Top Ten Reasons Why Minecraft Is the Worst Game


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1 Ripoff of infintyminer

I haven't heard of thatt game but I know minecraft is extremely boring

Never heard of it

What is that

So wrong

2 Mario ripoff

Please, in fully detail, explain how it is a "Mario rip off" because I just can't see why

Lol you guys are going off topic here.

It is a mario ripoff I agree


3 Poor textures

Have you ever heard of path tracing in Minecraft with 2048 texture, both of them can shame many games nowadays.


Very bad graphics in Minecraft

The whole thing what Minecraft said is, "Lets go to a place, a place made out of blocks." that's what Minecraft is, its pixelated! You guys have no resource packs at all!

4 Too kiddy

I see how no Minecraft fanboy has responded. That's good. If they did, their argument would only reinforce this statement even more. Come at me, fanboys. Although I usually refuse to have a battle of wits with unarmed people, I'll make this an exception.


SQUID - TheKirbyCreeper999

5 Ripoff of Terraria

But Minecraft came first...

Minecraft isn't a ripoff - Bouncy

Oh. My. God. Can we stop the whole ripoff fight, please? Neither one is a ripoff of the other. I enjoy both games, (Although terraria is a lot better in my opinion, minecraft is more of a game for when I'm bored) but this whole ripoff thing makes it seem as if I can only like one.

Terraria is not a ripoff. Reasoning please? If a game is a ripoff just for having mining, then every game is a ripoff of Dig Dug. ALL HAIL DIG DUG

6 It has an annoying fanbase

Wrong, all the annoying kids went to fortnite

"star vs the forces od evil Has a worse fanbase"

The Minecraft fanbase is even worse than Undertale's, please, don't say such nonsense.

Star vs the forces of evil Has A Worse Fanbase - TheKirbyCreeper999

The amount of times I've nearly became deaf is actually not surprising. I CANNOT play on a server without being called a "n0Ob" or a "h@X0R"

7 No story

Well leave that to the games "Helix Jump" and "Tetris" then. "I could totally, actually, honestly, genuinely, literally, absolutely, easily, 100% see a story in those games". And they the best stories I've seen in my entire life. Not even Harry Potter could match its story. I fully understood what happened in the story in "Tetris". And you know what I am so impressed with how it's made.

It's called a sandbox game. It's not supposed to have a story. If you like games with stories, play a game with a story and don't complain that a game doesn't have one - Runn29

Have you ever heard of minecraft story mode?

I agree why slay an ender dragon for no reason?

8 Not realistic

Plot of Mario: Middle-aged plumbers eat magic mushrooms and flowers to square up for a fight with a giant turtle. I don't dislike mario, but you have said this is a ripoff of mario, and I see no resemblance of such. I also see no top10 list of why mario sucks, yet this exists. Time for a crusade, gay nibba.

A game does not have to be realistic to be a good game. - JayJayPlayzzz


True... Games doesn't have to be realistic.
But if it ain't realistic it shouldn't have been used as a educational tool or someone is going to die... (not all blocks gets affected by gravity and if people build houses Minecraft style, the house will collapse)

9 Lag

Every tablet and kindle lags - LUDEL

My old pc that could barely boot up in under 20 minutes could run it on 60 fps with no problems. Lower the graphics, or just get a better pc. I doubt your pc is good if it can't run Minecraft.

You're just jealous that you have no gaming pc

Shut up minecraft lover it will still lag also terraria > minecraft - Hummingbirdf

0 FPS!?!?!? I HAVE A GOOD PC AND STILLL DOESN'T WORK I also installed mods that LESSEN the lag and increases the fps but nope

10 Expensive

There are much more expensive games

It expensive

Its really not expensive

The Contenders

11 No major bosses

Well what could they add? They're busy and they're also making a new game related to minecraft give them a break

Terraria has 30 bosses if you count the events. Does Minecrap even have events?

Actually there is the wither and enderdragon (and 2 minor sea bosses) but actually I think games should have as much bosses as skyrim.


12 It gets too much undeserved attention

The only true item on this list.


13 Easy to beat

Not really - Bouncy

Bruh, there is no point to the game. It’s a game genre which I like to call, wandering, like astroneer, or terraria

Minecraft = gay

14 Creative is a cheating mode

I love Minecraft, but I’ll agree with this

It is not a cheating mode, it is a mode for building awesome structures. Stop woth it you RPG game fanboys - MChkflaguard_Yt

I agree

15 Worst community

One time I went on and saw a ton of people humping each other by doing the crouch

Yes, some of fans are annoying

You go on a killing spree on Minecraft. Then, you're immediately banned for "haxing". You go on another server. Everyone screams at you and calls you a "noob". You try and build a house. Someone then launches a stack of TNT at your new build (which probably took 3 hours, mind you). You get sick of Minecraft, so you play a different game, lets say - Terraria. You are IMMEDIATELY attacked by Minecraft fanboys, who accuse your new favorite game of being a "2D Minecraft ripoff". You make reasonable arguments, but all are ignored. It's almost insanity.

This is like on of the one but g reasons it sucks

16 The better together update

The update was actually revolutionary in minecraft terms, it brought crossplay, and it also made the community closer

I think that this updtae is stupid contenetr update troller I am a mralexmuslim fan go watch him on youttube

17 Glitches

So flick and sad

18 Doesn't tell you what to do

Who cares, just google it

19 The building sucks

Minecraft are idiots - Hummingbirdf

All u do is stare and build

20 Everything is the same size

That's not a problem that's the point n00b h@x0r

21 Bad at counter cheaters (aka hackers)

Minecraft don't even care about hacked client that revamped by their own game
hacked client should be sue for copyrighted and making hacked client that make the game more unfair
All server have their own anticheat just for counter cheaters but they always bypass it

22 It's Simply Not Fun

It gets boring after 10 minutes

Their nothing fun to do


23 Hackers

There are too many hackers when I get on and try to enjoy the game. At this point, I'm running it to several hackers a day on hypixel and other servers and it isn't fun at all.

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