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21 They Look Better Than Women First Thing In the Morning

That is true, because of the fact that sometimes when women wake up there hair is all messed up sometimes, but when men have there hair not all that messy. - PewDiePie

I think women look adorable when they've just woken up, at least some do. - DamnFineCupOfCoffee

I think women are so sexy when they wake up with their hair in a mess.

Women tend to have more that can be messy - Lucretia

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22 Men Work Less in the House Than Women

I hate the stereotype that females do the cokking, cleaning, and take care of the kids while the man works an d then they eat dinner and that's it - Lucretia

Men will binge watch football while woman are cleaning, cooking e.t.c

some men work ( sometimes if they are single) but rarely

23 They Don't Have to Shave Their Legs / Armpits

"However, men do have to shave their beards."

During menopause women have to shave their face, so...

Saying that women have to shave their face during menopause doesn't disprove what I said about men having to shave their beards. Men have to groom themselves and shave parts of their body just like women, so shaving is not a good example of men having it easier than women. Just look at the men who are called "neckbeards".

Men can become Hairy beasts that's for sure! - Curti2594

No one likes hair on a women its just preference and good one to and no one likes and man to really hairy either have you’ve seen male swimmers they shave everything - Jada

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24 Men Live Shorter Lives

That's because men have more stress, more harder things going on in their life. In other words ; it's because men have no easier lives than women.

True. Women usually lived a few years longer on average - Lucretia

This is a bad one...

This list... Sigh.

If you want to live a short life, take a gun and shoot your brain off.

25 They Don't Have to Wear Makeup

Girls don't have to wear it either. My girlfriend doesn't wear make-up.

Girls don't either.

I mean girls don't either

No one is telling to do this you just chose to - Jada

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26 They Get Called Better Drivers

I always hear this. "Women drivers suck." Or if someone is driving, and the driver in front of them is doing something wrong, it is automatically assumed that the bad diver is a women.

Because it's normally true

I don't think a bad male driver would get called a good driver. if you're bad at it, you're bad at it.

That's because we are better drivers, 70pc of all women drivers have accidents putting on makeup.

27 Men are Deemed the Stronger Sex

They ARE the stronger sex. They have more muscles and bigger muscles.

And women are deemed the more flexible. - 906389

Well Physical they are and that whats stronger means that's one of definitions so just Except it ans move on with your life - Eligha

I hate this. that's just stereotypes. And men are more likely to be overwight to and less likely to join diet programs... - Lucretia

28 They Don't Live As Long.

Are you suicidal

Men have to endure on average several years less of the stress and hassle of being alive.

Is..I this a joke. this is something "better" about men. really? women are strange...

29 They Don't Get Offended by 99.9% of Things in Public No Matter How Dumb It Is

This list is dumb

Seriously, so many feminazis are butthurt over the dumbest things. - Zehmysticboi

This is an individual thing. GENDER JUST DOESN'T MATTER HERE.

30 Don't Have to Meet Society's Standards

Girls have to have so many things on them be perfect to be considered popular. Big boobs and butt small waist short shikirts and shorts or tight pants. Makeup has to be perfect and hair takes so much longer to do. We must be well groomed, smell nice, and hairless. Nails done and wear clothes that are in style

31 Lesbian Domestic Violence

What is better than one woman to a man who is sexually aroused? Two women. you are correct on this though. I just wanted to give my five cents.

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32 Some People Think Men Are Better Than Girls

Yes, men are better than female children. Adult women are more commonly referred to as girls, compared to calling men boys. The word "girl" has become a subtle, almost innate, descriptor attached to women to establish women as young, innocent, childish, and incompetent. Even women sometimes refer to themselves as girls because it has become so accepted, yet it still carries harmful undertones. It can be irritating for a successful woman to be referred as a girl as it can make her accomplishments not seen as important.

And some people think women are better than men. Men are better at certain things and women are better at others.

Some people think men are better at sports,

as a bi... - Lucretia

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33 They Have Testosterone

Testosterone may make diseases worse - Lucretia

How does that make it easier for them? - anonygirl

Testosteron is basically build in muscles no matter what

Umm... What?

34 Men Can Get Dirty and It's Fine but When Women Do It's Weird

Really? - shawnmccaul22

35 Being Tall is Less Awkward When You're a Man Than than When You're a Woman

Men are on average 5-6 inches taller than women. For this reason, I would rather be a tall guy that towers over girls than a tall girl that towers over guys. I would rather be normal than weird and awkward. - anonygirl

And I am short... - Lucretia

36 Don't Spend Half of Their Lives Worrying

Girls and women worry so much

37 They Don't Cry About Some Blood

But seriously it's time to stop

38 Women Had to Fight to Vote

Yes... thanks to the good feminits - Lucretia

39 Men Make More Money Than Women

That's because an average man works higher paying jobs than a women. Women, also shown buy studies, like to take more days off. Also, not to be sexist, but it's just a traditional way of life, more men work and women stay home to take care of their children. And if both worked the same job andhours, same payment would be given. Lastly, men work jobs where they are so much more likely to be killed then women, so that calls for higher pay. - SoldierOfFortune

Yes. Usually they are encouraged to get better paying jobs while women are encouaraged to be waitresses and hair dressers - Lucretia

40 Men are encouraged to pursue subjects such as maths, engineering and science. Women are not. This has resulted in a severe deficit in women working in those fields.
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