Top Ten Reasons Why Messi is Better Than Ronaldo


The Top Ten

1 Speed

Speed by far mess I now runs 20 mph in 2017 and has better acceleration

He is as fast as a buhgati


Leonel <Messi has more speed because he ran as fast as the best NFL player and dribbled past a lot of defenders
and scored a hat trick that was 2 inches away from the goal keepers hands.
that truly statements that messi has more speed than christiano Ronaldo.

2 Creativity

This guy is beast. how is this guy coming with all these moves? this is why he's the best soccer player in the world

3 Messi's Passing Ability
4 Defense
5 Leadership and Team Play

Messi gets almost as many assists as he he scores goals! - ParasN2000

Messi leads his teammates to victory, Tristiano Penaldo cares only about himself, thinks he is bigger than Portugal or Real Madrid

6 Messi Has More International Accolades
7 Discipline

Ronaldo is so rude he whines and snaps

8 Accuracy
9 Messi Scores More Goals

Ronaldo scores more goal because gets easy goal scoring assists but messi dribble pasts all the defenders
and scores goals

Uhh no, Ronaldo scores more goals. - Doge4lifeGaming

No duh

Ronaldo has scored 529 goals while Messi on the other hand only has 173,if you think Messi is better I will respect your opinion if you accept mine.
that's all from me,bye! - itskenny

10 Messi Assists More Goals

Actually Ronaldo has assisted 212 goals,while Messi on the other hand has 113 assists - itskenny

I know,but just,this doesn't prove anything.nothing proves anything - itskenny

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