Reasons Why Minecraft Sucks Now

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41 Jeb's Stupid Updates

Yeah most people left because of him

All in favor of killing jeb type i

42 It's Boring

All you do is build - cone6267

It is the worst game ever!

43 Too Much Water

huh - XpizzamanXx

Its an IGN meme

44 Depressing Adults Play It

Yes. If all the minecraft youtubers stopped playing it this game would have been dead years ago.

Minecraft is meant for children...
...Not cringey people who jack off to minecraft porn.
And those who make it.

45 You Can't Find Your House While Exploring

Compass helps, build your house on spawn.

This is why I liked Pocket Edition until they added infinite worlds.

Same I missed the old days! In the old days I never been lost but I have been lost! - InfernoTopTenners

You have to die which will take away all your stuff - cone6267

That's what Beds And Compasses are for, case Closed

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46 They Made Modes for Nothing

Creative mode is the only useful mode, besides survival because it made minigames work. Who uses spectator mode? Nobody, exactly. And WHO THE HECK USES HARDCORE MODE?! Hardcore, more like easy. All you do is set the world to Lan, set it to creative, and boom. You now can cheat in hardcore mode. It's pathetic.

Minecraft is boring because if you're like me who just makes cool stuff in Creative mode, when everyone just fights creeper hordes in Survival? I don't get it. There is no reason to be remembered for fighting the most mobs. NO ONE EVEN USES CREATIVE MODE. Should they just make an update where they remove Creative Mode so there can be only Survival Mode?

Yeah it makes people hack like that guy he said he was in creative and he muted me blah blah witch is very unfair

All the way around, there should be no survival mode only creative, cause the rest is like the whole game utterly useless.

No way

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47 It's Easy

Dare a Minecraft kid to fight the cotton candy boss from yoshi's story. He would fail and say that the cotton candy boss is hacking and should be banned from the game.

Its no surprise why 5 year old's play this when I play this (which is rare) I always play this on hardcore

Exactly, make Minecraft a challenge, this is why this "its Easy" tag is debunked - tk6720

I'd love to see a minecraft player try and defeat Whitney's miltank from Pokemon. They'd be raging so hard

Kid can't survive 10 seconds in pacman.
Destroys the ender dragon because he has "skills" - FlyingFridge

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48 DDOSing and DOXING

No, just threats

(doxing is exposing where a person lives) - Yatagarasu

Is it just me or do all Minecraft said have a five dollar booted to boot the person that raids them off line for hours. I mean have you ever seen any other gaming community that does this. LOL CSGO SC anything they have toxic players but they don't DDOS out of each other. And it's even spreading to other gems I swear every one and their grandmother has a DDOS service or booster

49 Ripoff of Roblox

Roblox was made before Minecraft anyway. Screw you super Minecraft kid

Minecraft has nothing to do with Roblox dumb dumb

Lol guys, you kidding? It was inspired off of Infiniminer. It was just a big coincidence that Roblox and Minecraft just have a lot of similarities.

I disagree with this... - MammuthusPrimigenius

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50 Ocean Monuments

I once died at one for loot that didn't exist!

Not so much a game advancing building... More a challenge. by the way they are super easy to get inside, just use torches and ladders. OR YOU COULD GO TO THE MINECRAFT WIKI

So hard to get to! And for what, some shiny prismarine and some sponge?

Its just cool your just jelous your not that good

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51 Pros Make Fun of Noobs

I hate people who call out someone else for being lesser at the game than them.

Pros suck because they make fun of new people which everybody sucks playing there first time

We were all new at Minecraft at some point we weren't gifted in 1 second of Minecraft knowledge. - spodermanfan1000

These pros are obviously fanboys. - MChkflaguard_Yt

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52 Fanbase is too big V 1 Comment
53 Annoying Mob Spawnings
54 Youtuber Community/Multiplayer

There are a flood of 9 year olds on servers that keep asking for sex.

Don't forget about those who make minecraft animated *porn*

YouTubers have milked this game beyond belief and the worst thing is that they make a living(s) from this because of 10-year-olds who are growing up praising this grossly prolonged fad of a game.

Most Minecraft servers are filled with teen mods that used their parent's credit card to get ranks in the server via lame microtransactions.

My biggest problems aren't with the game itself, but more so with the childish and pathetic community that surround it.

Youtube mania is killing minecraft. - MChkflaguard_Yt

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55 Griefing

Every survival server on multilayer gives option to claim land. Dude, just get it off the list.

This guy blew up my model of the White House

Is that true?


56 Story Mode

It's a crappy Telltale game anyways, adding it in would detract from an already ailing game. Why Minecraft even has "characters" in this respect is hard to understand.

For me and many other people Minecraft was an interesting breed because it had no story, so it was basically way to choose your own adventure. but then this abomination rolled onto the scene and killed the sense of adventure, mystery, and atmosphere that the game brought

Why is it a separate game? You could've just did an expansion pack, like Batman: Arkham City with Quinn's Revenge and Watch_Dogs with Bad Blood. - spiderskull98

They should just put Minecraft out of it's misery. - Swellow

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57 12 year olds flooding the game

It's the 8 year olds, most 12 year olds are maturer at that point and are in secondary school or leaving primary

So what even without it its still bad

At this point of year,most 12 year olds are in 7th grade. Meaning I bet they are mature. When people say "OOOH LOOK AT THAT 12 YEAR OLD" they are trying to make themselves feel older. Most are around 7-10 years old.

I'm 12. I have been playing minecraft once it came out before the noobs and youtube fanboys occoured. it's the younger children. but to tell you the truth they don't bother me

58 Creepy People

Nice to see that a server is overrun with people wearing naked skins begging for a "girlfriend" or people that roleplay as babies and adopt one another. - Yatagarasu

Back in the old days when I played, my buddy got a naked pack and was proud of buying that mod off the internet. He spent HIS MONEY to gross people out on Minecraft. Like rlly?

59 Pricing

Pricing is bad for those people who hate to spend money on anything, and expect everything to be Given to them.

Yes, the pricing for Minecraft sucks. Some games cost 60 bucks, but are good, but Minecraft isn't good.

You know what's stupid? The PS4 and XBone versions are the exact same as all the other versions except with clunky and unresponsive controls, VERY slight graphical enhancements and less stuff, yet it costs $40-50 more than other versions. A despicable price-gouging scheme if I've ever seen one.

It's sad that Terraria has more things but for less price. - Theco

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60 Dumb Server Admins

Yeah that's why there is a multiplayer is horrible list

-8/69 "Server admins are worse than the Admin Abusers in tf2, and the Admin abusers cause random stuff to happen like random cows and random tanks and stuff. Imagine what the Minecraft Server admins would do. Squids, bunnies, and all other random mobs everywhere

Dumb server admins. Be cause if you have a server you shouldn't be allowed to do what you want with it?

Mostly true but some are good

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