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1 It takes talent to be in a metal band.

As a guitarist/vocalist of a sbdm band, I'll tell ya' that it ain't no walk in the park. Hand coordination, memorizing lines upon lines of lyrics for different songs, stage antics so the audience isn't bored when watching, mixing and recording your own stuff. It's much more strenuous than having a ghost writer and fake instruments, with some you pay to do everything for you.

I'm a one-man brutal death metal band called Cauterized Regurgitation (at the moment) and I haven't even started recording yet, but it's a LOT of work. Anyone can do it, yes, but the only ones who can are those that are truly dedicated and committed to the music, not the rap and pop asses that the mainstream sees.

Eddie Van Halen shreds the guitar like no other. Neil Peart pounds his drums like no other. Axl Rose sings like no other. Cliff Burton slaps the bass like no other. Rock stars are actual musicians.

Of course! I'm a die-hard Metal fan and I've been playing Guitar for more than seven years, and there are some stuff that I still can't play perfectly.

2 Metal lyrics have more variety.

Metal music often discuss themes and concepts in their songs that would not be respected or suitable for other genres... They're more free to express more complex emotions... For example, there are a ton of pop songs on how they are grieving for someone, but the only emotion directly correlated with the song is sadness. Then you listen to Lech by Slipknot, and it is about how the vocalist is grieving Paul Grey, and it's not focused on sadness... It is focused on murderous hate and anger toward the killer, saying that he wouldn't hesitate killing him, and also that he blames himself, and it draws upon more complex themes... And the raw pain and emotion in his voice makes it so much better.

"Can't stand it for another day
I ain't gonna live my life this way
Cold sweat, my fists are clenching
Stomp, stomp, stomp the idiot convention"

"She was divinity's creature that kissed in cold mirrors
A queen of snow, far beyond compare
Lips attuned to symmetry sought her everywhere
Dark liquored eyes, an Arabian nightmare"

"Take me down to the paradise city
Where the grass is green and the girls are pretty
Take me home. "

Not a single song is the same.
Unlike pop music that is the same song over and over agin.

Here are some examples. Iron Maiden sings about historical events. Megadeth sings about nuclear warfare. Motley Crue sings about sex. The Scorpions sing about more sex. Slayer sings about hell. Definitely Leppard sings about getting drunk. Metallica sings about all kinds of stuff. The list goes on...

Play ANY metal song back to back. I GUARANTEE you that the second song will be different from the first one. Ex: "Endgame" by Ingested and "War Ensemble" by Slayer.

3 Metal is original.

No other style of music sings about World War II, or starts mosh pits, or produce headbanging. All you can find in hip hop, dubstep, or rap is partying and drugs. Dave Mustaine's snarling voice is original. The glam scene? Original.

Sorry, but rap is more original than a subgenre of rock music. That's one example I can name out of many.

I disagree. To make rap music, all you have to do is to sample parts of other people's songs and make a beat and loop the beat to make the beat repeat. On the other hand, rock has a lot of creative guitar solos, bass grooves, and drum solos. Those types of grooves or solos can either be slow or technically fast or complex. Rock is a thousand times more musically expressive, passionate, technical, and authentic.

Every thing about metal is original. The screaming, the mosh, head banging. Everything.

Compared to everything else? besides,their are diffrent kinds of metal,their isn't even an original metal,is it original now?

4 Metal can be slow and melodic, fast and dangerous, or both.

Take for example Alice In Chains. Has some very sow thoughtful songs like Down In A Hole about the dangers of heroin, but also has some very heavy fast songs like Them Bones that contain guitar solos.

Definitely Leppard has slow, melodic songs, such as Hysteria, that everyone can love and dance to. Megadeth has angry, fast music that makes you want to join a mosh pit.

Doom metal (slow), speed metal (blazing fast), power metal (melodic), etc. It works!

Exactly that's why I love metal so much!

