Top 10 Reasons Why Modern Mario Party Sucks

Mario party is one of my favorite franchises. It used to be amazing, however, the newer games suck. Here's a few reasons why. This is from Mario party 9 onward.

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1 The car gimmick

This is SO BORING. Why are we all forced to sit in a car instead of move around and do whatever we want like in the originals? - DCfnaf

So instead you want to wait for a bunch of computer player to do their turns and then finally you move 1 space if you're unlucky, yeah, that sounds a lot better (not) - darthvadern

Yes this is pretty irritating, I don't know anyone who likes it, lets go back to the old days where everyone was independent and don't all ride around in gay as hell cars - YOSHIA2121

I guess I am going to be the only one who likes the car. It is not great but is still pretty interesting and is different not terrible. It is also good because now there are boss battles which are really fun. Since I am young I only have Mario Party DS, 9, Island Tour, 10, Star Rush, and top 100. From those I think the car being different from the ds Mario party is different. Something new and interesting in these new games by and Cube. Each one is different from each other making each one different and special. From collecting mini stars to racing to the end and playing as bowser as well as nonlinear boards that are grids each one is different from the rest. In the original Mario party games the only difference from 1-8 and ds was boards, characters, minigames, and story. You were still going around buying stars for coins. This is why I like the later games more.

*Super Mario Party comes out*
Me: A console Mario Party without the car? Hallelujah! The day has finally come! We finally have a good Mario Party again! - Randomator

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2 Less frequent minigames

Honestly the mini games were the best thing about the originals. They were competitive and they made Mario Party different from any other party game. And what happened? We only play about 3-4 mini games on average per game not including boss battles.Whereas in the older games they happened once per turn. - Randomator

Let's just say that minigames happened way too often in older Mario Parties, like WAY too often, 10+. Besides, I remember playing this one time Mario Party 10 and I had to play like 7-8 minigames not including boss battles, and I got a bit bored just from that. - darthvadern

This, combined with the linear board and the car gimmick, make the game BORING. Loved the originals, especially 2. - DCfnaf

I always looked forward to the mini games at the end of the turn - PackFan2005

Yes. The minigames is what got me into the game. less minigames just ruins the whole purpose of the game

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3 All luck, no skill

Well, it's not really that fun to always win and still always winning even when computer players are at master difficulty, I believe that's why there's more luck than skill. - darthvadern

Play Mario Party Island Tour, in that game there's a bunch of different boards unique in it's own way, BOTH luck and skill so take that! - darthvadern

Losing consistently against easy bots and with a handicap of +50 stars in last. That is why the game is horrible.

I always hated luck based minigames. I mean, one or two are okay but about half (maybe more) of the minigames are LUCK. I'd rather lose at skill games, also you could be in first place then a row of luck minigames make you flow down to 4th. That's not balance, it's annoyance. - Qryzx

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4 Boards are linear

What? NO! There are a few routes you can take, so they are not completely linear, not to be annoying but this is honestly invalid. - darthvadern

Yes, I loathe this. You sit in a car and go on a linear path to the end. Boring. - DCfnaf

Except in Star Rush - DaisyandRosalina

All you do is go from point A to point B. I miss the days when you could go wherever you want - Randomator

If you miss them then why not just PLAY them, god, there's 8 of them! You need more? - darthvadern

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5 Boring board gimmicks

Most are avoidable all together - Randomator

So, Mario Party Island Tour, a game in which all boards have a unique gameplay, is boring? Are you bandwagoning or something? - darthvadern

6 No items

How the heck are you going to use items if everyone's in a car, please, think before you act. - darthvadern

Lots of these reasons are invalid seeing as Mario Party Star Rush contains many things from old Mario Party. - darthvadern

Fox only, Final Destination

Irrelevant you gain 4 special dice (5 in mario party 9) from taod houses or suprise boxes or a slow dice for cmoning in last on the home stretch

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7 No true story mode

I don't really agree with this reason. Island Tour has the Bowser Tower, and the original Mario parties didn't really have a whole heck of a lot of story packed into them either. - DCfnaf

Story Mode doesn't affect GAMEPLAY! Mario Party 2 didn't have Story Mode either and all nostalgia blinded fans are bragging 2 is the best all the time! - darthvadern

Mario Party 9 at least had this but none of the other modern games have this which gives no real purpose to play the game. Oh look a bunch of random minigames or a bunch of extra modes that nobody cares about - Randomator

Mario Party 2 didn't have a story mode so there's no real purpose to play that one either, also, Mario Party is a game you are suppose to play with FRIENDS! - darthvadern

Mario Party 4 and 5 are the only games with real story modes. In 4, the hosts give you birthday presents for comlleting maps, but at the end, Bowser ruins the party. In 5, Bpwser plans to ruin everyone's dreams.

