Top 10 Reasons Why Miraculous Ladybug is Better Than the Loud House


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21 Nino is a better idiot than Leni Loud
22 Miraculous Ladybug characters are likable
23 Miraculous Ladybug Has Better Animation
24 Better storylines
25 Miraculous Ladybug appeals to a wider audience than The Loud House
26 Loud House is too mean spirited

Lori and Lola especially. Again this is one of the many problems with the show that prevent it from being totally great (it's good for modern Nickelodeon standards but not great). So many characters are mean to each other all the time. Oh and I'll address this by saying that I definitely agree with you on the toilet humor part. There's wayy too much of it, it's the very reason why I can't stand Lily, that baby is the literal epitome of toilet humor, but I mean she's a baby and well at least she acts like a baby, not a super smart baby but still a baby. Like when it comes to Lily I don't like her toilet humor jokes and because that's basically her personality I therefore don't like her for the most part but at least she's realistic for a baby, like would you really want Lily to be exactly like those babies in that movie Baby Geniuses or in a more modern movie like The Boss Baby? Now those two movies seem to be unrealistic as hell when it comes to portraying characters that are babies. - Anonymousxcxc

27 Loud House tries way too hard to be funny
28 Miraculous is more creative

Whilst Loud House has copyrighted stuff. Like the mask in Space Invader ripped off Mucha Lucha and Lucy's superhero costume ripped off Raven. - AinezoChan

29 Miraculous is actually funny
30 There are more characters to work off of in Miraculous Ladybug
31 The Loud House can be really annoying sometimes
32 The characters in Loud House are Mary Sues

They have no character development whatsoever. Like, Lori is too over-obsessed with her cell phone, Leni is mindlessly dumb, Lucy is too creepy and know the drill. - AinezoChan

33 It's not babyish
34 The main character never gets tortured a lot
35 Miraculous Ladybug doesn't have cheesy plots
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1. Chat Noir and Ladybug are a better couple than Lori and Clyde
2. Miraculous Ladybug doesn't make you want to bleach your eyeballs
3. Miraculous Ladybug has a better theme song
1. Miraculous Ladybug has barely any gross humor
2. Miraculous Ladybug has a better theme song
3. Miraculous Ladybug has better looking characters



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