5 Metal pumps you up.

If you are angry, sad, or any other type of negative emotion that you can possible imagine, turn up some good old 80s thrash metal, and the adrenaline will start pumping you up until you forget what's wrong!

Why are songs like Kickstart My Heart, Rock You Like A Hurricane, Enter Sandman, and plenty others played at sports events, parties, and much more? Because it pumps you up.

Just hear these songs

Sudden death:megadeth
Dyers eve:Metallica

And feel the effect!

While listening to metal it energizes you gives you a lot of energy!

6 Creativity

Not one metal song sounds the same. The arrangement of the lyrics, instruments, melody, everything is intricately designed and created by the musicians, people with real talent.

So true. Instead of talking about spouses, friends, or parties again, again, and again, if you really listen, you’ll realize that actual thought is put into metal music.

Metal is creative, but compared to poetry, it's no contest.

Unlike 2010s pop, Metal has original lyrics and tunes!

7 Metal musicians and fans have the most intregrity

I created a list called reasons why metalheads are better than beliebers. If you love metal and hate pop then this is the list for you.

8 Metal fans don't just listen to a song, like it for a week, and move on

This is probably why people like metal, because when the style is changed to be more radio friendly it's forgettable. for example if we don't like what's happening to metal now, young fans will change it back to what they want to see (glam to thrash, nu to more thrash) and that's why we still see good bands in metal: ghoul, blackbreath, municipal waste, lamb of god, Amon Amarth, mastodon, jackdevil, the black dahlia murder

For example, there used to be a massive hype about gangnam style but eventually everyone got tired of it. People in metal still like stuff from the 70's, 80's and so on. People in metal don't just move on straight away

I started with Puppets, found new songs, but returned to make Puppets a staple.

I've been listening to Rammstein since 2005 and never got tired of them. NEVER

9 People can relate to metal

Like all metal songs they're written with a story. Metal bands like Five Finger Death Punch are written from personal experiences that deal with real emotions. Metal has a diversity in songwriting that most music genres don't have.

Everybody can relate to anything, therefore this isn't special.

True indeed I hate this world so do metalcore artists!

Compared to modern pop music, which is dull and unrelatable.

10 Metal musicians are actually smart.

Mark Jansen (mastermind behind the lyrics of EPICA) has a masters degree of Psychology. It's prevalent on their lyrics which vastly deals with philosophy, religion, culture, nature, politics, topical events, science, and many more themes revolving around EPICA music.

I love how eminem is used, as if he isn't a legend, ask yourself this, if you were to ask the whole world, who would be more popular and respected... Eminem or steve harris, eminem or dave mustaine? I rest my case

Steve Harris from Iron Maiden went to college and earned a history degree. Dave Mustaine, as idiotic as he is, is actually a genius, and went on Jeopardy. I don't think Eminem did anything cool like that.

Actually Lars Ulrich from Metallica was in "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire"! He got pretty far! Don't believe me? Search on YouTube!

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11 Most dedicated fans

I saw an article somewhere that actually confirms this. We metal heads don't like and artists for 2 weeks until the next popular song comes out then we move on to that artist. We stick with our favorite artists/artist till the end and we may find others we like but we will almost always listen to our favorite band no matter what.

Because metal unfortunately isn't as popular as mainstream pop or hip hop, there isn't as many metal fans as there should be. Although every metal fan you meet is sure to be a fervent supporter of the genre. Get in a fight with a metal fan, and you will surely lose.

How many popular musicians of today will be able to say that they had thousands of fans who have been supporting them for 30+ years. People will love a song or artist for a while then in 3 months forget that they were ever a thing

Metal songs make you stronger in life and in a fight.
You should never make a metal fan mad or you will surely lose the fight.

12 Metal is a music of passion.

Nobody is more passionate about there music than I am just ask anybody that knows me and it' all roots from discovering metal 25 years ago. Don't get me wrong I know how to recognize a good song and I like songs from all genres but it's like I always say, "It's not my fault metal is the best music I never made it that way I just simply go along with it".

