Top Ten Reasons Why Microsoft Surface Sucks

The commercial said it was better than a laptop. Well... ITS NOT! I have one of these myself. But I thought to myself' how is this any better than a laptop? ".

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1 You can't download anything from the web

This thing doesn't even let you download ANYTHING. From the web. It just said "this app can't run on your PC". If this thing was meant to imitate a laptop, why doesn't it let you download stuff? On a laptop, you can download anything. But on the "surface", it only lets you download things from the windows store. And the windows store only has 18 of what you can download on a real computer.

In order to download stuff, you would need to pay money. Although, for a limited time, its free. That's pretty much there way of making you want to buy. Basically, they are showing us how bad windows 10 S is

This is happened on Windows 10 S from Surface Laptop - wenkernboys01

Agreed. This thing is a POS

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2 The keyboard stops working

Same! I have to use a Bluetooth keyboard in order to type!

I have keyboard driver errors out of the box

Some times yes is stop

This happens all the time
and the official support is not enough
i check out all the suggested solutions on the microsoft website
all fail and now I dunno what to do

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3 The Widows store sucks

Like I said. The windows store doesn't have everything. Why is the app store better? In the app store, I found cool stuff like, Minecraft pocket edition, sonic dash, roblox, and console games. But in the windows store, I found only two good games. "GT racing 2", and "Asphalt 8 airborne". Every other game sucks. Plus, the app store has both of those games. Score: Windows-0 Apple-1

No YouTube, no nothing, sucks!

Yeah, the widows suck

Hate this POC wish I'd bought another Mac

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4 It's a slow computer. Even if it's brand new

This tablet gets really slow on the internet! Especially around flash player.

Super slow!

5 It's overpriced

$4.99? Are you serious? That's way too expensive! That cost more than an Xbox one! And the final price could become $1,000! Good luck selling a five hundred dollar tablet, Microsoft!

6 Doesn't charge

My battery died. MS replaced with a refurbished device with a dead battery. It's taken over a month to get a replacement. MS surface Customer Service SUCKS.

It BARELY CHARGES! My Surface 3 was at 6 percent. I charged it for a bit and it was at 15 percent! The battery life is really like 6/7 hours!

7 Surface is a stupid name

The surface thing isn't the problem. It's the pro thing that I don't get

Surface? Really? They must have been drunk when they came up with this name!

I totally agree

8 The screen goes black

Every few weeks or so, this thing is gonna have an update. And the update makes the screen stop working. It turns on, but it just stays black. Once its like that, its stuck like that for the rest of the day.

Yep. Then your warranty runs out and you are SOL.

9 You are forced to use Internet Explorer & Bing

They released a broken product the was Edge, and developers are forced to support it. Shame on these jokers!

And Microsoft Edge, which sucks.

10 It doesn't have a start button!

The desktop doesn't have that start button that we have been using since the beginning of internet!

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11 Windows 8 sucks with the mouse on a desktop PC

This is one big reason to hate the "surface". Navigating the Windows 8 system with a mouse is frustrating, and there is horizontal scrolling everywhere. Closing an app itself is pisses me off; you need to drag down the damn mouse from the top of the app window. I took me forever just to close it! It's so hard! This is much, much easier for a touch-screen device! But these problems just don't go with desktop users.

12 Windows 10 is horrible
13 Get used to apps crashing multiple times within a small span of time.

...It literally crashes every 1-3 minutes... my first surface didn't do this...this is the top of the line brand new one! Sooo frustrating

14 How about voice command? Not a keyboard!
15 The QA/QC is non-existent

You got your device, it has an issue, you sent it back, and they won't fix it! They will just try to ship that turd out that prey that the customer won't find out!

16 Few 3rd party apps
17 Last-gen devices lose support when the development of the next one is announced
18 The tablet is huge

Isn't this supposed to be portable? This thing is giant as heck!

19 You need an Xbox just to play music on the radio

After a while of using the radio. It won't let you use it anymore because of stupid limits. It won't let you listen to music ever again unless you get an Xbox account. That's bull! Why do I need an Xbox account? What if I don't have one? And I don't have the money to get one. Even a real radio doesn't have any of those retarded limits. imagine if you been using a normal radio for two days now, and then it said "sorry. you can't use this radio anymore due to limits. if you want to keep listening, buy a PlayStation and get an account." stupid, huh?

20 Windows Store apps often crash

Whenever I try to play a game I got from the Windows Store, it crashes right when I start the app!

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