Top 10 Reasons Why Modern Mario Party Sucks

Mario party is one of my favorite franchises. It used to be amazing, however, the newer games suck. Here's a few reasons why. This is from Mario party 9 onward.

The Top Ten Reasons Why Modern Mario Party Sucks

1 The car gimmick

This took away the whole point of Mario Party. It's supposed to be a competitive game. Why are we suddenly working together? Good thing they took it away in Super Mario Party. - Gametoon

Side note for darthvadern, why are you ONLY looking on the positive sides of the modern games, and only the negatives of the old ones? - Gametoon

The car is gone. Buy Super Mario Party.

What do you mean? The car thing wasn't so bad, though I do prefer traveling on my own. Unlocking cars, knowing where everyone is, and not having to wait for the screen to zone out and than go all the way across the map for a computer to roll was the successful points of this. - RosalinaX

2 Less frequent minigames

Minigames are my favorite part of Mario Party. When I'm playing a board(something I would get bored waiting through), it's always fun to take a break from just rolling a dice, and play something more fun as a reward for waiting. Just sitting in a car for 30-60 minutes only to play a boss and a mini-boss make it super boring. - Gametoon

I thought this was what Mario Party was all about? I'm so happy when there's a minigame, and I think Nintendo has finally found a good balance on how often we play a game. - RosalinaX

Honestly, having minigames after every turn in the old games felt repetitive to me.

Yes. The minigames is what got me into the game. less minigames just ruins the whole purpose of the game

3 All luck, no skill

All you can do is hope that the other players don't go enough spaces to get those mini stars. Minigames don't help much as second and third get awarded stars too. - Gametoon

I hate when a stupid luck gimmick by dice roll screws me over. - Gametoon

You can win every minigame and still lose. Enough said. - Gametoon

The luck minigames absolutely SUCK. So hard to win, and when you lose, you either lose half your stars as in Mario Party 9 or something that gets you down to 4th place. Oof. >-< - RosalinaX

4 Boards are linear

We follow the same path the whole time. And no, darthvadern, alternate pathways don't change that fact. - Gametoon

Mario Party 9 literally was just mainly a board where we had to go a certain direction. It was the same thing over and over again that made me hate the boards. - RosalinaX

What? NO! There are a few routes you can take, so they are not completely linear, not to be annoying but this is honestly invalid. - darthvadern

Yes, I loathe this. You sit in a car and go on a linear path to the end. Boring. - DCfnaf

5 Boring board gimmicks

It's not that they're boring, it's that they're completely luck based and can send you from first to fourth. - Gametoon

The captain events in MP9 are all just getting somewhere by dice roll. - Gametoon

So, Mario Party Island Tour, a game in which all boards have a unique gameplay, is boring? Are you bandwagoning or something? - darthvadern

Most are avoidable all together - Randomator

6 No items

All you have are dice. - Gametoon

Fox only, Final Destination

How the heck are you going to use items if everyone's in a car, please, think before you act. - darthvadern

Lots of these reasons are invalid seeing as Mario Party Star Rush contains many things from old Mario Party. - darthvadern

7 No true story mode

Don't really care for this choice. - Gametoon

To be honest, I never play the Story Modes, and neither does most of the Mario Party fans. - RosalinaX

Mario Party 4 and 5 are the only games with real story modes. In 4, the hosts give you birthday presents for comlleting maps, but at the end, Bowser ruins the party. In 5, Bpwser plans to ruin everyone's dreams.

I don't really agree with this reason. Island Tour has the Bowser Tower, and the original Mario parties didn't really have a whole heck of a lot of story packed into them either. - DCfnaf

8 Bowser is nicer

So? We finally get to play as Bowser, what's so bad about that? - RosalinaX

In Star Rush he had to be nicer though, because you can select every space you land on and it wouldn't make sense though choose a Bowser space on purpose. - DaisyandRosalina

Who cares this isn't old mario party so shut up, this game used different mechanics so they needed to make him nicer. - darthvadern

In the old game he would charge 20-50 coins, take a star or Bowser revolution - Randomator

You can't compare Coins and Stars to Mini-Stars because Mini-Stars are the only thing in Mario Party 9 and 10! So basically Mini-Stars are AS valuable as Stars, didn't you mean Stars was more rare than Mini-Stars? - darthvadern

