Top 10 Reasons Why Metallica is Great

The Top Ten

1 They made some of the best songs in the 80s
2 Metallica has some great lyrics
3 James Hetfield is a good singer

Way better singer than Dave Mustaine.

4 Cliff Burton was one of the best metal bassists of all time
5 They made Master of Puppets, the greatest metal album of all time

Eh... Ride the Lightning is better.

6 Dave Mustaine was once a member of Metallica
7 They are one of the most influential metal bands out there
8 Kirk Hammett played good solos, even with the Wah pedal
9 Metallica wrote "One"

It makes Master of Puppets sound like crap.

10 James Hetfield has both guitar and vocal skills

The Contenders

11 Lars Ulrich was a great drummer
12 They made Ride the Lightning, the greatest metal album of all time

Way better than Master of Puppets.

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