Top Ten Reasons Why McDonald's Is Bad


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1 Their Food

Literally, the only 2 things I like there is the chicken nuggets and fries. Other than that, it's boring

They make the food poorly and it's disgusting

Once I went mcdonald's and got apples but there was no skin even though the skin is the healthy part

I admit some of their stuff is actually pretty good (like I actually like the fries), but a lot of is awful, like the burgers. The burgers contain pink slime, which is used as a preservative/filler. It affects the taste dramatically... I once ate a cheeseburger when I was little there and I ended up throwing it out. I've grown out of the chicken nuggets because I realized how bad they tasted, and now I eat a chicken sandwich or a wrap whenever we're on the road and grab some. - Turkeyasylum

2 You Have to Eat Their Food Fast Cause If You Don't It Tastes Like Garbage

What is the point of this list every single fast food restaurant is unhealthy food with questionable ingredients, that is why their called fast food restaurants - germshep24

There's a reason why it is called FAST food!


FIVE GUYS fries are da best!

3 They Say They're Healthy When It's Really Bad for You

Every fast food restaurant say this though even though their bad for you and their healthy option is usually the most calories - germshep24

While I do think Mcdonalds is okay, most of the food is extremely bad for you! if you eat Mcdonalds every week, you'll most likely get diarrhoea or extremely dizzy. That's why you can only eat Mcdonalds once a month! stick to KFC

This is presicley why I don't eat McDonald's. Plus, my dad told me about a McDonald's commercial a while ago that said this: "McDonald's chicken nuggets are now made with real meat." Here's my question: If they are "now" made with real meat, what the heck was in them before? It really just makes me uneasy thinking about it. - RockFashionista

They say in the commercials that a goat got strong from earring apples milk and fake chicken! Who wants to eat apples milk and fake chicken? And how will you get healthy from it?!

4 They Don't Use Organic Meat

I agree with the humane society when they say the chickens are tortured and crammed into warehouses

Their a fast food restaurant why would they use organic meat - germshep24

They torture chicks and calves, spray chemicals in them, make them grow super fat and kill them. Your gonna get fat, because chemicals! Also McDonald's could give you cancer: it's true

No wonder more people now a days are getting stuff like cancer and stuff

5 Their Apples Have Bad Chemicals In Them

No wonder they taste horrible. - mcdonalds_sucks

Every apple has chemicals on them though - germshep24

Everything has chemicals!


6 Their Toys Are Cheap Plastic

How they lure children: cheap toys in in healthy food

Once they had a Zekrom toy. I think the real one was so mad when he learned that the fattening restaurant was selling a toy of him

So what? the toys are added at no charge it should be made from cheep plastic - germshep24

Those toys are sick

7 It's the Most Unhealthy Fast Food Restaurant

It is just as unhealthy as every other fast food restaurant - germshep24

In n out is better then this

Have you ever eaten at McDonald's? If you have Eaten there that means...
You've eaten pink slime without even knowing. - nintendofan126

If you want to go to a Fast Food restaurant that is Healthy for you and does not smell like you are in the sewers I recommend "Panera." You won't be disappointed.

8 They Bleach Their Chicken

So does burger king - germshep24

EW I never knew that I am disgusted was a never eating that again I hated there chicken nuggets anyway

No wonder why I have seeing problems peta:umm don't you got anything to say me : oh yes right MCDONALD SLAUGHTERS CHICKEN

I can taste the bleach in the chicken

9 It's Makes So Many People Fat

As does every other fast food restaurant - germshep24

I have done there 50 times this year. Have not gained a single pound for the last year

You can like or dislike McDonald's, it is up to you, but people make themselves fat.

My mom used to eat McDonald's everyday and got a little bit fat. Then she stopped and got skinnier - ShopkinsLover

10 Their Bathrooms Are Disgusting

It's a fast food restaurant, the person cleaning the bathrooms are the same people working the cashiers - germshep24

Burger King has also crap in their bathrooms

I waited an hour and a half after going to one of these to get home and use the bathroom. - Cyri

So dirty


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11 They Have Soggy Fries

I don't really care, I still think they taste good.

I like steak n shakes fries better! - RootBeerFan

The fries are the only thing I eat at every fast food restaurant. Actually, I never eat at fast food restaurants anymore.

The only thing I DO like at McDonald's is their french fries. Plus, I like the ones at Wendy's, Five Guys, etc. - Stazemar000

12 They Think They're Better Than Every Other Restaurant

Wendy's is the restaurant talking trash about every other Restaurant - germshep24

Here thing I stop liking them cause they costed so much money wendy's and burger king is better

I can name 10 Fast food restaurants that are better than MCdonalds. - nintendofan126

I Can Name Literally All the Restaurant That Are Better Than This Dung Heep - s646451

In N out is also better then this disgusting garbage

13 They Get You the Wrong Order

I remember a time when I was a child and ordered a cheeseburger without pickles, and my sister ordered a cheeseburger without condiments. I got pickles, and my sisters got a plain cheeseburger with only a patty and cheese. We fixed the problem.

Every fast food restaurant is like this though - Randomator

I can't even count how many times... they've screwed up a order of mine. - OnlyInDreams

Being going there for over 30 years and they got the order right once - westofohio

14 They Spray TBHQ On Their Food

I don't even know what this is but it sounds bad but mc donalds IS THE BEST

15 They Added Teen Titans Go! for the Happy Meal

Nevermind that they choose Hot Wheels too much and they never did Minecraft goddammit!

