My thoughts on Super Mario Party.

Well what’dya know? We finally have another good Mario Party for the first time in nearly a decade! Same as a lot of other fans of the series I was excited for this game. And for the most part this game delivers. It obviously has its flaws but as of now I rank it top 5 in the series.

The main mode is obviously Mario Party. And thank you Nintendo for ditching the car! Anyway this mode brings back the original style from the first 8 games. As well as combining it with the Star Rush format. A few new things in this mode are allies who can add to your dice roll and help you in Minigames which is a nice feature. Another thing is that each character has their own personal dice block as well as the standard dice. I love this new strategic element added to the game. It makes you think about who to play as more. The only real downside is that this mode isn’t as chaotic as in the older games as well as only having 4 boards. Overall I’m not complaining too much here because there’s no car and it’s in the original style. Team party is pretty self explanatory and is also a pretty fun mode but what’s different is now the two players share the same dice roll.

I also like the other modes this game offers one of the new ones is river survival. The goal is to work with 3 other players and make it to the end of the river before time runs out. Overall this mode is pretty fun to play for awhile but it feels kinda short and the Minigames are also the same few over and over. Some variety would be nice. It’s fun with multiple people but it’s hit or miss with CPU

Other modes it offers include sound stage with all the rhythm Minigames. It’s actually fun but really short. Toads Rec Room has some fun stuff aswell. Unfortunately I was unable to play it because it requires 2 switches with the game. And the challenge mode which is a nice option for single players. And yes there is an online mode. However it’s pretty pathetic as it’s only 10 Minigames. Which wouldn’t be a problem but now that you have to pay to play online it’s kind of a bummer. I get they wouldn’t let people play full on games with strangers because of trolls and people just dropping out. But I expected more. Like why couldn’t I play online with friends? It’s hard to get 4 people together so playing online would be very helpful. Then if someone dropped out replace them with a CPU. And if we can’t play anymore we could suspend the game.

And the Minigames. They are very solid. Not all are winners but there’s very few bad ones. They are all unique and fun to play. This has to be one of the best collections of Minigames in the series

Final Verdict: Like I said earlier this game is easily top 5 in the series. Right now I’d put it at 4 or 5 but it has potential to be the best. It’s nice to see the older style revived. But it has a few minor flaws that keep it back. If Nintendo added a few new boards and fixed a few flaws this game could be the first or second best in the series


I really hope I could get this game for christmas as it looks stunning and the Star Rush elements is a nice touch and that board with King Bob Omb reminds me of World 4-3 from Mario Party: Star Rush - darthvadern

"Nearly a decade"
The last good one was 8 and that was actually mf favourite. - iliekpiez