Top 10 Reasons Why Megaman Is Overrated

Mega man was a series of games released in the 80's and 90's for the NES. There were also games released on newer platforms like the play station and psp. People praise megaman for the addictive gameplay and fun levels. But I think it's overrated

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1 Every Megaman Is the Same Game

Mega Man is amazing. This list is kinda stupid. Oh well.

You can't just say that you hate megaman because it's the same every time because every game that has a sequel is the same. (well for the most part)

If it ain't broke, DON'T FIX IT

Your just a arrogant jerk trying to get attention and at least half of the entries do not flippin matter

2 Mega Man 2

You're just mad because it's a more popular game then whatever Steam game you play

No, this is Mega Man 2 in a nutshell (for the most part): Two words. Metal. Blades.

His second game in particular is the most popular, and the most overrated. This is mega man 2 in a nutshell: oh, you don't have this item? Well you can't go here or fight this boss! Oh ho ho! - Garfieldtop10s

That is literally to add difficulty and to make each challenge seem more rewarding other than getting a new power every now and then. People loved MM2 because of its great soundtrack and challenging gameplay. - Chargeshot16

It's too easy.
Metal Blade is op.
Said everyone that beat it on normal mode. If you didn't beat it on difficult, you didn't beat it at all.

3 Super Smash Bros for Wii U and 3ds

This game in particular also is why he is overrated. Mega man will be to smash what funky kong was to Mario kart wii. Overused and overpowered. Just forget about megaman - Garfieldtop10s

Shut up, megaman is awesome, Mario is the one who is overrated beyond overrated

4 Boring and Overused Music

You hear the mega man theme in a lot of YouTube videos and I hear it so much it just gets boring. Especially the megaman 2 title theme. - Garfieldtop10s

Then what would you define as good music? The overused Pursuit-Cornered theme? Corneria? World 1-1? LoZ overworld theme? Brinstar? Mute City?

5 Capcom Sucks

Capcom is the owner of the megaman franchise, and they never use him. His last three games were cancelled, they blamed the fans for one of them, on disc dlc, and poor buyouts. - Garfieldtop10s

Who cares made the game?! The franchise is popular! Also, if you hate Mega Man so much, then why the hell are you complaining about his games being cancelled?! - Hakros323


6 No Battery Saves

Just write down the password after each level or plat the post-SNES games.

Because battery saves didn't exist then? Hello?

Actually they did. The Legend of Zelda had one and it was released the year before Mega Man. - MrQuaz680

Why can't you save a mega man game? This just proves mega man is for anime loving toddlers in their basement wasting their life on their NES. - Garfieldtop10s

7 Repetitive Gameplay

Yea, most games are consistent, why fix what isn't broken? Also don't think this mattes when basically every series is the same. Mario is platforming, Call of Duty is literally the same game with updated graphics and different guns, Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat are always fighting games, Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy are always RPGs. What's your point?

Played the first 10 Mega Man games, and most of the sequels don't add anything really new. Yes, there's always a different weapon each game, but that's the same reason why Call of Duty is repetitive. New Super Maro Bros. is different from the first Super Mario Bros because it introduced new mechanics like Wall Jumping, or air spinning. Mega Man added a slide attack in the 3rd game, and a charge attack, but it doesn't seem like much compared to slope sliding or triple jumps.

True. But they have added new items and Rush upgrades to the newer games. In fact there's also opportunities to look for items in hidden areas in order to unlock something cool. Heck. Look at Megaman 11. They kept the classic gameplay style but updated the graphics and character designs a bit. They also introduced the double gear system which enhanced the gameplay by a lot if you ask me. - Chargeshot16

Go into ___man's stage, kill dudes, avoid traps, fight ___man, kill it, repeat. - Garfieldtop10s

8 Too Difficult for New Players

New age game syndrome. Today's gamers expect to pick it up and beat it no problem and not have to work for it.

Then just play Mega Man 10 on easy!

Sounds like you're just bad at the game, you sound butthurt.

