Top 10 Reasons Why Modern SpongeBob Is Inappropriate for Kids

Parents who are reading this right now, I highly urge you to read this. These things are what's happening in Spongebob right now. Don't believe me? Watch the episodes for yourself and you'll see what I mean.

The Top Ten

1 Driving a Person to Suicide (One Coarse Meal)

Kids go to Lion King Teens and Adults go to Spongebob

Easter eggs have already come out in the shops and a 2 year old was eating one and trying to eat more. Little kids don't understand these things.

Kids you should watch The Lion King

We know its suicide, but little kids probably don't really know its that I mean ever heard of Punch and Judy?

2 Gore (The Splinter, House Fancy, and Pineapple Fever)

Family Movie - Watership Down (1978)
Children's T.V. Series - The Animals of Farthing Wood (1993-1995)

This really only applies to modern SpongeBob. Seasons 1-3 were decent. Heck, they were terrific! Anything from Season 4 and onward doesn't exist as far as I'm concerned. - BKAllmighty

Just because you don't show blood doesn't mean it's not gruesome.

Most parents know the difference between Old SpongeBob and New SpongeBob.

3 Animal Abuse (To Love a Patty)

And A pal for gary, pet sitter pat, and pet or pests

I have a theory one of the baby clams was junior......

4 Characters not getting Punished for the Bad Things they've Done (Most Episodes involving Spongebob and Patrick)
5 Not Saving a Character in Danger (A Pal for Gary)
6 Characters getting Bad Luck for No Apparent Reason (Most Episodes involving Squidward)

Back in old spongebob, Squidward was a guy who got what he deserved but now he just gets something that he didn't have to deserve because of spongebob and Patrick - Yoshi

7 Extreme Greed (Most Episodes involving Mr. Krabs)
8 Trying to Get a Person Killed (Demolition Doofus)
9 Frightening Faces (Face Freeze, and What Ever Happened to Spongebob?)

SpongeBob also made a disturbing face in inSPONGEiac.

Also happened in Patrick the Game.

10 Saying It's Okay to be Dirty (The Battle of Bikini Bottom)

Season 5 isn't modern SpongeBob season 6 and up is because its at least at a radius of 6 years old - Goatworlds

IT isn't. Modern Spongebob always jokes about stinky armpits, burping, farting, and saliva dripping out of characters mouths, as you can see in that extremely disturbing scene in New Digs when Spongebob wakes up. “Shudders”

The Contenders

11 Paraphilia (To Love a Patty)

Do kids know what that means, do you think they just laughed at Spongebob.

That's so disturbing

What does that mean?

12 Dirty References
13 Blood (Dying for Pie)

One of my least favourite old Spongebob episodes

Again. This was the old Spongebob.

Squidward's heart squirt blood. Lovely.

14 Squidward Commits Suicide Twice (Are You Happy Now?)

There was one scene where he looked like he was going to hang himself, but he was really putting up a bird cage

It's like a creep is saying the title of the episode.

15 Toenail Scene (House Fancy)
16 Making Jokes About Being An Accident (ChefBob)

"He must've been born on a highway, because that's where the most accidents happen! " - Spicygarlic

17 Fight (CheftBob)
18 Head Trauma (Squid Baby)
19 Animal Cruelty (To Love a Patty)

It teaches to be cruel to animals

20 Invasion of Privacy (Little Yellow Book)
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