Top Ten Reasons Why Minecraft Is the Worst Game


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1 Ripoff of infintyminer
2 Mario ripoff

It is not a ripoff of Mario!

Minecraft fans always accuse other games of being a "Mc ripoff". For the last time, Minecraft isn't the only video game in existence.

This list was made by a troll.

Terraria isn't a ripoff. Roblox isn't a ripoff. Starbound isn't a ripoff. For Gods sake, Minecraft community, can you leave us alone?

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3 Too kiddy

I see how no Minecraft fanboy has responded. That's good. If they did, their argument would only reinforce this statement even more. Come at me, fanboys. Although I usually refuse to have a battle of wits with unarmed people, I'll make this an exception.


SQUID - TheKirbyCreeper999

4 Poor textures

The whole thing what Minecraft said is, "Lets go to a place, a place made out of blocks." that's what Minecraft is, its pixelated! You guys have no resource packs at all! - bugger

5 No story

Actually the story is you kill the enderdragon for no reason.

Yes. Slay an innocent dragon for no reason.

6 No major bosses

Actually there is the wither and enderdragon (and 2 minor sea bosses) but actually I think games should have as much bosses as skyrim.

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7 Easy to beat
8 Creative is a cheating mode
9 Not realistic

True... Games doesn't have to be realistic.
But if it ain't realistic it shouldn't have been used as a educational tool or someone is going to die... (not all blocks gets affected by gravity and if people build houses Minecraft style, the house will collapse)

So Terraria gets hate for being "unrealistic", but Terraria gets away with it?

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10 Ripoff of Terraria

Terraria is not a ripoff. Reasoning please? If a game is a ripoff just for having mining, then every game is a ripoff of Dig Dug. ALL HAIL DIG DUG

Only one game can have mining, only one for fighting, and only one for exploration. Why? Because every game is a ripoff of others.

Terraria was released several months before Minecraft.

The only things Minecraft and terraria have in common are 1) both are pixelated 2) both are about survival 3) you build and fight! I think that terraria is better for many reasons.

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11 Worst community

You go on a killing spree on Minecraft. Then, you're immediately banned for "haxing". You go on another server. Everyone screams at you and calls you a "noob". You try and build a house. Someone then launches a stack of TNT at your new build (which probably took 3 hours, mind you). You get sick of Minecraft, so you play a different game, lets say - Terraria. You are IMMEDIATELY attacked by Minecraft fanboys, who accuse your new favorite game of being a "2D Minecraft ripoff". You make reasonable arguments, but all are ignored. It's almost insanity.

N0Ob and [email protected] Ohh… I'm sorry Minecraft kid *cough* not *cough*.

12 It gets too much undeserved attention

The only true item on this list.


13 It has an annoying fanbase

The amount of times I've nearly became deaf is actually not surprising. I CANNOT play on a server without being called a "n0Ob" or a "[email protected]"

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