Top 10 Reasons Why Metallica is Better Than Taylor Swift

Here are reasons why Metallica is better than Taylor Swift.

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1 Metallica has better songs

Does this need to be a list? I mean I have nothing against it but... why?

They Made the song One which is one of the best songs of all time Taylor Swift doesn't even come close to competing with that song - christangrant

2 Metallica always played metal

Just because something is Metal doesn't make it good. Metallica is good, but they aren't just good because they play Metal. Every genre can be good if done well, which is why Swift and Metallica are both great musical acts in their own rights. Grow up and get a perspective. - Ub8

Unlike Taylor Sellout who switched from Country to Crappy Pop songs - christangrant

And metal is glorious. Rock bands like Metallica has art and soul. They appeal to all types of emotions and make you look boss while listening to them.

Pop is mostly generic dance and love songs made to sell to whiny teenage girls with break up issues. Which is why Taylor Swift is rubbish!

3 James Hetfield is a better singer than Taylor Swift

At least James Hetfield doesn't sing like a dying whale like her.

This is damn true! - Userguy44

I'll let Metal_Treasure explain this one but basically James Hetfield can actually sing higher notes than Taylor Swift. - christangrant

4 Metallica makes better albums

I fail to believe the creator of this list has even listened to a full Taylor Swift release. - Ub8

Taylor Swift's Albums can't even compete with Metallica's - christangrant

5 Metallica puts more effort into their music

You can't determine an artist's "effort" just by listening. Taylor could be putting all of her effort into her music, it's just that you happen to not like it. - Ub8

Taylor Sellout only does it for the money hints why she removed her music from spotify just to be greedy - christangrant

6 Metallica is better at performing live

Are you guess kidding?!. Taylor swift is the best act stage ever.She has Charismatic on the stage like no one else.You can see In the Ytb How many people just came at taylor swift's reputation tour!.I'm Lucky to being Swifties!.Metallica is good but sorry 👋 Taylor forever take the crown more than mettalica

Taylor Swift is horrible live, she lip syncs first of all and 2nd she couldn't even sing Pour Some Sugar on Me by Def Leppard live which is a pretty easy song to sing live. - christangrant

7 Metallica makes complex instrumentals

Tell me if any Taylor Swift song has a good guitar riff in it - christangrant

I can literally list over 20 Taylor Swift songs with kickass guitar grooves. - Ub8

8 Taylor Swift has made some of the worst songs of all time

If you think "Shake it Off" and "Bad Blood" are two of the worst songs of all time you clearly haven't been searching. They aren't good songs but they're pretty inoffensive compared to thousands of other piles of crap. - Ub8

Um, he has an opinion. Learn to respect opinions, you delusional, condescending bastard. - CostcoHotDogs

Examples Shake It Off and Bad Blood are some of the worst songs I have ever heard - christangrant

9 Taylor Swift is annoying

Her song Shake it Off proves this as it's the 2nd most annoying song I have ever heard - christangrant

10 Taylor Swift has less talent

Same generic pop songs with no original lyrics and she sounds like a goat in that song "Trouble". Metallica's songs have more variety when it comes to the lyrics and doesn't use a good majority of their album on generic love and breakup songs!

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11 Metallica has been around longer than Taylor Swift

Okay, so by this logic Britney Spears is better than My Chemical Romance, Linkin Park, Paramore, Arctic Monkeys, etc. - Ub8

12 Metallica has more experience

Duh! They've sons more concerts, more albums, and they have the best music!

13 Taylor Swift is fake
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