Top Ten Reasons Why Modern Pop is Better Than Metal

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1 Metal songs can give someone a heart attack

I just came here to contemplate the potential of human stupidity. I am not really a metal head (more of a prog rock fan) but I do love a few metal bands. This list was probably made by some butt hurt teenage girl or a troll. Still, to even dare to think that there's anything in Pop that is better than metal is plain stupid. Well, since I happen to have some free time at the moment, I will answer the maker of this list :

1- "Metal songs can give someone a heart attack" : Until you find proof that this has happened before, and you won't, this argument is invalid. Next.

2- "Modern pop singers are classy" : Yep, Lady Gaga wearing a meat dress, Justin Bieber spitting at his fans, Nikki Minaj referring to dicks through her song "Anaconda", Chris Brown beating his girlfriends. Yeah, that's the definition of class.

3- "Metal songs isn't music" : First, you need to go through your grade 1 grammar books and learn some proper grammar. ...more

Lol nobody on this list likes pop

Dumbest list I've ever seen.

When has this ever happened ever? - Caleb9000

2 Pop signers don't scream when they are singing

Autotune > Screaming.

Autotune doesn't sound bad, just that some artists use it the wrong way, meanwhile most screaming is forced. - AlphaQ

Screaming > Autotune - Hanjax70

Oh well, at least metal singers aren't talking about sex constantly. - WheresMyGuitarPick

Metal isn't only about screaming - zxm

3 Metal songs aren't music

Who is the silly person that wrote this stupid topic?
The pop songs just uses keyboards and autotune. But the metal uses drums, basses, vocal, and the most important: violent and bloody guitars.

Modern pop all sounds the same, with no originality. 'enough said. - Hanjax70

One of the dumbest lists I've ever seen! - Userguy44

Metal songs have real instruments and real vocals, so yes, it is music. - 3DG20

4 Modern pop singers are classy

Being a bad rolemodel to kids, twerking, talking about yourselves, and occasionally sex and drugs, is definitely classy... - RogerMcBaloney

Oh really. So Justin Bieber spitting on his fans from a balcony and Miley Cyrus singing about partying and sex are considered classy? Man you're delusional.

Twerking is the pinnacle of class. Stay classy! - Metal_Treasure

This is one of the most untrue items I've ever seen on here. - allamassal

5 Only idiots like metal

Most metalhead can be idiots because they always judge people by their taste. - AlphaQ

Only idiots judge others by their music tastes. - Hanjax70

Doesn't this contradict "it's not easy to understand metal songs" - yungstirjoey666

Hence the lists of idiots bashing pop music.

6 It's not easy to understand metal songs

True. Metal wasn't meant to appeal to the lowest common denominator. Pop was. Metal music is more complex. To understand metal music, the listener has to put more effort, has to be more focused and patient. But this actually proves metal is better. - Metal_Treasure

True, when you first listen to Babykiller by Devourment you can hardly understand a word. But I can't understand a word of most Lil Wayne songs. - WheresMyGuitarPick

Music is meant to challenge you. During the classical days this was accepted. - Caleb9000

So? - 3DG20

7 Metal music is satanic

Slayer uses stuff like pentagrams, but Tom Araya is Catholic. Plus, Skillet and Red exist, and most bands aren't even satanic. Do more research before you open your mouth. - Hanjax70

There is Christian metal, ya know - yungstirjoey666

Heavy metal promotes satanism, drugs, and violence - billybob111

Granted, there are 2 or 3 bands in Black Metal that promote satanism, but I challenge you to name even one band that promotes the use of drugs. - RogerMcBaloney

These paranoid people even found satanism in Katy Perry's music videos. - Alkadikce

8 Metal fans are more elitist

Elitists fans are all scoundrels but metal elitists are the worst. - AlphaQ

Both canvases are filled to the brim with elitists - RoseWeasley

I hate the elitists, but they don't make up all of a fandom. - Hanjax70

Both are equally elitist
And the fans should not have to do with the music itself - yungstirjoey666

9 Metal songs can make someone deaf

It's loud so good reason. - AlphaQ

Modern pop makes me deaf, as they make my ears bleed. - Hanjax70

If it's "too loud," then just lower the volume - yungstirjoey666

Guess what? I'm not deaf! Surprise? I think not. - 906389

10 Pop fans don't make pop music worse, metal fans make metal music worse

Isn't it the other way around? - RogerMcBaloney

It's only because it's hard to make pop music worse than it already is - Metal_Treasure

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11 Modern pop signers are more talented than metal singers

Yeah, because someone who can't sing without a simple use of autotune is more talented than someone cranking out hard guitar riffs with years of training. - Hanjax70

Yeah sure... - Userguy44

Yeah cause it takes zero talent to operate a loud pulse pounding guitar solo for an entire minute and explode on the drums for 5 minutes, yep, makes a ton of sense - EpicHorrorMaster

Compare someone like Cher or Katy Perry to John Arch or Midnight (they don't scream if that's what you are looking for). It's a no-brainer. - Caleb9000

12 Metallica said that drugs are cool

So do many other modern pop artists. This better be made by a troll, Metallica never promoted drugs in the first place anyway. In fact they were against them. - Hanjax70

So do pop stars like Justin Bieber and Lil Wayne. What’s your point? - 3DG20

This is a false item - Metallica didn't say that. They said drugs are bad in their anti-drug song Master Of Puppets. - Metal_Treasure

Yeah, so do your Pop/Rap artists who sing about Drugs in every song. I hope this list is fake. - Metalfan2112

Yeah, right. That's why Metallica made the best anti-drug song ever: Master Of Puppets there is. - Metal_Treasure

13 Metal lyrics are usually cheesy

Yeah, Pop DEFINITELY isn't cheesy... - RogerMcBaloney

Better than lyrics that sing about drugs, alcohol, and sex. - Hanjax70

No, actually it's the other way around. - DericWilsonMahil

That’s funny, seeing that metal artists talk about world issues while most pop artists I hear on the radio nowadays are always gushing about their boyfriend/girlfriend. - 3DG20

14 Rap lyrics are very creative

Go listen to the non-mainstreams rappers then. They have some of the best lyrics. - AlphaQ

In general, talking about sex drugs and wealth are most definitely creative, rather thsn having songs with two different hidden meanings. Enter Metallica.

15 Metal is more depressing.

Funny you should say that, a group of scientists have studied this and they have found that Metal actually makes the people listening to it very happy! Especially Death Metal. - RogerMcBaloney

Actually depressing metal songs are very impressive sounding. It may not be listenable for everyone, but lots of effort and talent went into these depressing metal songs. Listen to Cemetery Gates. - Userguy44

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