Reasons Why Moana is Better Than Frozen

Okay, look I made this list because Videogamefan5 had an idea for this list. I decided to make it because I really wanted to, and I'm NOT trying to rip off or copy Videogamefan5. But, he can make Reasons Why Zootopia is Better Than Frozen and Reasons Why Finding Dory is Better Than Frozen

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1 Moana has stunning visuals, Frozen doesn't

I totally agree! In Moana, Maui's tattoos are HAND-DRAWN. It takes a lot more time and effort to illustrate this than it would for Frozen. Although the water animation in Moana and the ice in Frozen were both amazing, I feel Moana has better art. - yuki-blue

Agreed, Also How Did You Know I Was Going To Make This List? - VideoGamefan5

I found your comment on the list "Reasons Why Toy Story Is Better Than Frozen" - Cartoonfan202

2 Maui is a better sidekick than Kristoff

As for me, Kristoff is the most tolerable character in Frozen. Maui is a full god! Believe it or not, Kristoff and Maui are sidekicks of the protagonists of each franchise. I cannot believe AniMat gave Frozen the Seal of Approval even though he had his reasons. Even though it sounded like a review whereas AniMat will be playing the Sonic '06 Victory Theme when awarding a positive score to a movie, AniMat gave the Seal of Approval to Moana for his reasons. Why defend Queen Elsa for her infantile behavior?! There are weaker movies than Frozen, but nobody should have to say that it's better than Moana. - The Ultimate Daredevil

3 Elsa is a crybaby, Moana isn't
4 Frozen is overrated, while Moana is underrated

Das true bro

5 Moana's fanbase isn't toxic, Frozen's is
6 Moana has better songs

The songs are more better then Frozen. - Fuli201

7 Moana has a better plot
8 Pua is better than Sven and Olaf combined

NO WAY. I forgot who pua even was after I saw moana for the first time, where as I haven't seen frozen in likr two years and olaf and sven still strike me as awesome characters

9 Frozen has way too much merchandise, Moana has just the right amount of merchandise

Moana may have lots of merchandise, but not as much as lame Frozen - Cartoonfan202

10 Moana is actually funny, Frozen isn't

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11 Moana's characters are more memorable
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