Top Ten Reasons Why Metalheads Should Keep Their Opinions to Themselves and Shouldn't Share It with Anybody

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1 They hate pop music so much and it becomes annoying

So I like some pop songs and it also gets annoying when people like you make these kinds of lists - christangrant

Dear god, this list is so stereotypical and flawed - wrests

I like some pop music stop assuming things. - BoredJeff02

Amazing list

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2 They won't shut up about metal and pop music

Right back at you. Like the other guys said, pop fans do that more often than metalheads. Hell, I don't even make Metal lists that often. - NikBrusk

Quite sure that's you. - BoredJeff02

Pop fans do the same thing in fact they do it more often - christangrant

And pop fans, along with other genres' fans, won't - 906389

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3 Their opinions are useless

You're saying your opinions matter but our opinions are wrong - jack2244

I'm sorry um no opinion is useful. - BoredJeff02

Hmm, kinda like yours? - NikBrusk

Mine Is Actually Very Useful - VideoGamefan5

4 Their opinions are annoying

So Pop fans opinions also get annoying so you shouldn't be talking - christangrant

Like yours aren't? - BoredJeff02

Laugh out loud, all these idiotic pop fans give us crap yet call us Satanic for liking metal - MegaSlayerDeath

Cough cough like yours COUGH! - 906389

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5 They are closed minded

Says the person who made this list and hates metal blindly. - NikBrusk

Kind of like you. - BoredJeff02

So are Pop Extremist like you are - christangrant

i'm Not - VideoGamefan5

6 They hate pop fans

I hate the Extremist I don't hate casual pop fans who enjoy the music and don't complain about other peoples music taste - christangrant

No I don't, I hate pop extremists their is a difference. - BoredJeff02

For good reason. - NikBrusk

I don't - VideoGamefan5

7 Their opinion is so mean

Opinions cannot be mean you might not necessarily agree with them but their still opinions. - BoredJeff02

Says any opinion could be considered mean not just metalheads opinions - christangrant

Yeah right, it's just an opinion, no opinion is superior. You can't respect opinions according to this. - MegaSlayerDeath

Boo Hoo, TOO BAD! - VideoGamefan5

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8 They don't want to listen to pop music

I have actually I've listened to Michael Jackson, Prince, OneRepublic and Pharrell Williams. - BoredJeff02

Uh I like some Michael Jackson Whitney Houston and some Lady Gaga songs so this is false - christangrant

I've listened to plenty of pop music and actually dislike it. - jack2244

I already said what pop music I like - VideoGamefan5

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9 They criticize pop fans because they like pop music

No, I criticize pop fans for being immature idiots and blindly worshipping pop stars and rarely giving any good reason for why they like pop and dislike metal and rock. - NikBrusk

No I criticize pop extremists for being immature and taking pop music too seriously. - BoredJeff02

Excuse me, but don't people who don't like metal criticize us? - 906389

I Only Criticize Ones Like YOU "StrawberryCherry / Dynasti2" - VideoGamefan5

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10 They say a lot of mean things for people who don't like metal

Oh yeah, I have 5 pop fans as friends. - jack2244

Not In This Case, DCfnaf Likes Lots Of Hated Pop Artists Such As Meghan Trainor And Ariana Grande, And He doesn't Seem To Have A Problem With It - VideoGamefan5

Uh I don't say anything mean I respect anyones musical taste regardless of what music genre they listen to - christangrant

Not the case, I get along with ProPanda and he isn't metalhead. - BoredJeff02

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