Reasons Why Minecraft Sucks Now

I will be coming up with SOME of the ideas why Minecraft is terrible. I could care less about the fanboys who will be butthurt that I talk shit about Minecraft. But for those who can take criticism and notice something that makes the game horrible (if it hasn't been said yet) go right ahead and add something to the list. I left some of the top 10 blocks blank (3-6) for the people to think up of something.

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1 Fanbase

The truth is, the Fan-base is just way too big now for the game to be likeable. I started playing Minecraft nearly three and a half years ago (Version 1.2). At this time only the geeks in the corner knew about it, multi-player servers were never as packed and the game had a far more irregular, thrown together and make-do feel that made it so loveable. It was still full of bugs and it's content was far smaller, which was in ways limiting, but it made you use your brain more and ultimately made your achievement's far more satisfying. Also, because it was smaller, the Fan-base felt closer and far easier to relate to.
Nowadays, the Fan-base is annoyingly large. The game has lost it's independence, it's became far more advanced, which is nice but it has lead to the community being flooded with 9 year old's with no imagination or skill at all. Servers are now jammed full of these players and now everyone knows what Minecraft is. It's became despicably mainstream! YouTube is now ...more

Wow kid, You must be stupid than a chicken mate. Minecraft is Overrated - Super64Mario

This is the thing, the fanbase is annoying. I learned about Minecraft from underground YouTubers about 5 years ago. The new players just learned it from SKyDoesMinecraft or CaptainSparklez. I learned about it when the Yogscast was called BlueXephos, Kwantonium, and etc. Now I just see a fanbase of 6-12-year-olds, I am 13 but not the annoying fanbase that just says stupid crap when I hate on SkyDoesMinecraft or CaptainSparklez. As a Minecraft veteran, this fanbase is a bunch of annoying prats and on servers they just say Roblox sucks and try to play with YouTube gamers, THEY ARE NEVER GONNA GIVE YOU A SHOUT OUT. I personally think Roblox was better than Minecraft, yes you young annoying prats may think Minecraft is "THE GREATEST GAME EVER MADE" yeah, not. I personally think that RPGs or puzzle games are better. The fanbase copies everything, from counter strike to zombie games. I think that the modders are better and these young prats can go play their Minecraft, just don't be so ...more

I learned about Minecraft from my brother, who I have no clue how he knew about it. - Trenchpit777

Game is the worst ever made. Here's the reasons (for single layer survival mode):

Weapon enchantment/repair sucks, you can't make OP equipments (like fully enchanted bow),

Graphics sucks,

0% reality game,

You lose all your items when you die,

When you go to bed and wake up the monsters still there and your crops didn't growth,

No Tutorial for WHAT to do,

There's bunch of different worlds,

There are no XZ limit, meaning that you have to go far to find rare biomes,

You have to make your own map,

Hard to find home if you go to an adventure,

Sometimes you spawn in a island in the middle of the ocean (when creating a new world),

You can kill your own pet,

Lag as hell (because of it being made on Java, the slowest Programming Language ever),

No tutorial for HOW to do things,

You have to keep looking at wiki to know how to craft items,

You have to save important locations in the ...more - ErickR


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2 Bad Fanbase

The fanbase is so bad, it had to be put here twice.

Seriously?! There was something like this already on the list. - Navylexi

Minecraft makes people hypersensitive to criticism and makes them rant, silencing the voice of other user who has the opinion. You're called mean if you dare diss something they like. - thisisaveryrandomusername88

Twice? lol - cone6267

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3 StampyLongHead

His voice, face, laugh, skin, and just him in general just pisses me off. I mean sure he is popular but WHY! Everything he does is sooo annoying and scripted. But his fanbase... UGH! If you ever see his skin on servers you know straight away that they are a 5-9 year old noob that will be asking you for diamonds or food. I think his popularity deserves to go to someone that actually deserves it, someone who can commentate, joke around, and play Minecraft in general properly!

Anyways some of you might like him but all I have 1 thing to say to those 5-9 year olds that hate me now... "You're a scrub"

This is THE WORST YouTuber I have ever seen. 90% of his videos are scripted and HIGHLY BORING, his voice and laugh are terrible, and that his fanbase are 4 year olds who have never played Minecraft and just played pocket edition lite. Also most of his videos are on Xbox Minecraft.

While you don't have to watch him to play Minecraft, he is still so annoying. His voice and laugh are so bad and his videos are all scripted and suitable for um... 5 - 6 year olds.

Just thinking of his laugh makes me want to tear out my hair...

