Top Ten Reasons Why McDonald's Is Not So Bad

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1 It's delicious

I have to agree it is good I don't eat there a lot just once every few months

That's because of all the calories and grease. Loads of oil.

It's delicious, but it's unhealthy since it's junk food.

Ah I love dem fries

2 It won't kill you unless you eat a lot of it

And most healthy food won't kill you even if you eat a lot of it

Just A Little Wouldn't Hurt

I have it every friday - Officialpen

3 They make the best french fries

I disagree. I honestly think they make the worst fries. - 3DG20

They put so much salt on the fries and they are soggy. Why is this on the list?

4 Ronald McDonald is so creepy he's awesome

Jack > Colonel Sanders > Burger King > Wendy > Ronald McDonald - s646451

I am scared of most clowns except krusty. that ronald guy is enough to give me nighmares

5 The Happy Meal

You mean happy? If yes, TAKE HIM OFF NOW! - Officialpen

6 A lot of people go there

So? - 3DG20

A lot of people go to prison too, bruh.

7 It's trying to be more modern
8 It's iconic
9 It's convenient
10 Everybody has eaten there at least once

This might be the most true statement on this list. Love or hate McDonald's, you've been there at least once.

I didn't go there until I was in year 3 and I went with brownies.

My mum hasn’t. - MasterLink

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11 It is cheap

It cheap!

8 bucks for a hot n spicy chicken sandwich, double cheeseburgers, and a drink. - SoldierOfFortune

12 Toys in Happy Meals
13 They have good chicken
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