Reasons Why Minecraft Educational Edition is Better Than IXL Math

You know whats better than ixl minecraft educational edition and here's why

The Top Ten

1 Minecraft Educational Edition is more fun
2 IXL is expensive

30$ a year that's a lot for a math program while you only pay 5$ a year for minecraft educational edition - epictoonsfan1


3 You learn more on Minecraft Educational Edition

It teaches math science and getting along with your classmates - epictoonsfan1

4 The rewards on IXL are useless

All you get is a picture - epictoonsfan1

5 IXL causes rage quitting

I rage quit so much on this - epictoonsfan1

6 You have more freedom on Minecraft Educational Edition
7 Minecraft Educational Edition does not cause stress for teachers

My advanced math teacher has to constantly check Ixl for 90s or aboves and it causes stress in minecraft educational editoin to prove you have done the assignment all you have to do is use the camra item to show your teacher your work - epictoonsfan1

8 IXl is boring
9 IXL is overrated
10 Minecraft Educational Edition has more to offer than IXL

The Contenders

11 If you’re at 99% and get one problem wrong you lose about 30 points

I find it so stressful. IXL is the worst thing ever invented

12 The title of IXL is bad

€Really? IXL?!? Saying it out loud sounds like “I Excell”, but when you go on IXL, you do anything BUT excell”

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