Top Ten Reasons Why Modern Kids Only Like Pop Music

The Top Ten Reasons Why Modern Kids Only Like Pop Music

1 Kids listen to modern pop because they think it's trendy

Hell no I grew up with modern pop but retro music will always be the best!

Ugh I find this so annoying. Literally some of my classmates said Eminem sucks and they prefer a guy screaming about his new car (KSI Lamborghini) - Unnamed Google User Remade

Not all - CrypticMemory

The kids nowadays don't have their opinions. They just blindly follow trends even though the music sucks. That makes me think that "trendy" is a huge insult to humanity. - MChkflaguard_Yt

2 Kids don't really listen to other genres

Not true, I usually listen to Panic! At The Disco, and I'm a teenager.

I'm a teenager and at least half of my friends prefer rock and metal bands. I like modern singers like Adele, Marina And The Diamonds and Ed Sheeran, who are actually good, but in general, I listen to 80s and 90s songs more than most modern pop. And I also listen to piano music. Surely, some kids today mostly listen to pop music, but not all of us. Some of us prefer other genres.

They listen to Pop, Hip-Hop, and EDM, that’s it. Let’s expand their vocabulary with Jimi Hendrix and Metallica.

I am a girl and I am fun of listening other types of music. - waraypiso

3 Kids only know the modern pop artists

I'm 10 and I know michael jackson

Because they are idiots! - N3GAT1V3

Most kids nowadays don't know yet The Beatles, MJ, Whitney, etc. - waraypiso

4 Kids don't like actual music with meaning

I think a song does not have to have meaning in order to be good. It's not all about lyrics. - Alkadikce

I'm a kid and I like music with Halsey's Drive.

I’ve seen this claim so many times and have debunked it so many times to the point where it’s just draining to see it now. - DCfnaf

5 Kids keep on singing pop songs

The only relevant item on the list. - Alkadikce

6 Kids don't understand what they are saying
7 They think real rappers are boring
8 They go to modern pop concerts only
9 They don't know what instruments they play

Kids listen to pop without knowing what instruments were played, they can't recognise instruments bwahaha

I don’t think anyone is retarded enough to play an instrument but not know its name.

10 They have never heard any of the classics

I think they have. There are people who prefer pop music even when they know what the classics are like. - Alkadikce

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11 They grew up with it more

Yeah I mean it's understandable. But not all kids like pop music (depends on what you call a kid). Most people don't listen to much music until late middle school. Before that, you generally like what your parents like. In high school, people generally have their own tastes. And pop fans are not even the majority there. There are many rap fans, hardcore rap fans, rock fans, electronic fans, metal fans (always with their t-shirts)... There is diversity. DON'T CARICATURE. - JoLeKosovo

Yeah, true with a lot of my classmates, including me. Although, while I did grow up with modern pop music (I grew up with MJ's music too but that doesn't count), I ended up not liking most of it anymore. - Misfire

Like me. But not all pop music is great. - Lucy1402

12 Kids are listening always to the same type of music

Parents need to introduce a variety of music genres for children from 3-7 years of age

13 They are in the same generation as they are

I'm in the same generation and I don't listen that much pop. - Userguy44

14 They don't know what rock music is
15 It's their taste
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