9 Certain characters from past games being removed

They removed Dry Bones who was my favorite character in the series! Good thing they brought him back in the switch game Super Mario Party. - mlcassidy9

The old Mario Parties removed DK and 10 brang it back though. Also the Mario Party rosters are not that big, if they won't cut off any characters every game would get the same characters, my only complaint are the lack of Birdo and Boo in few of the new games. - DaisyandRosalina

The only good reason on the list. - darthvadern

10 No chance time

Chance Time ruined the old games. No offense, but this completely destroyed any chance of winning first place, at least for me. - RosalinaX

So when the luck-based Chance Time appears in old mario party, it's aweomsne, but the luck-base in the modern mario parties are automatically bad? I don't see the logic sadly - darthvadern

Chance time was the right amount of luck. The modern games being mostly all luck based is too much of it. - Randomator

I'm glad they got rid of it, it was annoying and fully based on luck. - DaisyandRosalina

Chance time was the make or break moment. Anyone could win. It's a shame it hasn't returned - Randomator

The Contenders

11 Boring minigames

Yes, this is why I never liked mario party in the 1st place. - myusernameisthis

All the minigames are good, especially from 9 and so on. - RosalinaX


The minigames are NOT boring! Why would you even say that?! - Princesslibby2006

12 Minigames require no effort

Neither did some of the older ones. - darthvadern

Or Button Mashers from Mario Party 5, that was a fun time getting my fingers hurt (sarcasm). - darthvadern

Yes they do. - darthvadern

13 Weak roster

What do you mean? The Mario games have the best rosters I have ever seen in my life. - RosalinaX

Taking out classic characters for garbage like Rosalina.

Mario Party Star Rush had the bigger roster in the series if you count the exclusive modes characters, Mario Party Star Rush doesn't fit with more than half of this list, this shows that it's seriously an underrated game. - DaisyandRosalina

This item proves most haters are bandwagoning, have most of these people even played Mario Party Star Rush? It has 12 playable characters excluding side-modes! The only character they missed was Birdo. And Mario Party Island Tour had a decent roster too! It had Bowser Jr.! And Mario Party 9 had Shy Guy, Koopa Troopa and Kamek! - darthvadern

14 No stars

It strange without stars on mario party island tour - trains45

It a bit different on mario party island tour without stars

I hated stars to be honest. - RosalinaX

True except in Star Rush. - DaisyandRosalina

15 No 2 vs 2 Minigames, 1vs 3 minigames or battle mini games

9 has 1vs3 and battle minigames
10 has 2 vs 2 minigames

16 The voices and prissy dresses of Princess Peach and Princess Daisy

Whoever put this on the list is extremely stupid and is probably a Wario fan. Their outfits and dresses doesn't influence gameplay in any way so shut up. - RosalinaX

Wow, this is irrelevant to game feats. - Qryzx

Even to this day (from the mid-2010s to the late 2010s), The Ultimate Daredevil (which is me, Kieran Glen Harris Stark who thinks darthvadern is a troller because of his treatment towards this list and the fact that he loves Illumination Entertainment's Minions and the Hotel Transylvania films over the How to Train Your Dragon films according to a list he made) still feels as if this reason would make this list extra agreeable.

If you don't hate the voices nor the dresses of Princess Peach and/or Princess Daisy, then power to you. I was thinking of putting Princess Daisy dress off this list since (even though she is a girly girl and a tomboy at the same time,) she isn't really prissy.

17 Toads

What does this have to do with why it sucks? - DumbFriesNub

18 There are fewer characters
19 Everyone going at the same time

I perfer it this way.

It not the same when everyone goes at the same time, at least it not like that in super mario party,

20 No coins

Coins? I also hated coins because they could easily be taken away, all based on luck minigames and such. - RosalinaX

Well, the mini stars are spritual successors of coins, but coins return to Super Mario Party!

Who cares if it's coins or mini-stars, it's not that big of a deal, that's like saying Mario Kart 8 sucks because it removed some items. - darthvadern

Mini Stars are more beautiful, Cons have been for a half century so it's nice to have a change. - darthvadern

21 Mario Party Star Rush
22 Toadette got removed from Mario Party 9
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