"The Best"

I'm probably going to offend quite a bit of metalheads, and reiterate myself because I've said this before, but I don't like metal. And it's not because of the music or anything like that, which I think is pretty decent and I think I can get into on my own time; it's the fanbase. My god, is it annoying. And it's extremely prevalent on this list. So anyway, lets dive into my debunking of this list. The top ten points, I will debunk. Lets go.

#1 - It Takes Talent To Be In a Metal Band

Okay, when I see a list titled "Reasons Metal is the Best", I expect to see reasons that will prove to me why metal is superior to every single thing (hence, "the best" part), not reasons that can be easily applied to every single thing. Like for example, this item. I do admit, it takes talent to be in a metal band, but it also takes talent to do other things as well, as nothing is talentless. Like riding a bike, cooking a meal, or learning to read. Besides those examples proving that being in a metal band isn't the best thing in the world (considering it's #1 on the list), they are much more practical and applicable to many parts of your life than being in a metal band will ever be.

#2 - Metal lyrics have more variety

Well, that's kind of an unfair advantage, the lyrical aspect, because many things don't have lyrics of their own. I mean, if this was titled "Reasons Why Metal is the Best Genre of Music", I can understand why'd you include the lyrical aspect, but as referring to the first point, it can be easily applied to other genres of music as well. But since this was titled "Reasons Why Metal is the Best", it pits metal against things that don't have the same aspects of metal, therefore, giving it an unfair advantage.

#3 - Metal can be slow and melodic, fast and dangerous, or both

I feel like I'm reiterating myself. Again, this can be literally applied to any genre of music, as well as this being an unfair advantage against non-music related things.

#4 - Metal Pumps You Up

I'm a broken record. This can be applied to literally anything, whether you agree with it or not. I hope this broken-record phase stops soon.

#5 - Metal is original

Finally, something that really grinds my gears. This point has many problems. For one, saying it's original isn't going to do sh*t. Other things are original in their own way and can be original in any level, what makes metal so special? Another thing, metal is a subgenre of rock music. Which derived from rock and roll, which was inspired by jazz, R&B, and country music. Which in the end, was all inspired by the masterful classical genre of music. So yeah, it's original, but doesn't hold a lot of originality to its sound and lyrics (not the vocals because the vocals are really original).

#6 - Metal Musicians and Fans Have The Most Integrity

integrity - the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness. Synonyms include honor, ethics, and decency.


"I created a list called reasons why metalheads are better than beliebers. If you love metal and hate pop then this is the list for you."

Jesus, at least make it seem like you aren't trying to attract every mainstream-bashing music fan from east to west. But yeah, I will agree that metal musicians have integrity. Most fans, on the other hand...

#7 - Creativity

Creativity in what? Their music? Refer to #5 and move on to #8.

#8 - Metal Musicians Are Actually Smart

That's borderline saying "All of us are retarded compared to metal musicians, why should we even bother going to school? They already know everything, anyway." And anyways, it doesn't take a genius to succeed in music. I mean, Eminem dropped out of high school after failing the ninth grade three times, and look where he is now. I rest my case.

#9 - Metal Is a Music of Passion

Oh god, the broken-record phase is back... For the final time, this argument can be literally applied to any genre of music, and it's an unfair advantage against other things non-music related.

#10 - Metal Has the Best Concerts


But in all seriousness, if you wanted to show your love for metal, why didn't you show it through a post? You call metal the best, period, isn't that an overstatement on your behalf? And the sad thing is, I want to like metal more than I do now, but metalheads like these commenting on the list (like the comment I will provide below) make me lose faith in me liking it more than I do now.
Oh, and...

"SwagFlicks left a comment that proves he is a total retard. That isn't even real music. But Metal is"

I'm done here. This is SwagFlicks, and I'm still crazy.


The list is in every way incorrect. I wish I had made that list. Oh Right! I will make that list. - visitor

The thing,"Metal is Original" kinda f
Annoys me. Why? Are others all duplicacy? Are others all unreal? - visitor

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"Metal Musicians Are Actually Smart"

Nicki Minaj had a nearly perfect score on her SAT's. - visitor

I feel so offended. You do not share my opinion. I will now curl up in a ball and cry. - CityGuru