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21 It's About Building and Exploration

It's a sandbox game.

In all of it's simplicity, Minecraft has no goal. I think of it as a good thing because you do whatever you want with no rpg limitation. Of course terrria has more swords items etc. BUT Minecraft doesn't need this Minecraft is about exploration and building without any sort of rpg. So here's my point: if you prefer adventure play terraria if you prefer building go out and let you're creativity to build something.

Terraria:Win the exploration Minecraft:Win the building.

Usually I would say terraria is better but in this case I say its about what type of person you are if u like building Minecraft action terraria

This is why it's awesome it's not like well finished the game better go get a new one

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22 Armor & Weapons

Terraria is better with armour

1st thing, do you need mods for good armour because if so, terraria would still win and anyway terraria has more armour and weapons than just one which has another colour

Minecraft makes it more challenging with weaker armour

Wow look at this
Minecraft's most powerful weapon: diamond sword, damage: 8
Terraria's most powerful weapon: meowmere, damage 200
(Console edition: Terra blade, damage: 108(I think anyway, much higher than a diamond sword) - Katekat123

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23 Minecraft has the best mods
24 You Can Fly

"But minecraft has elytra" Great, cool, wings were terrarias idea but can you fly up with the elytra. No not really, you gotta fly from going off a cliff or by building a huge dirt tower. For what? A 20 second joy ride? - Yatagarasu

You can glide in Minecraft, not fly and terraria has mmore types of flying anyway

It is changed. You can use elytra to glide over the air in survival in 1.9 update.

How minecraft flying works: walking on air
How Terraria flying works: Get a jetpack or wings and soar the skies. - Ahleaxt

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25 Better Creativity

Can you summon a leprechaun in Minecraft and keep it as a pet?

Uhm, have you seen Terraria? Minecrafts swords and weapons are just the same style except a different colour. Terra rua has from swords that shoot laser beams to swords that shoots rainbow cats. Terra rua is obviously more creative than mine craft.

You can build almost anything on Minecraft. On terraria you are very limited

Terriria is like a load of rubbish with there swords

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26 Minecraft has great mobs in survival mode

Oh yeah

27 Better PVP

In Terraria you need to aim and shoot magic projectiles. Mine craft? Spam clicking a sword.

Well, Minecraft PvP is "funner", but Terraria is better. Better bosses as well (excluding the Wall of flesh, it's possibly the easiest boss I've ever beaten).

Minecraft pvp: strafing and aiming
Terraria pvp: depends on your weapon on armor
No hate I love both if these games

It is changed you can not spam click a sword anymore in the 1.9 update.

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28 Vanilla Minecraft Still Better

No, no it isn't

If you've noticed no you tubers have made episodes on minecraft survival lately

Without mods

Vanilla Minecraft : 10 weapons, 10 hostile mobs

Vanilla Terraria : over 100 weapons and over 200 monsters

Surely vanilla mine craft Is better

29 Better Multiplayer

It has so much more depth, many more possibilities, more people actually use multiplayer.

its true

30 Command Block

Command block is really hard to master and learn. Terraria commands: Easier - Yatagarasu

This is something amazing, which terraria does not have. You can basically spawn a creeper, with a volcano sitting on it's head, which is puffing out smoke made of sheep.

Minecraft is better than terraria.

31 It Has More Mods

The reason it has so many mods is because the vanilla is so boring - Katekat123

If minecraft has more mods, it needs more mods to be less limited - Yatagarasu

32 More Combat

Terraria also has thousands more enemies than Minecraft and loads more bosses - FennikenFan9

Mods are NOT the same as terrarias vanilla. If you're implying that minecraft + mods = terraria then WHOOP-DEE-DOO

More animals mod seriously animals won't eve hurt u idiot

Terriria has too much combat

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33 Better for Kids

Better for kids who call h4x every time you win and are annoying squeakers

Sometimes that's not really a good thing…

34 More Awesome Things To Do

Actually you can in terraria.

Can you ride a magical unicorn while fighting off enemies with a sword that shoots nyan cats in Terraria?
No. In Minecraft you can do that and even more!

I agree, in minecraft you can fight 100000000 of mobs at once if you want

35 Better NPCs

Okay, whats better here, a squidward that wants to trade a useless gem for leather or, Having a npc with personality, that can sell guns, wings, or fireworks? - Yatagarasu

In Minecraft there are villagers that you can have fun killing cause they have bad trades and weird noses, in Terraria there's just normal people, booorrinnggg...

36 It Has More Biomes

Man I wish some research was put into this. Minecraft has forest, desert, deep ocean, ocean, tundra, mega taiga, jungle, nether, end and underground. Terraria has forest, desert, ocean, crimson, corruption, mushroom, spiders nest, jungle, dungeon, hallow, underworld, cavern, underground jungle, underground crimson, underground corruption, underground mushroom. So yea - Yatagarasu

It is way better

It must be way better then

This is really good

37 Has animals

Really wish the guy that posted this actually looked at terraria - Yatagarasu

Terraria is terrible, it barely has any animals

38 Terraria Has No Nether-Like Biome

Terraria has the underworld - Katekat123

I'm not even sure that this person knows what terraria is. I bet he just saw a "Better than minecraft" and went beserk - Yatagarasu

Terraria has Hell. you just have to dig really far down to get there - KDProductions

39 Infinite Possibilities

I really wished that some common sense was used here - Yatagarasu

There are almost infinite things to do in Minecraft, especialy in creative mode with mods

Terraria sucks do u hear me? Nothing can beat Minecraft.

Same as in Terraria. There are plenty of builds to do, like Minecraft, but in Terraria, you can play over again with different strategies. >inb4 this gets downvoted by some of Minecraft's immature fanbase

40 Has Power Source Like Redstone

Umm... There are power sources in Terraria too... Did the creator of this list even play Terraria?

Terraria has power sources to and can you make a massive amount of block dissapear in minecraft? NO

Cough MECHANIC cough

Minecraft is better. Still.

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