Top Ten Reasons Why Miraculous Ladybug is Better Than Danny Phantom


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1 The antagonists in Miraculous are not idiotic or joking before fighting

I finally seen Miraculous I watched the English Christmas Special and I found out it was not my thing ( I did not like it) and found it overrated with so many things wrong with it (I hope it has a good fanbase so I won't get attacked now)

Is miraculous a good show I've never seen but my friend says that it is a rip-off of Randy Cunningham. I love DP so I guess I should try miraculous. (FYI I am girl and fan (fangirl) can you not stand me? )

I recommend the episode Le Dessinateur

(Sorry I accidentally hit "Post" early)
Anyway, the schoolkids in ML don't use much slang. Third, in RC9GN, Howard knows that Randy is the ninja, but in ML, no one knows the heroes' secret identities. The heroes aren't supposed to reveal themselves either.

Anyway, ML is a cartoon I would highly recommend. It has gorgeous animation, well-written characters, and plenty of positive lessons. However you probably shouldn't watch it if you're not a fan of magical-girl, if you don't like romance, or if you can't handle clich├ęs (this show is good, but it has quite a few of those).

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2 Chat Noir is way better than Danny Phantom
3 LadyNoir is better shipping than DannyxSam V 1 Comment
4 Ladybug is not bland unlike Sam

Some people often saying when Danny talking with Sam, he falls into blandness (i found this from the user from deviantart) - ChatNoirFan18

Better yet, she's better at being a person than that hypocritical goth who thinks that she's so perfect.

5 Danny Phantom fans are more annoying and immature than Miraculous Ladybug fans

Especially the fangirls. I can't stand all the crazy DP fangirls! - ChatNoirFan18

6 Danny Phantom is overrated

To be honest Miraculous is way more overrated it is loved even though it has bad story writing, cliche and stereotypes, one dimensional heroes and characters in general, the episodes follow the same plot, the conflict or problems are solved so perfectly and stupidly they are not considered problems and the villain does the same thing every episode. I considered Danny Phantom average not overrated nor underrated until I came on this site with so much danny phantom hate. Now on this site I considered it over hated not overrated nor underrated.

"Wow, you kinda sounds like Puella Magi hater who hates the popular yet good shows with bad reasons."

I actually just listed the reasons and I believe they are pretty good and logical reasons. And I noticed you said that I was "slaving my opinions down your throat" no I was not I was STATING them and all I did was say why I dislike your precious show that's it and used reasons why I hate and they are logical

7 Miraculous Ladybug has better fighting scenes than Danny Phantom

Really because in the ep I watched she defeated the villains by wrapping her up in a present

8 Every Danny Phantom episodes always focusing Danny Fenton more than minor characters

The background characters get no character development, and that is a major flaw to the show. Only Danny, Sam and Tucker get screen time, and they are boring - Stevenuniversefangirl

Unlike Miraculous whose the spotlight also focusing minor characters - ChatNoirFan18

9 Miraculous Ladybug has a better theme song

Danny Phantom theme song is actually rip-off of Queen's song "The Invisible Man" - ChatNoirFan18

I heard Queen's song and I listen to Danny Phantom's opening. They sound similar. It's true-Vestalis

I am a fangirl.-Vestalis

10 Miraculous Ladybug is more original

Danny Phantom is actually inspired by Ghostbusters if you check the original theme song it was an inspired combination of Ghostbusters and "The Invisible Man". And Miraculous is not really original. The plot is a teen that is a secret superhero and student in school has been done many times before. Danny Phantom, The Thundermans (bad show), Henry Danger (same with Thundermans), Kim Possible (not really secret but still double life as a teen and saves the world), Randy Cunningham (spelled that wrong), Young Justice (more like a team, but still has the aspect because the are teens and go to school), and Star vs the forces of evil (kinda again not secret but Star is a teen that saves people and has powers). However I should not judge since I have never seen the show. I have always heard it is cliche, and that is unoriginal. But I respect your opinion on these shows and since you watched them both you have a more expert opinion than me.

Thanks to respect my opinion. But, I found some similarities of ghostbusters and danny phantom. - ChatNoirFan18

Danny Phantom is not original! It ACTUALLY a Ghostbusters rip-off - ChatNoirFan18

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11 The animation in Miraculous Ladybug are well done

There was a visitor said that she heared this show is cliche and unoriginal. By the way, Miraculous animation scenes is well done, Danny Phantom looks so cliche and flat. - ChatNoirFan18

I have to admit, Miraculous Ladybug has some really good animation. Better than that of Danny Phantoms. - AnimeDrawer

12 Ladybug is hot

I bet Adrien add this. Just joking! - ChatNoirFan18

13 The characters in Miraculous Ladybug have better, proportional designs and very attractive

Danny Phantom characters' designs are awful and unproporsional and very bland, boring, and unattractive - ChatNoirFan18

14 Marinette and Adrien's relationship is cuter than Danny and Sam

Marinette and Adrien are the sweetest couple! Even Marinette frustrated when she met Adrien, they still really sweet.

And Danny and Sam?
Wow, so many conflicts. They never be sweeter couple. Danny and Sam are sour couple (sour than tamarind fruit) - ChatNoirFan18

15 Miraculous Has more characters
16 The Miraculous fans are more mature
17 Miraculous Ladybug is funny, Danny Phantom is not
18 Better animation styles
19 Miraculous has smarter characters
20 No effort is put into Danny Phantom
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