Top 10 Reasons Why Modern Music Sucks

It's official. Modern music is absolutely horrible. And this isn't a broad statement, this is straight up fact! Music is just getting worse and worse. Do they really think most of us out here care about partying, sex, and drugs?

The Top Ten

1 Most songs on the radio are about drugs, sex, partying, and butts

Finally an original list idea! (sarcasm) - XxembermasterxX

Why can’t songs today be good like 1940s or 1950s songs.

+Love. - Userguy44

So true every new rap song is about the same thing, drugs, sex, guns, and all that crap. - WilliW00sh

2 Artists become famous based on image, not musical talent

They are basically this image of an performer which the media blows up as how everyone should be, and they blow up being complete pieces of human garbage.
Influencing kids to like trash and act like trash.
Just look at Bad Barbie or Soundcloud Rappers hell even pop singers are just performers not artists. Puppets that put on a stupid show to reel in money from stupid people.
Music is supposed to inspire have passion a soul to it. It's like capitalists took the soul out of music and turned it into a system of complete control where real artists don't count and just performers put on a show.

There not even pretty - scoopoo

3 No effort or soul put into songwriting

I mean Eminem's songs have meaning but rock is still better - WilliW00sh

That's true, this could totally make a music crash of 2018

That's too terrible! I wish everyone agreed. - Kieran Stark

4 Music genres going downhill
5 Overuse of Autotune
6 The only genres you hear on the radio today are pop, rap, and country

This is true but wasn't it the same 20 years ago? - Alkadikce

7 None of the songs give you good feeling, relaxation, goosebumps, etc.
8 Music artists do pop covers of rock songs.

One good example is Pentatonix's song being remake of "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy" By the andrew sisters. I swear that if patty saw it, she would sue them. - Chips_of_1915

Exactly what happened when Twenty One Pilots did a cover of Cancer by My Chemical Romance. I don't have a problem with the TOP version, but the My Chemical Romance version is much better, but unfortunately, the TOP version much more popular.

Making the original version unknown - scoopoo

And most of the time the cover becomes more popular than the original >:( - NickelbackLinkinPark4Eva

9 Arrangements are oversimplified and formulaic
10 No more Rock/metal songs

Oh no!
1. There is, there always will be rock/metal music. Metal is actually still one of the most popular genre among boys in the 2010s, and rock is a very general concept.
2. You act like rock/metal were the only good genre. Sure, it isn't pop, but rock did not exist before the 1950s-1960s and it does not make traditional music "suck".
3. The people who claim there is no rock music in the 2010s mostly do not bring any effort to searching for some. - Alkadikce

The Contenders

11 Little to no “real” instruments

Dubstep sucks

12 Redundant and cliche lyrics...
13 It brainwashes kids

This does not make too much sense. Every music can brainwash people if they become servant-like fans. There were Michael Jackson fans who committed suicide after his death, and he's not modern music. - Alkadikce

How the heck do you know?! Nobody commits suicide when something they are a fan of dies! - GehennaTheSecond

14 A lot of modern songs distort the singer's voice
15 The modern music makes no sense

The majority of nowdays music have no sense. Rappers like 6ix9ine, Juice WRLD don't write songs that has sense like Eminem does. Also Billie Eilish, Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber's songs sucks because there's no sense. OK, Bonnie Tyler's "Total Eclipse of the Heart" is a repetition but has sense. For me, a 13-year-old guy, I prefer much Elsa Lughini's "T'en va pas" from 1986 than Luis Fonsi's "Despacito", because the writers that helped Elsa to do the song worked hard to make sense-which is the divorce saw by a little girl-and it has also emotion.

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