Top 10 Reasons Why Metal is a Great Genre of Music

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1 Great Instrumentals

Almost every Metal song has great inatrumentals - christangrant

2 Great Lyrical Themes

This isn't true for Death Metal or Black Metal but it can be for Power Metal,Thrash Metal or Alternative Metal.-LitSavage

3 There are Lots of Great Metal Bands

Too many to count at how many great ones their are - christangrant

Perfect list for metal... - Ananya

No.Only some are good and most aren't in my opinion.-DarkBoi-X

4 Bands Put Effort Into Making Albums
5 Fans are Loyal to Their Favorite Band
6 It's Fun to Listen to Metal Songs
7 Metal Bands Preform Great Shows Live
8 Great Guitar Solos

I like other genres solo too. But I like metal solos for the speed. Metal riffs are good too. - zxm

9 Metal is the Most Popular Genre of Music

But it's not. Statistics on and other websites say so. We unfortunately live in a trap music world now.

10 Many Metal Albums Have Hit Number 1 on the Billboard 200

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11 Metal Bands are Very Talented
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