Top 10 Reasons Why Metallica is Not the Biggest Sellout in the History of Music

On the list of biggest sellouts in the history of music, Metallica is number 1. For what reason? in my eyes they never sold out but here's a list explaining why they AREN'T the biggest sellout in music.

The Top Ten

1 They never played pop music

Selling out and making good music are not mutually exclusive. - yungstirjoey666

To me the biggest sellout in music has to be when an artist goes from doing a certain genre of music (Especially Rock and Metal bands) Selling out and start playing pop music which is something Metallica never did in fact Megadeth is a bigger sellout than Metallica because the album Risk has Pop rock songs on it so yeah plus artists like Maroon 5 Sell Out Boy (Fall Out Boy) Taylor Swift Coldplay Twenty One Pilots and Panic! At the Disco all are bigger sellouts than Metallica is because they all switched from One genre of Music to POP music - christangrant

2 They were always a metal band

They never went away from doing metal songs and BEFORE you say well what about Mama Said well that's just one song plus it STILL sounds like a Metallica song - christangrant

3 Every album they made is a metal album

Indeed. - JoLeKosovo

Yup I agree here - christangrant

4 They never abandoned metal music

Every album they have made has a Metal song on it - christangrant

5 They went back to playing thrash metal

Most Sell Outs fade away after they sold out but not Metallica in fact they went back to playing what they popularized Thrash Metal with their album Death Magnetic (Although Technically St. Anger was their return to Thrash Metal but that would take forever to explain so I'll make it simple some of the songs sound have very Thrash Metal elements to it and the album has some Punkish elements in it as well which is what thrash metal is Heavy Metal with Hardcore punk Elements) - christangrant

6 They care about the fans

Which is something most sell outs don't do but Metallica does care for the fans and try to give them the best of quality (With the exception of Lulu and St. Anger though I liked St. Anger) - christangrant

7 They always played their classic songs at live shows

So what makes them a sell out if they still play the old stuff? - christangrant

8 Ozzy Osbourne is a bigger sellout than they are

Yes just listen to Shot in the Dark and Mama I'm Coming Home those sound like pop songs with rock riffs and Yet He gets off scotch free while Metallica is the biggest sellout in music when they NEVER played any Poppy songs like Ozzy and even Megadeth Did - christangrant

9 Cutting their hair doesn't mean they are a sellout

Do people seriously say that. If they that has to be one of the stupidest statements made in music.

Oh god I hate this saying they cut their hair so they are a sellout No that is stupid reasoning just because a band cuts their hair doesn't mean they are a sellout by that logic anyone who is in a Metal Band who cuts their hair is a Sellout which many Metal Musicians have done - christangrant

10 Most of the people who say they are sellouts are people who only listen to the first 4 albums

And they are some of the worst kinds of Metal fans as well - christangrant

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