Top Ten Reasons Why Memes Aren't Funny

I know my name is a meme :3 But, I think my meme is funny but, this list is talking about donald trump memes and doge memes all that dumb stuff.

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1 They're overused by children

Some memes are funny but caption memes and stuff like that are not funny anymore they just got old but I do like dog and cat memes but most picture memes don't even make sense with what the caption is saying like the Willy Wonka memes most of the time.

I agree with you 100%. There is this one kid at my school who so obsessed with 'derps' and doges. It isn't even funny anymore. Take a look at his notebook. Every page has drawings and he barely does anything else but find excuses to draw and talk with other people. If you mention -or call someone a derp- he will make a joke out of it in a squeaky voice. It isn't cool. More as pathetic.

Yeah, the "Troll Face" has been beaten like a dead horse inside a car driving in a never ending circle. - Bboymakinwitthefrekfreak

90% of normies are children

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2 Poorly thought out

Imagine the most ridiculous movie worser then the Emoji movie.
The meme movie.

Not every one's a comedian, humour is actually not that simple, and memes are here to prove both these points. They're just lazy, immature insider jokes "written" by the cohorts of idiots on the internet (that generaly also aren't funny IRL, hence the unsanitary time they spent locked up in their basements gradually building up bitterness and despair rotting away on idiotic message boards), that aren't even funny when you are in on the context.

3 Spamming the internet

Some memes are funny, but when you see them in the comment section of every single Youtube video, it quickly becomes very annoying.
For example, I recently watched the music video Wham! 's Wake Me Up Before You Go. In the comment section, there is a huge amount of people (probably children, most of them) *spoilers* making suicidal jokes referencing DDLC (i.e. RIP Sayori). I mean, like really?
It didn't help that George Michael had just passed away.

Ugandan Knucles *cough cough* “Do u know da wae” *cough cough* “You need to have Ebola to know da wae” *cough cough cough*

4 Making things look like a joke

Because they are meant to be jokes! - Userguy44

The point of this is using something that isn't a joke/not funny and trying to present it as such instead of using something that is actually a joke/funny. - RobertWisdom

5 55% of memes don't make sense

Humour died

Thank God I'm not the only one thinks that

Memes make puke

What does "Damn Daniel" have to do with anything? A guy with not-so scabby clothing with a man going in a silly voice "Damn Daniel" what? - KingFab

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6 They have wikipedia pages
7 Over used by lazy teenagers
8 Makes Google look like a joke
9 Makes YouTube look like a joke
10 They include subjects or matters that shouldn't be joked about

Yup - RobertWisdom

Autism, cancer, Sayori's death, suicide, etc are all not funny. - BorisRule

Examples: autism, cancer, suicide, etc. - Croy987

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11 Many of the memes now are about Donald Trump

Donald Trump sucks but his memes just why? - spodermanfan1000

Mlg Donald Trump

12 They're stupid

Exactly. I saw one that said Not British if you didn't watch Balamory. Wrong some people where not toddlers where older than 1-6 years of age in the early 21st century when the show aired.

13 Bad grammar (Spoderman, Dolan etc)

Ah the internet the one place to attack people over the way they type because they can't see them. Oh and I hate memes and would dread a movie. 0 stars

Oh no I'm on heree - spodermanfan1000

14 They get shoved in your face

I agree with above!
- TheDuttyGyal

For example ugandan knuckles and the "I don't feel good meme".

15 They aren't real jokes, just rip-offs from unfunny sources

Yup - RobertWisdom

16 Humor nowadays is screwed up

Most meme humour is just childish really. When they get abused for joking about things that are really no laughing matter, ignorant 'safe' in their anonymity online or naive kids who don't realize how they make others feel are almost always responsible. Good humour still goes around nowadays, you just need to look much further than the sea of mass-produced immaturity that is memes to find it. - Entranced98

17 They involve swearing

Most of them do. Don't even look up the kids show memes. If you do, you'll see the most profane, racist, most inappropriate language you will ever come across. You will never see your childhood shows the same way ever again. - Croy987

You have to be really sensitive if swearing ruins your childhood vision of T.V. shows. - Swellow

Swerin is bad

18 They're immature

Most memes are completely devoid of humour that's even remotely clever. Just grab anything silly and random off the internet, maybe add a weed reference or two, and boom, you've just made a meme. - Entranced98

19 They're unoriginal
20 They die once they start

Funny for the first few times but they get old real quick.

When a meme goes viral it does it so quickly that it is over with in a week or less. EVERYBODY posts that meme regardless of whether it's funny. It might of been funny the first time but then it gets passed around every meme page sometimes multiple times. If it's particularly "trendy" it often sticks around for years.

21 Using the word "cancer" as an insult.

It’s offending to here it - ArcticWolf

22 Some are ghetto
23 Willy Wonka is in nearly all of them.

Well sorry but if you went on google images you would find him.

Since when? 2013?


24 Some are mean spirited

Look up Amanda Todd memes and you'll see what I mean. (no pun intended) - Croy987

25 Really quickly normified

A meme rarely lives 2 days without getting normified

26 A scary chance they could make a movie.
27 Destroyed Google
28 Using emojis
29 They're offensive

No. - Userguy44

30 They tend to drag them on for years.

Cory In The House anime
Waluigi is awesome!
Brian Scalibrine is The Goat
Ah, here we go again - RobertWisdom

31 They aren't even funny.
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