Top Ten Reasons Why Metal Elitists Suck

You already have seen someone in the internet, haven't you? If not you're lucky. METAL ELITISTS are these people who say what bands are "metal" which are not. If you're one these people please get open minded & if not enjoy some great food and this list.

The Top Ten

1 They make regular metal fans look close minded

You should have removed "metal" from this list's title and made it about all elitists in general. Pop elitists exist, too, but they don't seem to be getting criticized as much as metal elitists, when they have the same problems.

You don't like Nu Metal?
- That's ok because everybody has got his
own taste in music. BUT to say that all Nu Metal
bands aren't even Metalbands is just bad.

You make us look like people who just hate
everything - CannibalCorpse

2 Most of them are just teens

So what if they are teens? They can still enjoy their music and know a lot about it.But all the other reasons are correct.Metal elitists just suck.-TheCoolGuy1

You found this new underground Black Metal band which sounds actually bad but everybody
in your school listens to Megadeth?
- Well I can understand you're "angry acain"
because nobody likes your favorite music.

Is it maybe because the band doesn't have a
good production on their demos? - CannibalCorpse

3 They frequently only hate on the internet

"Slipknot are not metal you $^#&@*@*#! " - CannibalCorpse

4 They know nothing about metal
5 They don't know how the music industry works
6 Their taste in music

I mean I'd rather listen to underground thrash, death, and black metal than deathcore - ryanrimmel

They'd rather listen to poorly produced demo casettes of unknown bad thrash bands of the 80s
than a good Suicide Silence album. - CannibalCorpse

7 They're rules to be "trve" are just weird

What does "trve" even mean? - Metalhead1997

*Their - CannibalCorpse

8 They have an excuse for everything

Normal Metalhead:"Oh, you have an OCEANO
album? I thought you hate Deathcore? "

Elitist:"Yeah, I hate deathcore but they play
Progressive Blackened Death Metal, you know." - CannibalCorpse

9 They aren't open minded

How tragic.

I domnotmlike progressive rock.

They say they are open minded, but tell is that there are bands we should avoid, and judge bands by their genres.

10 They give metal heads a bad name

The Contenders

11 They annoy everybody
12 Their arguments are biased and don't have any proper logic or reasoning to back it up.
13 They insult people for their taste in music
14 They watched a youtube video and they think they know more about music than anyone in the world
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