Top 10 Reasons Why Modern Music Sucks

It's official. Modern music is absolutely horrible. And this isn't a broad statement, this is straight up fact! Music is just getting worse and worse. Do they really think most of us out here care about partying, sex, and drugs?

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1 Most songs on the radio are about drugs, sex, partying, and butts

Don't get me wrong, I love me a butt song every now and then. But when they begin to outnumber the actual songs with meaning, something is seriously wrong.

Why modern music can't be great as 80's or 90's. - Delgia2k

2 No effort or soul put into songwriting

That's too terrible! I wish everyone agreed. - Kieran Stark

3 Artists become famous based on image, not musical talent

There not even pretty - scoopoo

4 Overuse of Autotune

Depends. I mean there are bands that use none, but most popular modern music anyways - Lucretia

5 The only genres you hear on the radio today are pop, rap, and country
6 Arrangements are oversimplified and formulaic

I agree with this stuff but this list is terrible - rjbarg042

7 Music artists do pop covers of rock songs.

Making the original version unknown - scoopoo

8 Music genres going downhill

Ok, in item 5#, you said that only three genres are played, so how is every music genre going down hill. Explain you points perfectly without sounding like a nostalgic prick because I'm not taking it seriously - SuperHyperdude

My mistake. What I meant to say was music genres like Pop, Rap, and Country are going downhill. So to your credit maybe I should've explained it better. And I'm not a nostalgic prick. I just mistakes sometimes.

9 No more Rock/metal songs

You must not know arch enemy, Metallica, Megadeth, Anthrax, Gojira...and more bands I am not naming... - Lucretia

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