While his videos aren't bad, his fanbase makes me nauseous. The vast majority of the comment section in his videos are little kids saying things trying to get him to add them to his "Love Garden". - thunderstar1124

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4 Rules YouTube

A whole speed run of Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time: 2 views. Minecraft toilet appliances: 9,000,000 views.

I am a big Zelda fan and am looking for videos. I look at the recent uploads, and guess what? It was all Minecraft videos

... Then you click on a video and YouTube thinks you like Minecraft so they give you like 1000 Minecraft videos. - Trenchpit777

All I can see in the gaming category is Minecraft.

I searched fidget spinners and ONLY MINECRAFT FIDGET SPINNER MODS/COMMANDS! - cone6267

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5 The Game by Itself Is Boring

When I started playing there was no huge servers everything was nice it was a great game but now it's just so boring for a couple reasons. 1. Bill gates is sitting on his ass and says "Let's buy Minecraft" 2 weeks later There's a new update! Oh "Bug fixes because we don't give a ******* About you there hasn't been a real update for like more then a month now at least release some plants for god sake!. 2. Fanboys... They are the worst they are all 5-9 Year olds playing a great game and they just ruin it! I used to play on a server called "The Nova" In 2012 for a long time back then it was fun mining and working together not with noobs just real actual people I got so obsessed with that server until slowly more noobs started showing up like the first noob I remember was MLGplaer3790 he would beg for food because I was like rich in that game because I had played a long time. But he was a wuss and he never fought cuss he was like "Fighting is bad" and I'm like ...more

Whenever I play Minecraft, I go in expecting to have a sense of adventure and to find new things. But sadly nothing interesting happens I mean I build a house, which is boring, I hunt, which is boring, I mine, which boring, I even try and kill creatures, which is the most boring considering there pretty decent concepts for a game like this. There's no strategical feel to it I know it's about building but it just doesn't garner my attention long enough to really feel like doing it. Legos may be more expensive but they sure are worth more, I'd even buy those Lego Minecraft sets and have more fun because imagination is waay more fun than this games excuse for strategic building, cause there is none.

The general problem with the game is the lack of versatility and replay value the game has, It may be endless but Once you build everything you need and have bin mining for a while along with beating the EnderDragon and FINALY have everything set up, You will get this feeling were there is nowhere to go, There is nothing left to discover, And the only way to get rid of that is start with a new world day one.

The single player is really boring

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6 Lag

Pvp lag raises my blood pressure and makes me want to punch my computer.

I don't really get much lag. Either it's just a few people with lots of lag, or I am one of the few people that gets very little.

Especially the PC version, the game lags making the game un-enjoyable. You will have to put down the render distance which also makes the game harder to play. The only way to fix it is to get a better computer or get optifine which doesn't help out the problem that much.

Too much lag like 10 fps - cone6267

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7 Multiplayer Is Horrible

Bad servers and bad people there are stupid idiots and hackers who have no life and once I had a base. It was in a mountain it was nice until a hacker hacked it and ruined it! I tried to kill him BUT HE WAS IN CREATIVE THEN HE killed me. after he turned it into a dump and left and he MUTED ME for no reason.

Agree when I was playing in flans mod official server was happily playing until someone hacked me and made me fly I tried to say I am hacked but they believed that I was doing it myself then next thing you know banned from server reason: fly hack. I wasn't hacking myself someone was hacking me and I tried to tell you that idiots and now I'm banned for that!

Multiplayer can have a real negative feedback, even if it is LAN world. Hackers are very common, making the game risky to play safe. Another reason why Minecraft is horrible is the trollers. When progressing through the game meticulously, trollers (which can also be hackers) will annoy you horribly. Some of those trollers can be server hosts... kicking random people out, for fun! Also, there can be cruel people who would rage quit at you and things can get pretty serious. I switched back to singleplayer and hadn't touch multiplayer for so long.

Too many HACKERS and it kicks me for jumping too much! 'Kicked: Flying is not allowed on the server.' - cone6267

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8 Sky Does Minecraft

Stupid idiot who actually can't play games with out the help of his other stupid friends. He also is an aggravating character to listen to, his videos aren't memorable in the smallest bit and are all the same thing copy paste. But the worst part is that he takes away views from other, better YouTube channels. For example, the YouTube channel Screwattack has been around for ten years and is only getting around to to three million subscribers in recent years, Sky has more than 11 MILLION subs, so I guess not trying is how you get famous on YouTube

THE reason why I hate sky is that he's an idiot and he is NOT funny at all and he is retarded. also Really bad and I really hate how all of the 9 8 or 7 year olds love sky and He is just SO annoying! His voice is annoying too..

