Top Ten Reasons Why Megadeth is Better Than Metallica

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1 Megadeth never got bad like Metallica

Cryptic Writings, TWNAH, and Dystopia are all good albums. 13, Risk, and Super Collider are weak but great compared to half of Metallica's discography.

Cryptic Writings Risk and Super Collider are really bad - christangrant

Are you a moron have you listened to Risk Cryptic Writings Super Collider and The World Needs a Hero in fact Megadeth has MORE bad albums than Metallica Has

Metallicas Bad Albums Lulu and St. Anger (I didn't find St. Anger bad though) that's 2 albums

Megadeth has 4 bad albums so that means they have made more bad than Metallica has - christangrant

2 Megadeth has better lyrics

Not Really - christangrant

3 Lars Ulrich is a terrible drummer

That's the thing I agree. - zxm

This is the only thing on the list that has some Logic to y - christangrant

4 Dave Mustaine has a better voice than James Hetfield

Is this a joke cause that's not true at all - christangrant

That's a joke. Right?

That's not true. Dave isn't really that good of a singer. He even admitted it himself.

Literally every person who commented on this entry into the list is stupid. None of them explained why they think it's wrong.

Dave Mustaine is better than James Hetfield because James Hetfield has a terrible voice and I swear to god always screams "AAAH" obnoxiously and he just sucks. Dave Mustaine actually tries and James just screams. Metallica is garbage, anyway. The entirety of Garage Inc. is just trash. Their cover of Overkill by Motörhead is an insult to the entire genre of metal. James is trying to do Lemmy's voice, but James Hetfield already sucks at singing James Hetfield, so his vocals are at an all time low here.

Megadeth has better lyrics, too. "Twisting your mind and smashing your dreams? " Really? I know it's about drugs, but it's just so stupid and simple. Megadeth, on the other hand, actually has decent lyrics. "Welcome to our fortress tall. We'll take some time to show you around. Impossible to break these walls, for you see the steel is much too ...more

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5 Megadeth always had better songs than Metallica

Not Really - christangrant

I wouldn't say that's true. Metallica had way better '80s Songs than Megadeth, but Megadeth's '90s, 2000s, 2010s stuff are far better than than Metallica's '90s and 21st century stuff.

6 Metallica is overrated, Megadeth is underrated

Sure, Metallica can be overrated, but Megadeth are no where near underrated.

Both are Overrated but Metallica at least didn't make Pop songs like Megadeth did on Risk - christangrant

Megadeth is not Underrated at all if anything they are overrated (They are still good though) - christangrant

7 Megadeth had better album covers

Even if they have better album covers which they don't that doesn't mean they are a better band by that logic Limp Bizkit is better than Linkin Park because Significant Other has a better album cover than Hybrid Theory - christangrant

8 Dave Mustaine guest starred on the TV Show Duck Dodgers

How does guest staring on an obscure kids show make you any better? If anything it makes you look like a total joke (Duck Dodgers was a good show though. Not something I would watch all the time cause it's for kids and I'm an adult).

Staring on a T.V. show doesn't mean that Megadeth is better than Metallica plus Metallica has been on T.V. shows so this reasoning is really stupid - christangrant

He also guest starred on The Drew Carey Show. So is this really anything new?

This was my introduction to metal as a kid though.

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9 Megadeth has a mascot

So? Metallica has one as well just not as well known - christangrant

10 Megadeth released more albums than Metallica

Quality > Quantity, but honestly I like Megadeth more.

More Albums Doesn't mean better in fact some of those albums are bad - christangrant

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11 Megadeth has better solos and guitar work than Metallica does.
12 Dave Mustaine wrote some of Metallica's Best Songs

Eh not really - christangrant

For example, the Four Hoursemen, Jump in the Fire, Phantom Lord, Metal Militia, Ride the Lightning and Call of Ktulu.

13 Metallica has no good members

James and Cliff are so much talented. So they have good members. - zxm

Wrong Is Cliff Burton a Bad Member - christangrant

This is the dumbest reason on this list - christangrant

14 Metallica Released Lulu
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