Game is the worst ever made. Here's the reasons (for single layer survival mode):

Weapon enchantment/repair sucks, you can't make OP equipments (like fully enchanted bow),

Graphics sucks,

0% reality game,

You lose all your items when you die,

When you go to bed and wake up the monsters still there and your crops didn't growth,

No Tutorial for WHAT to do,

There's bunch of different worlds,

There are no XZ limit, meaning that you have to go far to find rare biomes,

You have to make your own map,

Hard to find home if you go to an adventure,

Sometimes you spawn in a island in the middle of the ocean (when creating a new world),

You can kill your own pet,

Lag as hell (because of it being made on Java, the slowest Programming Language ever),

No tutorial for HOW to do things,

You have to keep looking at wiki to know how to craft items,

You have to save important locations in the ...more - ErickR

Minecraft is just a swirling maelstrom of kids from 6 to 13, each who celebrate in their own putrid and vile love for vulgar profanity. The community is a Facebooky amalgamation and abomination of Five Nights at Freddy's, Undertale, Call of Duty, and God knows whatever is next. The Youtube e-metropolis bears its own section where Minecraft wretches congregate and plot major annoyance to anyone who does not agree to their conformity. An ill-fated minority may find their way into Minecraft, only to realize the drab nature of its fans and how they represent the scum of the depths of the child's soul. I remember being so ill-fated to see this vomit-inducing attitude shared by nearly the entire community. If the world were shrunk down to a city, Minecraft would creep in the alleyways and spread plague to the unwary passerby. Minecraft would ambush from the dumpsters and laugh or whine at every turn. Minecraft would manifest in the mutated cubes that they call players. It is truly ...more

With the fanbase being consisted of young and older players, I see the young players being annoying within the server it seems the young players play on the popular servers. The older players, not the YouTube players play on underground servers. I don"t really like playing Minecraft anymore, all the servers just seem popular and the young players being annoying. I just don't like Minecraft on the PC anymore since it got too popular and gets boring after the time has passed since it was in alpha. The game isn't itself anymore. I see that the fanbase either consists of young players who got Minecraft from some overrated YouTubers and the older players having gotten from forums or something. All of it just sucks now.

The Minecraft-fanbase is so full and packed with 5 - 11 year old kids who curse and think they're cool. Also, annoying little kids are lead into this game by idiots without jobs, like "StampyLongHead", or whatever his name is.

These "YouTubers" are very bad influence. They teach cussing, they keep our kids from doing homework and learning and so on. Also, it won't be able to ban Minecraft-content from YouTube, because this game is basically 60% of YouTube.

I remember, when I first played Minecraft, a few years ago, it wasn't such a big, overrated game. Actually, it was underrated and no one knew it. It wasn't a big game, just blocks and the rest was your mind and creativity. The old, nice times...

Sure, Minecraft has its goods, but the bad outweighs the good in many ways. Wimpy community. Lag. Rip-off (27 bucks! ). The reasons you DON'T want Minecraft. Four-five years ago, the game had a calm, relaxed feeling which made life heaven on Earth. Now, I see cretins running around like headless chickens screaming inappropriate stuff I cannot stand. Minecraft is the North Korea of the gaming world. It's a cesspool. Sometimes playing the game, I was nearly driven into insanity because of the fanbase's ridiculous comments. Even when you prevent sound, they try to "spleef" (dig under you when you are under the void or lava) or teamkill you, even hack you! The braindead 9 year olds that rule the game (not all 9 year olds are bad, y'know) ruin the game. I quit the game due to the demented fools running around this game. Single-player became boring super quickly, and I couldn't afford Realms. So, that end my MC career. Officially.

If there was a contest for the most overrated video game of all time, I would vote for Minecraft. I could rant for hours, but one of the worst things is the obnoxious and stupid fanbase. The fanbase of Minecraft mostly boils down into three categories: people who, sadly, have nothing better to do (You know that you have no life if the best thing you can do with your life is play Minecraft of all things), people, or should I say 4-7 year old failed clones of SuperMinecraftKid and SammyClassicSonicFan and stupid "gamers" that have no taste in life or games and fill YouTube with stupid videos of them playing one of the worst games of all time.

