Top 10 Reasons Why Minecraft Is Overrated


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1 People who copy SkyDoesMinecraft

I do like Minecraft and SkyDoesMinecraft. But do you know the most annoying thing about Minecraft? Little kids copying this dude and geting like 20 views. It would be great if they did other stuff like top ten stuff.

If your a kid reading this, Do something else. Your not popular - Mumbizz01

I'm a kid but I don't waste time on stuff that's already done. - FennikenFan9

Ikr I like SkyDoesMinecaft but his fanbase they are Minecraft fanboys as well and Minecraft fanboys are different versions of Call of Duty fanboys bunch of whiny squeakers thinks they are true gamers because they only play Minecraft - whodafuqisthisguy

2 It gets boring after a while

Always and forever boring.

3 Annoying kids

The only reason they play it is because they can steal things from others even though they have 20 of the same item

4 No updates

They are very stingy when it comes to the pe version.

Well... in Minecraft, I've been waiting for new futures in the 1.8 updates but now, all they do is fix bugs and don't add anything. Mojang, give us something new in Minecraft - bugger

There have been 4 major updates to Minecraft since the beginning of 2016 and 2 more are in the works. - allamassal

5 Notch left

So You're Saying People Are Happy Because Notch Left?

6 People act like Minecraft is God

You can check all top ten lists. Everyone thinks this game is the 2nd coming of christ

7 Every one talks about it
8 Schools have it
9 Minecraft shirts
10 People who act Minecraft in real life

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11 It's just a clone of Infiniminer.
12 It came out on popular consoles
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1. People who copy SkyDoesMinecraft
2. It gets boring after a while
3. No updates
1. It gets boring after a while
2. Annoying kids
3. People who copy SkyDoesMinecraft



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