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1 Metal is real music

Please explain to me whats your take on REAL music - MrGuyDudeMan

Don't know why rappers are allowed to use the n word and get away with it.

Hey, I know this comment has nothing to do with this list but I saw the list of reason you might quit the top tens. But hey man, if you need someone to talk to about anything I here. And if I'm not online, send me a message, I'll answer back. You know one thing that hurts me pain, especially if its someone else's. I'm a Christian too. It hurts me when others bash about our beliefs. - Coopetro

In reality, pretty much anything is better than Rap.

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2 Most rap songs are about drugs, alcohol, and sex

Mostly modern rap does. Listen to older rap. - Userguy44

I missed the good rap music from the late 90s and the early 20000s.

So true. I quit Eminem once I learned what he was saying. In fact the only rapper I listen to is KJ-52 because he wraps about praising God. Not about lil wayne or Eminem type stuff. - Coopetro

Exactly it's true

3 Rap is fake

Rap music is about expressing your thoughts and emotions. How is this fake? - LemonComputer

Pop nowadays is more fake than rap and metal. - waraypiso

Because of the computers? Yeah. - Metalhead1997

4 Eminem is the only good rapper today

There is Trippie Redd bro. - Userguy44

Kendrick lamar, J.Cole, Logic... Must I continue? - MrGuyDudeMan

5 A lot of Metal songs have great meanings

I think these metal songs have good meaning run to the hills,the troopers,nightmare,child in time,fade to black etc.there are also some great foreign metal songs that nobody know about but those have good meaning. - zxm

6 People who listen to metal are smarter

My sister listens to pop and she's REALLY smart. She could hold a political position if she wanted to. I'm a metalhead and I'm smart, too. But to say this means that everyone that likes rap is a complete dumbass is pretty mean. - Metalhead1997

Why is it only people who listen to metal are smarter? There are lot of genres (good rap, R&B, funk, funk soul, rock, old pop, classical, jazz, blues, dubstep, electronic soul, etc.) that people are listening to these are smarter, not only in metal. - waraypiso

This was when I was wondering whether or not I should leave the metal community. You guys are really dumb. Most of these "reasons" are not real, logical reasons for why you would favour one music genre over the over. Instead, you guys turn to lies and 'Metal is the best' or 'Rap is the worst'. Your preferred genre of music does not tell you how smart you are, it tells you what your personality's like. People who favour rap are generally sad about life while people who favour metal are generally angry about life as well as sad. Nothing says that one genre makes you smarter than the other. - LemonComputer

7 Metal is the best music genre

As someone who really likes metal, I disagree. Then you can also say Rap is the best music genre. It's an opinion, not a fact. - Userguy44

It's one of the best, the sole best. - Metalhead1997

8 Metal doesn't talk about sex or smoking weed.

Glam metal? Stoner metal? - Metalhead1997

9 Rap is a terrible genre

I like rap. I don't choose rap songs that are terrible like modern mainstream music in the modern pop radio. Old school and underrated modern rap are not terrible. - waraypiso

Only in modern mainstream rap. Underrated modern and old school rap are not terrible - waraypiso

I personally hate rap but to say it's an outright terrible genre doesn't justify anything. - Metalhead1997

That's only opinion. Not fact.

10 Teenagers who listen to metal are more likely to behave in school than people who listen to rap

This is what I meant about the lies. I used to be a huge fan of rap, before I started to like other genres of music as well. I was always (and still am) well behaved at school. Metal didn't change anything about me, to be perfectly honest. I get good grades in certain subjects as well (though overall they're crap no matter how much I try.. I'm just dumb). The only real things bad about me at school really is that I'm so dumb and ''shy''. No music solves the ''shyness'', though metalheads might try to claim that metal heals social anxiety next. - LemonComputer

Hey! I listen to good rap. I am well-behaved in school. This item of the list is just only your opinion. Everyone has tastes in music. - waraypiso

I knew a kid who played flute his Junior year of high school named Trent who got arrested. Sad thing is that he was a fellow metalhead. But every musician has had some domestic troubles at least once in their liftime, no matter which genre. - Metalhead1997

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11 Metal can add rap to songs, rap can't add metal

Metal and rap don't mix. What you think is metal mixed with rap, is most often punk mixed with rap. Linkin Park do not have metal in their music at all. Bottom line: neither metal can add rap nor rap can add metal on a regular basis. - Metal_Treasure

That means that rap is clearly superior, as other genres of music use it. - LemonComputer

12 Rap is perverted

Like 6IX9INE. - I80

13 Rap has bad words

What kind of bad words? - Userguy44

14 Rap creates gun violence
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