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8 Bowser is nicer

Who cares this isn't old mario party so shut up, this game used different mechanics so they needed to make him nicer. - darthvadern

In Star Rush he had to be nicer though, because you can select every space you land on and it wouldn't make sense though choose a Bowser space on purpose. - DaisyandRosalina

In the old game he would charge 20-50 coins, take a star or Bowser revolution - Randomator

You can't compare Coins and Stars to Mini-Stars because Mini-Stars are the only thing in Mario Party 9 and 10! So basically Mini-Stars are AS valuable as Stars, didn't you mean Stars was more rare than Mini-Stars? - darthvadern

I actually like 9 and Star Rush but I dislike Island Tour and 10 is the worst besides Advance.

Bowser being nicer is true except for Mario Party 10. - DaisyandRosalina

9 No chance time

Chance time was the make or break moment. Anyone could win. It's a shame it hasn't returned - Randomator

I'm glad they got rid of it, it was annoying and fully based on luck. - DaisyandRosalina

Every time I landed on this space, I shouted "NO! " - DCfnaf

So when the luck-based Chance Time appears in old mario party, it's aweomsne, but the luck-base in the modern mario parties are automatically bad? I don't see the logic sadly - darthvadern

Chance time was the right amount of luck. The modern games being mostly all luck based is too much of it. - Randomator

10 Certain characters from past games being removed

The only good reason on the list. - darthvadern

The old Mario Parties removed DK and 10 brang it back though. Also the Mario Party rosters are not that big, if they won't cut off any characters every game would get the same characters, my only complaint are the lack of Birdo and Boo in few of the new games. - DaisyandRosalina

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11 Boring minigames

While they are a few good mini games a lot of the modern mini games just seem like very lazy uncreative or recycled versions of previous Mario Party's. - egnomac

The minigames are NOT boring! Why would you even say that?! - Princesslibby2006

A few mini games are okay but a majority of them are minimal effort and luck based - Randomator

That's a weak reason because most characters that look cool are pretty good too (Dry Bowser, Wario, Waluigi, Yoshi, etc), I mainly like them because of their looks (And 5 year olds judge characters by their looks too so I'm not alone). - darthvadern


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12 Minigames require no effort

Neither did some of the older ones. - darthvadern

Or Button Mashers from Mario Party 5, that was a fun time getting my fingers hurt (sarcasm). - darthvadern

Yes they do. - darthvadern

13 Weak roster

Mario Party Star Rush had the bigger roster in the series if you count the exclusive modes characters, Mario Party Star Rush doesn't fit with more than half of this list, this shows that it's seriously an underrated game. - DaisyandRosalina

Taking out classic characters for garbage like Rosalina.

This item proves most haters are bandwagoning, have most of these people even played Mario Party Star Rush? It has 12 playable characters excluding side-modes! The only character they missed was Birdo. And Mario Party Island Tour had a decent roster too! It had Bowser Jr.! And Mario Party 9 had Shy Guy, Koopa Troopa and Kamek! - darthvadern

14 No stars

True except in Star Rush. - DaisyandRosalina

Mini Starts and Mini Ztars? - darthvadern

True - DCfnaf

15 No 2 vs 2 Minigames, 1vs 3 minigames or battle mini games

9 has 1vs3 and battle minigames
10 has 2 vs 2 minigames

16 The voices and prissy dresses of Princess Peach and Princess Daisy

Even to this day (from the mid-2010s to the late 2010s), The Ultimate Daredevil (which is me, Kieran Glen Harris Stark who thinks darthvadern is a troller because of his treatment towards this list and the fact that he loves Illumination Entertainment's Minions and the Hotel Transylvania films over the How to Train Your Dragon films according to a list he made) still feels as if this reason would make this list extra agreeable.

If you don't hate the voices nor the dresses of Princess Peach and/or Princess Daisy, then power to you. I was thinking of putting Princess Daisy dress off this list since (even though she is a girly girl and a tomboy at the same time,) she isn't really prissy.

Wow, this is irrelevant to game feats. - Qryzx

17 Toads

What does this have to do with why it sucks? - DumbFriesNub

18 There are fewer characters
19 No coins

Who cares if it's coins or mini-stars, it's not that big of a deal, that's like saying Mario Kart 8 sucks because it removed some items. - darthvadern

Mini Stars are more beautiful, Cons have been for a half century so it's nice to have a change. - darthvadern

Except in star rush - DaisyandRosalina

True - DCfnaf

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