Top Ten Reasons Why Miraculous Ladybug is Better Than Winx Club

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1 Ladybug is Not Mary Sue

Yeah! Marinette is relatable and has so many flaws. Bloom? Nope.

As much as I think miraculous is over rated, yes, it is better than Winx Club. Why? Cause both boy and girl can wath it without feeling like a sissy!

I love how none of the Miraculous characters are perfect, and they all have flaws like real people. - Stevenuniversefangirl

Guys, there is a list called "Reasons why Winx Club is better than Sailor Moon". There is an item that says "Stella is nicer than Rei." I completely disagree with some comments saying "WINX CLUB RULES" and other crap. I think you should check it out. Also, Miraculous is better than Winx Club.-Vestalis

You have got to be kidding me, Sailor Moon is better than Stinks Club. And Miraculous Ladybug is better than that girly piece of garbage.

2 Miraculous Ladybug Has Likable Characters and Better Design


3 Ladybug and Chat Noir Has Better Transformation

"Spots On! "
"Claws Out! "
The Winx club transformation names are really lame. Sirenix? Bloomix? What kind of names are considered "transformations" in the winx club franchise? -Vestalis

4 Winx Club is Overrated

It doesn't deserve fans - TwilightKitsune

There is an insane of amount of merchandise with Winx in my country, which peeves me. - AinezoChan

5 Miraculous Ladybug is Original Show, While Winx Club is Rip-Off

It is not cliche, they literally deleted a character because it was too cliche

It's actually very cliche and unoriginal, but I respect your opinion.

6 Miraculous Ladybug is Underrated

Miraculous deserve more fans. - AinezoChan

7 Winx Club is Too Girly While Miraculous Ladybug Doesn't

Yeah it is, all they talk about is boyfriends and gossip, which I hate so much, I want action and awesome stuff, not that.

8 Chat Noir More Handsome Than Sky

Sky is ugly and a cheater

Sky is supposed to be handsome? He looks like a cornflower. - TwilightKitsune

I ♥️all the opinions and to be honest Sky and Adrien😍♥️💋are a little alike of hair

9 Miraculous Ladybug Has Awesome Fight Scenes

It depends on the episode to me but they are mostly unique. Take those from the two final episodes of season one and the episode The Gamer as prime examples please.

10 The Outfits are More Appropriate in Ladybug

The Winx expose their bellybutton a lot and wear skimpy clothing - AinezoChan

Winx Club characters look like prostitutes

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11 The Animation is Way Better Than Winx Club's Animation

Winx Club has the crappiest animation ever

No, Winx Club has better animation.

12 Hawkmoth and Akuma Villains are Better Antagonists Than Trix
13 Miraculous Ladybug has Well-Written Characters
14 Miraculous Ladybug has More Positive Messages

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good people to do nothing." - Alya

That quote has really stuck with me.

I also think that Miraculous portrays romance in a very sweet way. Chat Noir always respects Ladybug's decisions even when she rejects his advances. He's also very respectful of her privacy - in one episode he chose not to look when Ladybug transformed back into Marinette, even though he could easily have done so.

15 Is More Appropriate for the Public

And yes, I mean that this show is not as feminized as it is winx club. - NelMemazo

16 Miraclous is getting better while Winx is getting worst.
17 Winx Club's new design for season 8 is garbage while Miraculous Ladybug's design is better.

The new design for Winx Club is hideous! The Winx look like ugly four-year-olds!

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