Top Ten Reasons Why Miraculous Ladybug is Better Than Danny Phantom

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The antagonists in Miraculous are not idiotic or joking before fighting

I couldn't agree more. To prove it, I declare that that the humor in Danny Phantom pisses me off 'cause it's over-the-top whereas the humor in Miraculous Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir is somewhat easier for me to handle. So all of Danny Phantom's fans can go suck it.

What you guys? Danny Phantom is meant to be funny and seroius at the same time, ofc the villains act idiotic! Almost all the important characters do!

I finally seen Miraculous I watched the English Christmas Special and I found out it was not my thing ( I did not like it) and found it overrated with so many things wrong with it (I hope it has a good fanbase so I won't get attacked now)

No doubt about that. And that's one of the reason why I like Miraculous Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir.

Chat Noir is way better than Danny Phantom
LadyNoir is better shipping than DannyxSam

I hate ladynoir dannyxsam is way better at least luka on miraculous knows ladybug is marinette

LadyNoir = Yes ( I like this shipping 😊)

DannyxSam= Oh god no not this shipping with a gary stu and a spoiled brat (this shipping is Goddam awful)-Vestalis

Ladynoir is my bread and butter 😂
I’ve never seen whatever show you guys are comparing, so I guess I shouldn't be voting lol

Ladybug is not bland unlike Sam

To the Sam fan:

"You're a big fat liar. I've seen and heard Sam talk and act like she was better than everyone else when she really isn't. One exmaple is that she tried to impose her individuality on others despite her expecting them to accept her for who she is. What a hypocrite.

But for Marinette,Ladybug, I've seen her have flaws due to how she acted inappropriately. For example, she's clumsy at times. Another example is that she missed school because of her superheroism while Sam's just as a spoiled brat.

Better yet, she's better at being a person than that hypocritical goth who thinks that she's so perfect.

I strongly disagree with this one. first of all I would like to say that I have watched every episode released (so far! ) of both shows and that I enjoyed them both.

in my opinion, marinette/ladybug is a pretty boring character.
she just seems to really have no major character flaws, nor has she developed much since the start of the series. she doesn't have a particulary interesting personality. like, yeah, she's shy, and kind, and understanding, but we aren't debating who's nicer, are we? blandness would be attributed to a character who displays no unique character traits and kinda just blends in with all the other fictional characters you see on a multitude of other shows. this description, fits marinette

sam, however, appeals to me a lot more. I would actually consider her the opposite of bland. whether you like her or not, you've got to admit, she's not a very generic character. she's a goth and she believes that she should not have to conform to society's ...more

Danny Phantom fans are more annoying and immature than Miraculous Ladybug fans
Danny Phantom is overrated

Damn right it is. Those DP fans are so deluded into thinking that it isn't and that Miraculous is. If you ask me, Miraculous is less popular than Danny Phantom.

Plus, the DP teenagers are more stereotypical than the Miraculous ones.

To be honest Miraculous is way more overrated it is loved even though it has bad story writing, cliche and stereotypes, one dimensional heroes and characters in general, the episodes follow the same plot, the conflict or problems are solved so perfectly and stupidly they are not considered problems and the villain does the same thing every episode. I considered Danny Phantom average not overrated nor underrated until I came on this site with so much danny phantom hate. Now on this site I considered it over hated not overrated nor underrated.

"Wow, you kinda sounds like Puella Magi hater who hates the popular yet good shows with bad reasons."

I actually just listed the reasons and I believe they are pretty good and logical reasons. And I noticed you said that I was "slaving my opinions down your throat" no I was not I was STATING them and all I did was say why I dislike your precious show that's it and used reasons why I hate and they are logical

I like all the opinions(or what ever is spelled) but I don't think MLB (miraculous ladybug) is not OVERRATED I don't know who wrote this but is wrong # if you think the same.
#MLB 🐱🐞
BYE! 😋

Miraculous Ladybug has a better theme song

Its stuck in my head >A<
the korean version is especially awesome ;3

I heard Queen's song and I listen to Danny Phantom's opening. They sound similar. It's true-Vestalis

I am a fangirl.-Vestalis

Miraculous Ladybug is more original

Danny Phantom is actually inspired by Ghostbusters if you check the original theme song it was an inspired combination of Ghostbusters and "The Invisible Man". And Miraculous is not really original. The plot is a teen that is a secret superhero and student in school has been done many times before. Danny Phantom, The Thundermans (bad show), Henry Danger (same with Thundermans), Kim Possible (not really secret but still double life as a teen and saves the world), Randy Cunningham (spelled that wrong), Young Justice (more like a team, but still has the aspect because the are teens and go to school), and Star vs the forces of evil (kinda again not secret but Star is a teen that saves people and has powers). However I should not judge since I have never seen the show. I have always heard it is cliche, and that is unoriginal. But I respect your opinion on these shows and since you watched them both you have a more expert opinion than me.

Miraculous Ladybug has better fighting scenes than Danny Phantom

Really because in the ep I watched she defeated the villains by wrapping her up in a present

Every Danny Phantom episodes always focusing Danny Fenton more than minor characters

The background characters get no character development, and that is a major flaw to the show. Only Danny, Sam and Tucker get screen time, and they are boring - Stevenuniversefangirl

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Ladybug is hot
The animation in Miraculous Ladybug are well done
The characters in Miraculous Ladybug have better, proportional designs and very attractive
Marinette and Adrien's relationship is cuter than Danny and Sam
Miraculous Has more characters
The Miraculous fans are more mature
Miraculous Ladybug is funny, Danny Phantom is not
Better animation styles
Miraculous has smarter characters
No effort is put into Danny Phantom
Ladybug Could Beat Danny Phantom In A Fight

Nah you can't argue that Danny has OP powers like overshadowing invsisbility and a power that no one can't TOUCH him so ladybug can not beat him

Danny Phantom has meaningless episodes when Miraculous has episodes that make sense/ follow a storyline
More adventures
Chat Noir's Catchphrases Are Funnier Than Danny Phantom's
Miraculous Is More Diverse
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