Top Ten Reasons Why Messi is Better Than Ronaldo


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1 Speed


Speed by far mess I now runs 20 mph in 2017 and has better acceleration

He is as fast as a buhgati

Leonel <Messi has more speed because he ran as fast as the best NFL player and dribbled past a lot of defenders
and scored a hat trick that was 2 inches away from the goal keepers hands.
that truly statements that messi has more speed than christiano Ronaldo.

2 Creativity

This guy is beast. how is this guy coming with all these moves? this is why he's the best soccer player in the world

3 Messi's Passing Ability

There is a reason why Messi is compared to the greats such as Maradonna and Pelè while Ronaldo is not. - ParasN2000

4 Leadership and Team Play

Messi gets almost as many assists as he he scores goals! - ParasN2000

Messi leads his teammates to victory, Tristiano Penaldo cares only about himself, thinks he is bigger than Portugal or Real Madrid

5 Defense
6 Accuracy
7 Messi Has More International Accolades
8 Discipline

Ronaldo is so rude he whines and snaps

9 Messi Scores More Goals

Ronaldo scores more goal because gets easy goal scoring assists but messi dribble pasts all the defenders
and scores goals

Ronaldo has scored 529 goals while Messi on the other hand only has 173,if you think Messi is better I will respect your opinion if you accept mine.
that's all from me,bye! - itskenny

Uhh no, Ronaldo scores more goals. - Doge4lifeGaming

No duh

10 Better Dribbling Skills

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11 Messi Assists More Goals

Actually Ronaldo has assisted 212 goals,while Messi on the other hand has 113 assists - itskenny

I know,but just,this doesn't prove anything.nothing proves anything - itskenny

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