And SKY SHOULD NOT HAVE COPIED HIM AND I it was skys fault since sea nanners created the budderr joke and REALLY SKY COPY HIM you shouldn't START IT!

Plus he just hates squid for kicking him and this is worse! "Once I had a base. It was in a mountain it was nice until a hacker hacked it and ruined it! I tried to kill him BUT HE WAS IN CREATIVE THEN HE killed me. after he turned it into a dump and left and he MUTED ME for no reason." yea I think you get it so sky is just a cry baby for geting kicked OH REALLY sky look at the guy who said that about the hacker that is 100 times worse than being kicked so sky is the WORST PERSON IN HISTORY!

Please add this and aprrove it the creator of this list because I am trying to say that SKY is like a ...more

I am not a fanboy I don't even care about him but is your caps broken? Because you caps like 10 year old (no offense but you do) - Aguythatpeopleignores

I actually went back to him when he stopped being pg for about a month and he wasn't as bad as DanTDM in terms of how bored his voice sounds but the problem is, he keeps spamming the same do not laugh videos and they aren't funny, every now and again there was an actual funny joke but most of it wasn't really something for you to laugh your head off at and yet he laughed at every one. I know there could've been one's he didn't laugh at and were just edited out for pacing reasons but it's so repetitive. Now he's gone back to pg because he felt bad for swearing around young children and he wants the people who came for swearing in Minecraft to go to his gaming channel which is literally nothing but Grand Theft Auto mini games and too many plays of games that have recently become popular. I don't think he would be so bad if he didn't spam the same thing all the time.

Skydoesminecraft video made me to lose my brian cel evrytim I wact hs vidoe.

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9 The 1.9 Update

I hate this update, the feel of the game is not the same anymore. In the beginning, it strayed very little away from reality and was a charming game for being so simple. Now the simplicity is ruined because of 1.9, they could have just stopped large updates at a point but they didn't. Remember when it just started getting popular? When the music actually described the game's nature, calm and creative? I remember. I remember when this new game was so exiting to me, I could just sit down and watch people play it for the first time, listening to the music I never got tired of. The point is, the game never needed this expansion, it didn't need more difficulty. They could have just let the players explore using their own creativity to make a fun game even more fun.

You know what I really like the 1.9 update I know some people will be really disappointed but you just need to get over it, Minecraft had the same combat for a long time and sometimes it's hard to do new things but come on fights are more fair now before it was like "I have the worlds fastest mouse and you have a slow one so I win" but now you need to wait I little bit and here's a fact. Minecraft mobs when hit can't be hurt for 0.5 seconds and the sword charges for like lest then a second (I'm not to sure how long it is exactly). So it's time to finish from a change so end of story. P.S everyone has there own opinion.

Too many ugly end blocks and ender dragon is impossible to kill now since big donald trump iron bar walls surround the ender crystals. Also a copy of XBOX edition - cone6267

I know this update came out a year ago, but I still dispise it. - PeeledBanana

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10 Stupid Graphics

If graphics don't make a good game, then why the hell would other companies spend so much on their graphics? Anyway even with its low quality graphics, Minecraft is still literally infamous for its lag. Also the graphics spoils my eyes due to low light.

It's not like I even care about graphic capabilities or anything, but in a game where you're supposed to build whatever you desire, I would like it to look nice instead of looking like a pile of crap.

A good game doesn't need good graphics. Shovel Knight came out in 2014, yet it has 8-bit graphics, (or maybe 16- bit I can't tell the difference). That didn't stop it from being a really great game. - SocialMediaStinks

Too blocky. They need to add ramps for every block variation we don't have to use stairs all the time! - cone6267

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The Newcomers

? The only Pocket Edition updates are skins nowadays.

The Contenders

11 It's Overrated

It's great for little kids, but there is no challenge to the gameplay, and actually building anything takes willpower far beyond most people anyway (especially kids). The most common thing I hear about it is "your only limit is your imagination in Minecraft". Truth is, the limit is your patience, as building anything impressive (like a small office building) takes over 4 hours to create, and larger projects can take months or years. And at the end of your time, you only have placed down a small bit of your project, and almost anyone, especially kids, give up.

OK, so when I go on the internet, there is a TON of Minecraft content. Like seriously. We see all these stupid 4 year olds just on the internet posting their Minecraft art and complaints and stuff, that is EVERYWHERE. Like we care. If you play with people your age(I doubt you would even touch this game though), it's somewhat ok. You can build semi-decent stuff, but when you play with 4 year olds, they make trash art and try to make "houses". They also SCREAM SO LOUD IT MAKES YOU WANT TO RIP YOUR EARS OFF!

