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21 Metal isn't completely offensive.

Rap is in your face and disrespectful. Metal isn't that bad.

Rap music is sexist and sometimes racist at times. Metal music is against both sexism and racism.

In fact, "Raining Blood" s slightly more respectful than Kash Doll. Even with the lyrics about reprisal and overthrowal of Heaven, Raining Blood isn't in your face. Why, the guitars provide some "distance" between the vocalist and the listener. Even the lyrics are more intricate.

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22 Metal lyrics are more creative

Metal lyrics can be about anything, they can be about life, death, lessons learned, something on the world today or in the past. and rap focuses more on heavy sex lyrics and drugs.

Every type of lyric has its own creativity. - SwagFlicks

23 Experimentation

It was created by experimentation. - zxm

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25 They have the best bands

Take Iron Maiden, Metallica, AC/DC, and so much more

26 Metal lyrics are more intricate.

Let us look at he melodic metal song 'Vicarious'. "Credulous at best your desire to believe in angels in the hearts of men." Try to find a rap or pop verse that intricate, and when listened to with intricate and original musicians behind it, cerebral.

Ok, so I might get hate for this, but the band The Amity Affliction, while metalcore, has incredible lyrics. Like wow, their lyrics are so heavy but so great and many people can relate to them.

27 Metal writes their own lyrics.

Just Google Justin Bieber Baby and see in wikipedia how many people wrote that's simple song! I DARE YA! NO! I DOUBLE DARE YA!

28 Most metal bands come out with more albums than other bands

Just look at Napalm Death and KMFDM's discography and tell me that's not enough albums.

29 Metal challenges its audience and trusts their intelligence.

Challenging the audience? the audience doesn't do any kind of action exact listening,if you wanna know something that challenges its audience and trusts their intellegence,see the game show Lock That List(what I call it,I don't know the actual name) - Nateawesomeness

30 Metalheads are more mature than other music fans
31 Metal fans are more intelligent.

Metalheads are more open minded than others, being more into the pure core of thoughts and have more tolerance power. They can sense and understand other music genres as well and doesn't disrespect either like others most people do and we are left being judged as a "bad seed" kinda thing to the society. For me, it doesn't matter anyway because I'm through...Regarding knowledge, by keeping the metal thing aside and not being occupied all the time on it, they also know the facts and figures and have interest on others things of life as well such as sports, F1 race, documentaries, history, science, technology, space and other worldly knowledge etc.

P.S - metal music has a tagline of "Listen with care" and has more powerful driving force than other genres you can ever imagine, people says "its and drug and it is addictive", I'am kinda like "ok I agree" because I already knw but if you have patience and listen in a positive way while gymmin or doing something else then it will take ...more - apoisonedgodmachine

32 Metal bands come out with new music more often than pop artists
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