I would vote ocarina of time because of the people who say it is the best game ever, as a fact, and no one else would vote it - SoaPuffball

I don't even have to say it... Servers filled to the brim with children and spammers. I rarely ever see a genuinely interesting and intelligent person who plays this game. They're all the same creativity deprived twats to me.

Everything decent about the game is being ruined by swarms of immature 10-year olds who are unable to focus on in-depth gameplay, and instead live inside of minigames on megaserver communities that offer paid bonuses to make them feel "special" or "better".

The talented community is shrinking, and even though Mojang has increased the gameplay capacity by thousands of orders of magnitude, this is thrown in the garbage can, simply because no one utilizes it.

99% of all players don't have a clue about any gameplay mechanics, and along with a disastrous lack of skill, this is a crappy truth about a game that is otherwise worth the while.

I KNOW RIGHT IT JUST A BUNCH OF 9-years olds who think suck is a bad word and think mine craft is "oh it's so awesome" no one gives a CRAP

That little needs to be said. Every good franchise (Undertale, Steven Universe, etc.) becomes successful, and that success comes from the crazy fangirls. I used to love Minecraft and play in servers where everyone was barely on. But now when you kill someone, they tell you to jump off a cliff. Still, the fandom is kind of chilling now. I barely see anyone sending death threats now. There's still a bad side of it though, and the Roblox community is worse. - Ohno

"Top Ten Reasons Minecraft Sucks Now." It always sucked. - LordDovahkiin

Yeah, the fanbase is horrible. YouTube is filled with these YouTubers that just play with this stupid game, and nothing else, it's just...horrible.

I swear, at least half of the fanbase are white-knights for Minecraft and will be an ass to you just because you don't think Minecraft is a good game. There's way too many immature brats on the servers.

Yeah, I had enough of going around the world and expecting that when I go around the corner I bump into a conversation of 2 kids talking about the Ender Dragon or the TNT Cannon that they made.

I played this game a couple of times. It is not so bad but I do not think it deserves its HUGE hype. I find it overrated. - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

If you want to avoid these abominations, just go to single-player. It's way better than multiplayer. Enough said.

When I still liked Minecraft, I played it in the computer lab one day. This kid next to me was like, ITS MINECRAFT. He spent the next 30 minutes talking about how minecraft is great. I'm 14 by the way. I not some 9 year old spending time on the internet.

Kids in the 80's or 90's were loving video games and stores were filled with video games about Mario or sonic or legend of Zelda or donkey kong! Well if you were a 90's kid if you go to that store again to see any Nintendo or sega related well Minecraft will wipe them out cause Minecraft has unlikeable annoying children who buy things so worthless at a game that they get mad at constantly. - spodermanfan1000

The minecraft fan base is disgusting. There are few good Minecraft animations and fans anymore; and now Minecraft is nothing more but a breeding ground for new fetishes. That's why I quit playing it 2 years ago

Want to go to hell? Well this is the right place for you! - Trenchpit777

Whoever is disliking my comments is obviously a Minecraft fanboy. - Trenchpit777

To be honest the fanbase is full of default skins, (Steve and Alex). And every player in multiplayer uses an anime skin, (the skins with big eyes). And also a lot of people call me a hacker because I'm pro (or at least I think I am).

The game itself is GREAT. But the fanbase makes me wanna drink bleach. It is so horrible there are so many fans there are even different types of them. The fanbase is literally manipulating the game itself starting from nonsensical animations to a dating service a.k.a The source of HIV/AIDS. The graphics are ok, of course the memory would be pretty high and your pc would require higher performance if you would make the game's graphic higher so stop complainting about it. The fanbase is also the REASON why NOTCH left the crew.

There are so many people in multiplayer servers threatening you, cursing at you, saying you're doing everything wrong! I don't know everything, I don't have time to study Minecraft and how it works! I have a life outside my technology that matters more! - yuki-blue

To be honest, I never knew that minecraft had a fanbase. (despite I'm not interested to video game fandoms) and whatever you guys talking about like it's serious, I would trust anyone who believes that the fanbase is terrible. - TLHFanBaseSucks

The fan base can be kind of annoying if they're a bunch of noobs saying that they "beat Minecraft"

Gee, pretty much any game that is well known has an extremely huge fanbase, and that must mean Minecraft sucks while other games don't.

I can respect your opinion on the other choices, but I don't think the fanbase is a reason to hate the game itself.