Yup. Overrated indeed. If I made a list of top overrated games, this would be the highest.

I can't go anywhere without seeing a six year old kid talking nonstop about Minecraft. This game is now taken over by little kids even though this game is rated E10+. But I like Minecraft because of the many ways you could have fun. But when the kids under 10 take over, FNAF, FNAF EVERYWHERE!

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12 Difficult Modding

Lol not really I too me like 30 minutes to learn and can download them pretty quick

It's not though

Modding isn't hard

Modding isn't hard at all.. - PeeledBanana

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13 Everybody plays it

And why it would make the game bad? - Vgamer2

Everything I search has like 1,000,000 minecraft results. - cone6267

That's good

*Looks at best mob farm. Sees 500000 results with 99.999% of them terrible and way too expensive.*
Yes, that's YouTube in a nutshell

14 Gets Boring Quickly

After 5-10 minutes of, playing it gets extremely boring



Yep. they need
zoo update
ocean update
house update
fix lags update - lolsy

15 SkyDoesMinecraft's Fanbase

What's the big deal with Skydoesminecraft? I heard that he swears which is why I'm not watching his videos and he's overrated. I don't get why people like him so much. - RiverClanRocks

Excessive profanity and he hates squids for no reason. Squids are passive mobs. They aren't creepy and don't kill you. He needs to know that diamonds are more valuable than gold.

He is the third most popular gamer on YouTube based on subs yet is a complete scum that

A random ass 24 year old guy act like an immature 5 year old so kids could laugh at him for his stupidity in the nutshell

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16 Glitchy

Doesn't every game have glitches and bugs?

Yes... But sometimes the glitches add to the fun!

The glitches in Minecraft do get frustrating

Glitch glitch glitch roblox has like 0 glitches - cone6267

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17 New Alex Skin

... Why is this in the list? Whoever created this reason must've been against women.

Hm, imagine all the girls that didn't play because the character was a guy...

Horrible, Some kids that don't know how to change their skin are boys and like their Steve skin. Until 1.8 Update had been made, a lot of boys quit the game because their skin was a GIRL!

Well I am a guy and I have a pokemon skin, which that mon is considered to be female :P

that just states that having a female skin isn't bad - SoaPuffball

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18 YouTubers and Kids

Thank you! Thank you! Kids who play Minecraft don't know the greatness of playing other games. They are on Minecraft days at a time, me I can't bring myself to play Minecraft again after notch left. Kids like these are under a horrible spell of addiction and they need to be helped the first thing you should do if you are a sibling of one these children is

1. Delete Minecraft
2. Burn anything that has said password for account
3. Smack them when they throw a fit about you deleted there favorite game and tell them I will teach you.
4 introduce them to a good rpg like fallout
Or dragon age.

It sucks being a "kid" minecraft player. I am not like those cussing kids and I love red stone. When I am in creative I will ALWAYS start making red stone stuff

Horrible, a lot of mean people are changing their skins to popular Youtubers and make the name VERY related to the REAL Youtuber and kids go crazy and use the little kids who love that Youtuber and use them as servants or tell them to give them their rare armor, kill them to lose all their items. Or a bunch of OTHER things I can't think about.

There are so many primary students who love to play the game and they always say they are the best 'pvper' in their regions.
They SUCK!

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19 It's Everywhere

It's spreading like the plague - SocialMediaStinks

Mine craft sucks

This game sucks

If Minecraft for some reason they Bankcrupt.. Minecraft should be called "Minecrupt"

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20 Frequent Low-Quality, Meaningless Updates

Most of the updates aren't pointless. I like the addition of colored clay and glass so I can make better adventure maps and better creations. The bunnies aren't pointless. They can be food and using commands will make them kill you. And as for the temple that is underwater you can just bring sponges. There are a lot of them in the temple so use one of them. you can kill the guardians and keep placing sponges. Yes they may not be NEEDED but they do improve the experience for those who want to keep building more detailed things and those who want harder dungeons. Also you already sed this above. Now that I mention it. You keep reusing the same arguments. You just change one word and suddenly it's a new argument. Your argument is invalid

It's funny, you keep on using the same thing over and over again, but you change some words. Delete some things on this, you are getting more repetitive than Phineas and Ferb (I like the show, but its repetitive.)

Frequent? Updates are like once a year! - SammySpore

All it brings, are new blocks, and diversity. More for adventure maps, but that's it.

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