I need some milk please

Nothing wrong with that - Officialpen

Mcdonalds suck - RootBeerFan

16 The Burgers Are Fake

Buffalo burger restaurant Is better then Mcdonald

They are plastic! - RootBeerFan

I don't care, I still like 'em.-Enderman

17 Takes Forever to Get Food

In line for 10 minutes, moved 2 spots

Thought it was spossuds to be fast food


18 They Never Made Fortnite Happy Meal Toys

Good. Fortnite sucks anyway.

I Hate Fortnite an I a kid

Fortnite Is The Drugs Of
Children Right Now.

Um... that’s a good thing

19 The Food Gives You Indigestion

Whenever I eat a McDonalds, after 10 minutes, I have to go the bathroom so badly.

Mcdonalds also gives you Cancer! - RootBeerFan

There milkshakes make me throwup

20 They Always Get Your Order Wrong

Already on here at #13 - westofohio

21 They Only Care About Milk and Apples

When they replaced the happy meal with milk and apples, and put those stupid goat commercials on T.V., what the hell were they thinking?

The only reason why they care about them: they have their own mascot on them.

The apples have chemicals in them so they are neve brown, and the milk is always chunky

Every single Happy Meal commercial-- They always say "goodness of apples and milk". They say it's healthy for you, but I doubt it

They never say anything about the Chicken McNuggets and the Fries. Oh, speaking of nuggets... Why do they have to put them in every single Happy Meal commercial? Is a hamburger or a cheeseburger too much for the children? I don't know - Stazemar000

22 They Put Too Much Sugar in Salads

Whats wrong with heathy vegtibles mcdonads - thunderclanrocks

Sugar in a healthy vegetable? Sad.

23 Some of Them Have Bugs Inside

I don't believe that is true. - masoncarr2244

I'm sure this happens at other fast food restaurants before especially when you consider how much restaurants they have - germshep24

My little brother had a grass hopper in his burger! YUCK! - RootBeerFan

In our school lunch we found an earwig in the lettuce!

24 Food's Good in Commercials, Bad in Reality

This is true of every food advertisement ever - germshep24

McDonald's commercials are the big LIES of fast food.

The salads have so much sugar in it: WHY? The burgers are flat. Ew. The eggs are stinky. Yuck

One time my little brother wanted a big mac so he went to mcdonalds! and guess what? THE BIG MAC WAS WET AND SOGGY AND RAW! DUN DUN DUUN! - RootBeerFan

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25 They Steal Toys from Burger King

This has happened to many times MCDONALD'S GET YOUR OWN IDEAS PIECE OF TRASH!

A shark tale jellyfish was sold at burger king. McDonald's, unfortunately, stole it an called a Finding Nemo jellyfish. - Officialpen

I hate McDonald's. They steal from good reasterants but they can't make. Good food with no poison?

26 The Drinks Taste Like Toothpaste

Don't judge, but I like the taste of toothpaste - TeamRocket747

27 Some Foods Can Make You Fart a Lot and Give You Diarrhea
28 The Chicken Nuggets are Made with Rubber
29 They are Not Peanut Free Anymore
30 It's Too Expensive

false - Trollsfan536

31 Fries Aren't Vegan/Vegetarian

Ya they have naturel beef flavoring

32 The Employees are Young Teens Who Get Dragged in for a Job for No Reason.


33 They Are Haraam (Impure) for Muslims

Of course McDonalds is an American restaurant, I'm sure if you go to a McDonald in a major Muslim territory it is Haraam - germshep24

Hmm... That's right! Most of McD food might not list as HALAL.

34 Stinks Like the Sewers

The stench is so bad that it makes you think that you are in the Sewers or the Lavatory room. How can people and children even go there?

It stinks so bad I puked

35 The New Happy Meal Boxes with Faces are Nonsensical
36 The Ice Cream Machine is Always Broken

My name is Casey and I'm 14. Me and my step-mom wanted to get a great treat. We didn't see any restaurants except this one. We waited in the line for 30 minutes because someone had a jar of pennies and coupons. Also, there was an employee who worked there that let her friend get to the FRONT OF THE LINE! I was so mad! And when we got to the front, we said we wanted some ice cream but they said, "I'm sorry. Our machine's been acting weird" then they offered us other things. No doubt about it, we went to Baskin Robins

37 Kids Can Choke on the Flipping Toys
38 The Bathrooms
39 Their Food Doesn’t Rot

What chemicals did they put in their food?

40 They Never Clean Their Play Places

A McDonald's in my area used to have a play place. It has been torn down recently.

I am so disgusted by the fact that my dad let me play in there once. My mom yelled at him when she found out. I was like “but what’s wrong with playing in a play place? They’re fun! ” (I was probably like seven at the time)
Then she told me about a friend of hers who found a piece of poop in the play place
I never begged to play there again...

That is actually true! And what’s worse is when they have the indoor play places! At least the air outside can clean up a little bit, but indoors? Some girl has told me so many sickening stories about the McDonald’s play places. Like the fact that at one of them some kid pooped his pants on the way down a slide and MCDONALDS NEVER CLEANED IT UP! My mom’s friend who is like a health expert or scientist or something said that she took tests on those play places. Her friend found poop pieces all over the dang thing.
I’m actually surprised no one added this already. Maybe you guys didn't know the truth. Well that was it. Don't ever ever EVER go into one of those filthy play places! 🤮

41 The Unbearable Heat in the Play Place on Summer Days
42 It Exists in Almost Every Country Making People Fat
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1. Their Food
2. You Have to Eat Their Food Fast Cause If You Don't It Tastes Like Garbage
3. They Bleach Their Chicken
1. Their Food
2. They Don't Use Organic Meat
3. You Have to Eat Their Food Fast Cause If You Don't It Tastes Like Garbage
1. Their Food
2. They Don't Use Organic Meat
3. You Have to Eat Their Food Fast Cause If You Don't It Tastes Like Garbage


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