Top 10 Reasons Why Metroid Prime: Federation Force Should Be Cancelled

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1 It's not a real Metroid game.
2 It's not a Wii U game.

EVERY METROID FAN: Where's Metroid for the Wii U?

3 It has nothing related to Metroid.
4 Samus Aran is not happy about it.

Samus: (sees the name of the game) Oh boy! A new Metroid game. Now, I'll be recognizable again. (Watches video of the game) Oh. (Gets tears of sadness in her eyes, grabs a gun & points it at her head)
Metroid Fan: (grabs Samus' hand) Don't do it. You have so much to live for. (Hugs Samus) I know your pain. Here's a tissue when you're going to cry over this game. (Looks at Nintendo) Well, I hope your happy now that you made Samus cry. Now give us a true Metroid game.

5 Nobody wants this.
6 Were we really waiting for it to be announced five years after Metroid: Other M was released?

1986-Metroid...5 years...1991-Metroid 2: Return of Samus
1994-Super Metroid...8 years...2002-Metroid Fusion & Prime
2004-2007: Metroid Zero Mission, Metroid 2: Echoes, Metroid Prime Pinball, Metroid Prime Hunters & Prime 3: Corruption
2009-Metroid Prime Trilogy
2010-Metroid: Other M...5 years...2015-Metroid Prime: Federation Force announced & planned to be released in 2016.
If Federation Force gets cancelled, who knows how long it will be until we finally get a Metroid game?

7 There are no Metroids in sight.
8 Samus Aran isn't seen in the trailer.
9 There's a petition on that have people who want this to be cancelled.
10 The Blast Ball isn't a Morph Ball.

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11 AM2R is a fanmade game that is easily a million times better
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