addiction. he wrote those songs in an emotional time for him and those lyrics mean a lot to him.

5 His notes sound cleaner
6 He sounds like Adam Gontier, but better

To me a lot of songs that Matt sings sound a lot like Adam. Not the song sounds but their voices are very similar to me, I can spot differences but its difficult

They don’t even sound remotely alike. Adam’s voice has a lot of rasp, is slightly lower and more aggressive while Matt has much cleaner vocals. - 3DG20

7 He's more friendly to his fans

I prefer Adam musically, but he got kind of rude over the years.

8 He doesn't completely rely on people loving him
9 He's the only reason why Three Days Grace are still around

He's not necessarily the only reason they're still around, but if it wasn't for him, they probably would've had to cancel their upcoming tour.

10 He didn't leave his band for no apparent reason

Adam didn't leave for "no apparent reason". Please think before assuming things.

Unless you’ve seen the band when there weren’t cameras on them, you have no right to say Adam had no reason to leave. There was probably a lot going on that we don’t and will probably never know about. - 3DG20

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11 Everything that comes out of Adam’s mouth is a lie

ADAMS QUOTE "people are going to leave your life but that's not the end of your story that's the end of there story" IS TRUER THAN MATTS DUMBASS QUOTES ABOUT GIRLS!

12 He's a better singer
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