Top Ten Reasons Why Modern Kids Only Like Pop Music


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1 Kids listen to modern pop because they think it's trendy

Even though I'm 14 and not necessarily a kid anymore, this is quite inaccurate, because most of my friends prefer rock and metal. Don't get me wrong, I do often listen to pop music I listened to in my childhood (I was born in 2004), and I like listening to Ed Sheeran, but mostly, one of my favourite genres is rock.

no is good - AlphaQ

It is cool

2 Kids only know the modern pop artists

Most kids nowadays don't know yet The Beatles, MJ, Whitney, etc. - waraypiso

3 Kids don't really listen to other genres

I'm a teenager and at least half of my friends prefer rock and metal bands. I like modern singers like Adele, Marina And The Diamonds and Ed Sheeran, who are actually good, but in general, I listen to 80s and 90s songs more than most modern pop. And I also listen to piano music. Surely, some kids today mostly listen to pop music, but not all of us. Some of us prefer other genres.

I am a girl and I am fun of listening other types of music. - waraypiso

4 Kids don't like actual music with meaning

I'm a kid and I like music with Halsey's Drive.

I’ve seen this claim so many times and have debunked it so many times to the point where it’s just draining to see it now. - DCfnaf

5 Kids keep on singing pop songs
6 Kids don't understand what they are saying
7 They think real rappers are boring
8 They go to modern pop concerts only
9 They don't know what instruments they play
10 Kids are listening always to the same type of music

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11 They are in the same generation as they are
12 They have never heard any of the classics
13 They grew up with it more

Like me. But not all pop music is great. - Lucy1402

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