Top 10 Reasons Why MetalWorldOrder is The Best User On TheTopTens

The Top Ten

1 He likes metal

Metal is a great music genre. It’s elite - Userguy44

I love Metal music as well. So does that mean I'm a GOAT tier user?

2 He's funny

I agree with that. - Soulstealer

Which makes him even more amazing - EliteThunderstorm63

3 He doesn't care about what others say about him
4 His lists are factual

And anyone who thinks they aren't is ignorant - EliteThunderstorm63

5 He's mature

Unlike 99% of the community - EliteThunderstorm63

6 He's smart
7 He thinks Cannibal Corpse is a great band
8 He dislikes Pop
9 He's cool
10 He doesn't get rustled by anyone

He is a metal elitist and he stays true to that. Of course he can't get rustled. - Userguy44

Because he's too good to be rustled - EliteThunderstorm63

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