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61 Updates

The description of the update is the first thing you see when you open up the launcher. Learn to read maybe that'll help.

The updates are so hard to understand

Almost everything that is added is either useless or makes the game worse. For example, bunnies, prismarine, purpur, mineshaft. And guardians and shelkers make the game worse. - SammySpore

62 It Runs On Java.

And why does that make difference exactly?

Running out of reasons to hate Minecraft I see

What, how does this effect the game

Java is just slow

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63 No Missions, Just Free Roam

Its because it's a sand box game.

Your right, if this game had missions, maybe I might actually play it again

Don't get me wrong I like MC but I'm not like those people. I don't understand why 5-year-old are obsessed with it and enjoy the free roam, but seriously, put at least some missions - spiderskull98

It's a sandbox

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64 Story Mode

It's a crappy Telltale game anyways, adding it in would detract from an already ailing game. Why Minecraft even has "characters" in this respect is hard to understand.

For me and many other people Minecraft was an interesting breed because it had no story, so it was basically way to choose your own adventure. but then this abomination rolled onto the scene and killed the sense of adventure, mystery, and atmosphere that the game brought

Why is it a separate game? You could've just did an expansion pack, like Batman: Arkham City with Quinn's Revenge and Watch_Dogs with Bad Blood. - spiderskull98

They should just put Minecraft out of it's misery. - Swellow

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65 They Add Updates for Every Version, Except Console

This is very annoying, there is NOTHING ON PlayStation ANYMORE!


Infact Minecraft in pc updates come like 999 times per second while the console versions need to wait a lot I mean a few weeks and Minecraft updates while the console takes a few months or longer specially tu12 it's a "big" update I was really waiting just for a few things to be there

Pc got one once a sec Xbox wauting for tu31 I'm 9 abd ill be dead when I comes out

66 Terrain Generator

It used to be that it was so easy to get lost in a biome. Now all the biomes are horribly generated and can easily be escaped from by walking a few blocks. Instead of conquering a huge forest, you conquer a tree and then move on to a desert. Although there are mods and other game modes, should it really be necessary? Shouldn't biomes start out as big, vast areas to get lost in?

The mountains look like crap now. They are all grey and ugly. And all the biomes are the same. And you can even spawn on an island with nothing on it. Not mentioning the oceans are enormous. - SammySpore

Cause real oceans aren't enormous

Screw u

67 No More Roses

I missed them so much! Now we're living with those awkward flower Poppy that usually a real rip-off of the rose, but has the dark spot for some reason. And what's next? A Deadbush to the regular Bush?

There are roses! Looking at MC much?

:( ' poppies


68 MCSG Shut Down

It was one of my favorite servers... - Pixtol

69 SeaNaneners

He didn't even intend for this joke to be a thing! Lay off. He doesn't even play Minecraft anymore. AND HOW THE HELL DID A WORD RUIN Minecraft! Seriously man.

The budder joke killed Minecraft right? This means SeaNaneners killed it he started that budder joke BACK at the alpha not SkyDoesMinecraft - whodafuqisthisguy

70 Bullies

Due to the lack of updates and 12 year olds picking up anything they see on YouTube, there is loads of abuse.
Most of the abusing is related to ruining the game for other players. Since this is supposed to be in the "Bullies" section, which is a term for small children I have to talk about the "bullying", most players don't care if you're friendly and will immediately kill you for "Bragging rights", and ALL of the young fans look up "Minecraft sucks" on YouTube so they can not watch the video, dislike then go to the next video, well when they're not watching skyplaysminecraft having orgasms on blocks of butter of course.

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71 YouTube Fanboys

Yeah, I mean it's like all the Kids, when they just have HEARD of a YuTuber who plays Minecraft, they think they're cool. And it's even worse, I am 12 and I hate Minecraft, but in my class is someone who's 14(! ) and he think he's cool because he knows a crappy YouTuber/Minecrafter who doesn't even know Minecraft

72 Redstone

"This is where most people, like 99 percent of people would do this: *throws game in trash can* *throws lighter in trash can, setting trash can on fire* *holds up cross* OUTTA THIS HOUSE OUTTA THIS HOUSE" -JonTron

Red stone is kinda complicated, and there is no tutorial.

As evil Craig said in his video about why he hates Minecraft "Redstone confuses me..." and that's what it is, a confusing and pointless part of the game

There is no in game tutorial for redstone, but why would they try to help the crappy fanbase anyways? But it is kinda cool to make tnt cannons. They are complicated, but is like, primitive modding.

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73 Mo Creatures

Because they took the horse update directly from a mod and didn't change much about it. No creativity in that update

I don't know why this is here

Lol. Optional mod ruined mine craft

The sharks

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74 You Can't Spawn the Ender Dragon In the Overworld

You can't. Yeah I guess that's a bummer but it doesn't really make Minecraft suck. It's just a limitation. The game's story is meant for the ender dragon to be a creature that can't be egged on earth because that's just a cheap way to get all achievements withoit effort.

You just do /summon EnderDragon, but in Minecraft 1.9 the dragon just freezes and does nothing... but anyways this game sucks now and is dead..

Actually you can, with summon command, but who the heck cares anymore

There's a mod and an official command

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75 Command Block Stuff

Command blocks: horrible ripoffs of mods. People say command blocks are better than mods, but command block things are ugly like a table uses bones for legs. Plus, they copy mods' ideas.

What's wrong with command blocks? If you can't use them well and others can, then maybe if you tried you could actually do something in your puny life.

People command blocks are awesome! Why is this on here!?

Ok, did u run out of ideas? I somewhat agreed on your bad ones, BUT THIS shouldn't BE HERE. Command blocks are something great in Minecraft. its one of the only ones though.

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76 PvP!

Person vs Person. I agree. It's stupid and barely any PvP is good. "Skywars, PvP" Hate that kind of game, the only reason people play it is cause they're tired of going to the wiki to see how a fence is crafted.

Yes. Pvper means player vs playerer? Yeah and everyone thinks they are cool with these MASSTERPROPVPER when they suck so much they are stupid

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