Reasons Why Metallica’s Load and Reload Aren’t Bad Albums

Load and Reliad aren’t bad albums. Let me prove it.

The Top Ten

1 They decided to be unique and different
2 There are actually some really good songs on them

Now, hate me if you want, but there are really amazing masterpieces on these albums

3 “The Outlaw Torn” and “Fixxxer” are some of their best songs

The Outlaw Torn is my favorite Metallica song.

You should make more lists, this one’s really good. You have potential on this site for sure.

Why isn’t “The Outlaw Torn” a memorable song that is famous and #1 on Billboard? It is one of their best songs - lilrocketman

4 They have important messages
5 Lars’ drumming is actually really good
6 There are some really heavy songs on them
7 The production is really good
8 Jason Newsted used slap bass in “Cure”
9 Kirk Hammet and Lars Ulrich thought they were masterpieces
10 They're Good Hard Rock Albums

Metallica made some good hard rock songs on Load and Reload that are often overlooked. - cjWriter1997

The Contenders

11 James' Voice in This Album is Better Than His Voice in Ride the Lightning

This is more of an opinion, but I agree

12 The songwriting is good
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