Try as they might, a newcomer most likely won't beat a single megaman stage. This means most gamers are turned away from mega man. - Garfieldtop10s

Sounds like someone died too much. True the games can be difficult, but that's part of the fun! Wouldn't you rather beat a hard game, finish it, and say "Oh wow! I can't believe I actually beat it! " than beat a easy peasy game, finish it, and say "Okay, what's next? " - Hakros323

9 Too Japanese

I really fail to see how this is relevant.

Not to be racist, but winners in drawings for new mega man villains are almost always Japanese. Only 2 Americans ever won the drawings. I find mega man being too Japanese a problem because it means capcom is Being less generous toward other countries. - Garfieldtop10s

It is a Japanese game. What did you expect? More Japanese people had submitted more than the Americans because it was more popular there - Hakros323

Um...okay.that's actually very racist

10 Generic Character Design

He's a robot not a cyborg

Just picture a typical cyborg. Then you have megaman. Great design, capcom. - Garfieldtop10s

The Contenders

11 Mega Man is on Archie Comics instead of Mario & Pac-Man

How cool is that?! Not cool at all! Someone could've stopped Archie Comics from having exist Mega Man (Archie) Comics. Pac-Man (Archie) Comics could exist, not Sonic & Mega Man bull!

Sonic and Pac-Man have literally nothing in common. Megaman and Sonic are both well known classic video game heroes, and both go by nicknames that start with "blue", (blue bomber, blue blur). So technically it would be a worthwhile crossover. Did I mention they're both blue? - Chargeshot16

12 Mega Man: Battle Network

Battle Network was an innovative turn, if you complained that all the games are the same why are you putting this down?

13 He Is a Teenager

Are you kidding me!?!?

14 His Arch-Rivalry With Bass
15 You Cannot Shoot Up, Down or Diagonally.

Bass could do that in Megaman and Bass

Yeah what he said.

16 Annoying Voice Acting

That was one year

17 When it's easy, it's too easy and when it's hard, it's too hard
18 He Is On Archie Comics

I hate Archie Andrews, I hate Betty Cooper/ Veronica Lodge because she fights over Archie himself stereotypically, aggressively and horribly (WORST BLONDES VS. BRUNETTES RIVALRY EVER, IMAGINE IF THIS OCCURED WITH THE OVERRATED PRINCESS PEACH AND PRINCESS Zelda, FIGHTING FOR Mario'S HEART TERRIBLY! ), I have an extreme hatred towards all Archie Comics/Josie & the Pussycats characters, there was (almost) nothing decent in that insane Archie Comics franchise, the humor was terrible, the characters were a ruin of my life, the pairings were crappy, the plots pissed me off, the characters' personalities made me have a fit, it's everywhere in Canada, where I am from (isn't Archie Comics supposed to be American AND take place in British Columbia, where I am from?! ) but then the franchise overdoses on teen stereotypes. Why? Archie Sonic comics (which did not use to be so bad back in the 2nd millennium, but wait until 3rd millennium Archie Sonic comics! Worst comic series ever! And Archie ...more

I'm quite convinced you've never read the Megaman archie comics. They were actually good. - Chargeshot16

19 Sonic & Mega Man Crossovers
20 Sonic & Mega Man: Worlds Collide
21 Mega Man Teams Up with Sonic Characters
22 No Crouch Option

You could crouch in Megaman X, also you don't need to crouch, you just need to not be terrible at the game.

23 He is Complex Character

Even though he was not intolerant and opportunistic, there was a moment at the end of Megaman 7, in which he is about to kill Wily because Bass nearly destroyed Dr. Light's lab, and even by his will, Megaman did not shoot Wily. But let's recap on this, if Megaman throws himself, this could strongly question his sense of hero's justice because of the inferiority complex, and he can become a very problematic person, even being dumb and very sympathetic, and if he arrived a moment when he would furiously hurt a bad person and realize that people are afraid of him, he can understand this very well and go into a great depression and run away from home.

24 It’s just a game about a cyborg shooting enemies in different ways

THINK ABOUT IT, does megaman EVER not shoot something in the game? It is pointless. I would rather eat a 10 ft long sandwich than play that trash.

The game is literally about shooting things. What else do you expect him to do, jump on enemies like Mario? - Chargeshot16

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