Top 10 Reasons Why Miraculous Ladybug is Better Than the Loud House


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1 Miraculous Ladybug has a better theme song

The Loud House theme song are pointless, describing how annoying Loud sisters are. Meanwhile, Miraculous theme song describing how best and awesome Ladybug and Chat Noir are. - ChatNoirFan18

Simply the best!
Up to the test when thinks go wrong!
The luckiest!
The power of love always so strong!

The Loud House theme song tries to hard to be cool

Correct me if there is a misspelled lyric. - ChatNoirFan18

2 Miraculous Ladybug has barely any gross humor

True. You can see snot, poop, drool and blood in The Loud House, things that are never seen in Miraculous. - AinezoChan

3 Miraculous Ladybug has better looking characters

The Loud House characters look too goofy. - AinezoChan

4 Miraculous Ladybug looks too good to be on a network called Nickelodeon

So they sold it to Netflix and they're airing it there. Hopefully, ML will be treated better. Nick and Cartoon Network doesn't know how to treat their actually good shows hell, even Disney back when it had Gravity Falls didn't treat the show too well, actually similar to Nickelodeon. Disney ignores their animated shows and are too lazy to air them so they air them on the sister networks that less people have either on cable and satellite. I guess they all WANT their shows to die. - TheLoudHouseSucks

Yeah, Miraculous is too good in Nick or Disney (i'm just wondering if Miraculous aired in my country, Indonesia and I bet it will in Disney, just my expectation) - ChatNoirFan18

Yeah I agree with most of this list. Sure The Loud House is fine, I mean I like it but it's not the greatest show ever like it has some serious problems, but Miraculous is better (speaking of which has Season 2 come out yet? ). But with this point I will say that Avatar: The Last Airbender, my favorite T.V. show ever, looked leagues too good to be on Nickelodeon when it came out but it did come out on Nickelodeon AND was extremely popular with children and adults alike (hell in 2008 ATLA actually BEAT Spongebob during the infamously rigged Kid's Choice Awards for an award). - Anonymousxcxc

5 Magical powers are interesting in most cases, ordinary children doing gross things on screen isn't

That's true! Lucky charm and Cataclysm is better than Lily's "poo poo" and Lana's disgusting jokes. - ChatNoirFan18

Magic is cute and marvelous. - AinezoChan

6 Miraculous Ladybug doesn't make you want to bleach your eyeballs

Miraculous makes my eyes shines... - ChatNoirFan18

7 Miraculous Ladybug is Underrated, Loud House is Overrated

Yes, that's true - ChatNoirFan18

I agree. I do like both though. - TheReviewer20

8 Miraculous Lady bug isn't annoying and overplayed

And its fans do not bash over it. - AinezoChan

9 In Miraculous Ladybug, the characters look almost too average weight while Loud House characters look like sticks with lollipop heads

Sticks and lollipop heads, you're making me laugh like insane LOL. - TLHFanBaseSucks

Is it me or just every Loud House characters looks like a lamp (you know a standing lamp, right? ). Because just look their big legs and head, but, their bodies are too small. They also looks like a booblehead (know a booblehead toys, right? ). - ChatNoirFan18

Marinette, Alya, Rose, Juleka, and other females has medium and slender body. Kim, Mr. D'Argencourt, Gabriel Agreste, and Adrien are bit muscular. Max, Manon, and Alix are short. Tom Dupain, Ivan Bruel, Mr. Damocles, and Otis (a zookeeper from Animan episode) are bit bulky. Mylene is short and chubby. Tikki and Plagg are tiny.

See? Miraculous characters has realistic body designs. - ChatNoirFan18

10 Chat Noir and Ladybug are a better couple than Lori and Clyde

If Lori fell in love with Clyde, she would be a pedophile because Clyde is like 10 years old and he's way underage. Chat Noir and Ladybug are the same age and they honestly make a cute couple. - TheLoudHouseSucks


That's true, Clyde and Lori is a weird couple. Go to PhantomMilitia's list about "Worst Things About The Loud House" - ChatNoirFan18

The Newcomers

? Miraculous Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir has more action

Due to The Loud House's excessive humor, I choose violent entertainment likes Ladybug and Cat Noir any day. Besides, comedy's no longer my thing. And violent amusement is my favorite kind of entertainment mainly because I like seeing good guys clobber certain bad guys.

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11 More Logical
12 Miraculous Ladybug has a better fanbase

Loud House fans are morons and can't respect opinions. - ChatNoirFan18

I'm in the loud house fan base but the art sucks it's all porn - SushigirlO6

Miracaulos Ladybug fans are so COOL!
All of the cute emosanal comics that make you cry all the beautifull drawings...❤

13 Chris Savino has no involvement with Miraculous Ladybug

Chris Savino is the man from hell, because he ruined Dexter's Laboratory and the Powerpuff Girls, which is the reason why the Loud House sucks.

If he DARE to ruins Miraculous, I would kill him...(jokes) - ChatNoirFan18

14 Chat Noir is funnier than Luan Loud

You wish! Cat Noir isn't funny to me. But that (his being unfunny) is why I like him and not Lincoln Loud.

Chat Noir's puns and jokes makes me laugh so hard! Luan, eh, I never watch it. Nothing to do here... - ChatNoirFan18

15 Ladybug is a better protagonist than Lincoln Loud

Yeah! Ladybug never gets treated like crap. - AinezoChan

16 The Loud House sucks at being heartfelt

YEAH!, The Loud House's main focus isn't being heartfelt. I bet that someone put that up and dislikes shows that aren't being heartfelt.

The loud house isn't supposed to be heartfelt, idiots

17 Better art style
18 Animation Is Better
19 Loud House tries way too hard to be funny

And that's why I favor serious things over funny ones.

20 The characters are more complex

Most of the characters in The Loud House are stereotypes. However, would be cool, I guess, to see an episode with them meeting up with characters that are, well, more original or whatever.

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1. Chat Noir and Ladybug are a better couple than Lori and Clyde
2. Miraculous Ladybug doesn't make you want to bleach your eyeballs
3. Miraculous Ladybug has a better theme song
1. Miraculous Ladybug has barely any gross humor
2. Miraculous Ladybug has a better theme song
3. Miraculous Ladybug has better looking characters



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