13 Metal has the best concerts.

Flashing lights, fireworks, wild theatrics heavy metal bands definitely have the best stage shows in the world! E. G Motley Crue, Alice Cooper, Twisted Sister and the hottest band in the world-KISS

While I agree with all the other points, I've actually been to a Metallica concert. The whole stadium of around 90000 were on their feet headbanging and just having a good time. Its not only about the band, its about the whole experiance and I can't think of a better experiance than a metal concert

The most epic concerts: the big 4 live!

14 Metal does not rely on society's approval.

In my opinion(cause my father's a metalhead and my mom teach me about scorpions and things...) my neighbor seems to "ok that's your songs, it pump up and I like it" and they didn't come to my lawn and tell me to shut down the music (this was my experience while I'm cleaning my lawn from grass and blasting Slayer along with Exodus)
So in the end, they're kind of respecting your type of music, even they didn't show it up. sorry if its messed up cause I'm not using any translator,just what come in my mind I write it down

P.S : I'm a huge fan of Slayer, Exodus, Iron Maiden, Pantera, and Sepultura (Though I've never been in a concert)

15 Metal is good for relieving anger.
16 Metal fans are more versatile.
17 Metal has the best riffs.

Listen to Seek And Destroy, and you'll be convinced. Listen to The Number Of The Beast, and you'll be convinced.

I like the riffs in Kill the King, Take No Prisoners, and Devil's Island. All three of which are Megadeth songs

How about the main riff of "Fight Till Death"!

18 You can't kill metal

People had started organisations and clubss, they were protesting, appearing on T.V. burning the recordsand what happened? Metal grew stronger and more genres were formed under the metal name. Proof you can't kill metal no matter how hard you try

Rob Halford, lead singer of Judas Priest, has said "Metal will never die." Obviously, it's true! More and more bands are forming as we speak!

19 Some metal songs can be educational

Through Iron Maiden I have learned about Alexander The Great and 2nd World War.

Listen to power metal, mainly Sabaton. You wanna know about the Battle of Kursk in July 1943? Listen to "Panzerkampf".

In one metal album they heavily criticize drug use

Thanks to Slayer, I know who Josef Mengle was!

20 Metal is more fun, exciting, and complex
21 Metal has the best image.

The hair bands such as Motley Crue, Poison, and Warrant are bold and ballsy to be teasing up their hair. Thrashers wear the denim vests and the leather jackets, which is simply cool. The long hair makes them able to head bang.

It's the most disrespected genre besides pop and rap. It doesn't have a good image at all.

22 Metal celebrities have interesting lives.

Most rock stars had so much sex and did so much drugs, it's amazing they're still alive. But when you hear of the rare sober guys like Dee Snider or Gene Simmons, it's exciting to hear they didn't do drugs.

Nothing to do with metal.

Look at people who have been in the olympics,they have intresting lifes

23 Metal lyrics are more creative

Every type of lyric has its own creativity.

Baby by Justin Bieber is creative for sure and so is Anaconda and Stupid Hoe by Nicki Minaj...why are you here?...huh...if you don't like Metal that's fine but catapulting moronic judgements regarding things you're clueless about is just plain ridiculous..

Metal lyrics can be about anything, they can be about life, death, lessons learned, something on the world today or in the past. and rap focuses more on heavy sex lyrics and drugs.

24 They have the best bands

Take Iron Maiden, Metallica, AC/DC, and so much more

25 Metal isn't completely offensive.

In fact, "Raining Blood" s slightly more respectful than Kash Doll. Even with the lyrics about reprisal and overthrowal of Heaven, Raining Blood isn't in your face. Why, the guitars provide some "distance" between the vocalist and the listener. Even the lyrics are more intricate.

Rap music is sexist and sometimes racist at times. Metal music is against both sexism and racism.

Rap is in your face and disrespectful. Metal isn't that bad.

Rap calls women bitches. Metal isn't about sexism.

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