Top Ten Reasons Why Metalheads Should Keep Their Opinions to Themselves and Shouldn't Share It with Anybody

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1 They hate pop music so much and it becomes annoying

So I like some pop songs and it also gets annoying when people like you make these kinds of lists - christangrant

Dear god, this list is so stereotypical and flawed - wrests

I like some pop music stop assuming things.

Amazing list

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2 They won't shut up about metal and pop music

Quite sure that's you.

Pop fans do the same thing in fact they do it more often - christangrant

And pop fans, along with other genres' fans, won't - 906389

That's. You DynastiNoble 2? 0 - VideoGamefan5

3 Their opinions are useless

I'm sorry um no opinion is useful.

Mine Is Actually Very Useful - VideoGamefan5

4 Their opinions are annoying

So Pop fans opinions also get annoying so you shouldn't be talking - christangrant

Like yours aren't?

Laugh out loud, all these idiotic pop fans give us crap yet call us Satanic for liking metal - MegaSlayerDeath

Cough cough like yours COUGH! - 906389

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5 They are closed minded

Kind of like you.

So are Pop Extremist like you are - christangrant

i'm Not - VideoGamefan5

6 They hate pop fans

I hate the Extremist I don't hate casual pop fans who enjoy the music and don't complain about other peoples music taste - christangrant

No I don't, I hate pop extremists their is a difference.

I don't - VideoGamefan5

7 Their opinion is so mean

Opinions cannot be mean you might not necessarily agree with them but their still opinions.

Says any opinion could be considered mean not just metalheads opinions - christangrant

Yeah right, it's just an opinion, no opinion is superior. You can't respect opinions according to this. - MegaSlayerDeath

Boo Hoo, TOO BAD! - VideoGamefan5

8 They don't want to listen to pop music

I have actually I've listened to Michael Jackson, Prince, OneRepublic and Pharrell Williams.

Uh I like some Michael Jackson Whitney Houston and some Lady Gaga songs so this is false - christangrant

I already said what pop music I like - VideoGamefan5

9 They criticize pop fans because they like pop music

No I criticize pop extremists for being immature and taking pop music too seriously.

Excuse me, but don't people who don't like metal criticize us? - 906389

And yet your critizing Metalheads for liking Metal man your such a hypocrite - christangrant

No we criticise pop elitists who bash any other grnre

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10 They say a lot of mean things for people who don't like metal

Not In This Case, DCfnaf Likes Lots Of Hated Pop Artists Such As Meghan Trainor And Ariana Grande, And He doesn't Seem To Have A Problem With It - VideoGamefan5

Uh I don't say anything mean I respect anyones musical taste regardless of what music genre they listen to - christangrant

Not the case, I get along with ProPanda and he isn't metalhead.

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