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81 You Can't Spawn the Ender Dragon In the Overworld

You can't. Yeah I guess that's a bummer but it doesn't really make Minecraft suck. It's just a limitation. The game's story is meant for the ender dragon to be a creature that can't be egged on earth because that's just a cheap way to get all achievements withoit effort.

You just do /summon EnderDragon, but in Minecraft 1.9 the dragon just freezes and does nothing... but anyways this game sucks now and is dead..

Actually you can, with summon command, but who the heck cares anymore

There's a mod and an official command

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82 Command Block Stuff

Command blocks: horrible ripoffs of mods. People say command blocks are better than mods, but command block things are ugly like a table uses bones for legs. Plus, they copy mods' ideas.

What's wrong with command blocks? If you can't use them well and others can, then maybe if you tried you could actually do something in your puny life.

People command blocks are awesome! Why is this on here!?

Ok, did u run out of ideas? I somewhat agreed on your bad ones, BUT THIS shouldn't BE HERE. Command blocks are something great in Minecraft. its one of the only ones though.

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83 PvP!

Person vs Person. I agree. It's stupid and barely any PvP is good. "Skywars, PvP" Hate that kind of game, the only reason people play it is cause they're tired of going to the wiki to see how a fence is crafted.

Pvp is a penis

1.10 PvP is good ya know.

no just no

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84 Survival Games

This minigame is too overrrated! Even more than Minecraft itself! And it is the source of 8 year old die hards too. - MChkflaguard_Yt

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