Top 10 Reasons Why Memes Have Lost Their Touch

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1 Because anything can be a meme for no reason

Like that girl who spanked her ass and someone added a fart sound to it. OR THE CASH ME OUTSIDE GIRL! - YouShallEatPoopy

Can't wait for this list to become a meme. - BlarchBlaces

2 They are repetitive

Extremly, if u look up memes, you are guaranteed to see it at lest 3 times - EliHbk

3 Because that's all modern kids talk about these days

Not true, I have better things to do than look at memes, especially talk about em - EliHbk

4 Loss of the ability to spell right
5 Poorly edited
6 Overusing the bass booster effect


7 Lack of originality

Stop reusing memes and make your own! - YouShallEatPoopy

But the point of a meme is that it is copied and reused by a bunch of people. That's what makes it a meme. - Torchpost

8 They're all about sex
9 They are no longer relatable
10 It's all about politics

We all have someone like this in our lives who obsesses over politics like crazy - TwilightKitsune

JUST STOP WITH THE POLITICS OKAY? THE ELECTION IS OVER AND DONE WITH, MOVE ON! I get it that you hate Mr. Orange Cheeto and concerned about the world but at least take a LONG break from it, damn! - YouShallEatPoopy

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11 They're unfunny
12 They are Mostly Songs
13 Some are Inappropriate
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