Top 10 Reasons Why Modern SpongeBob Isn't Bad

The Top Ten Reasons Why Modern SpongeBob Isn't Bad

1 People just hate it for the sole reason that it's new

Yep it's so weird I hate people like this

It's ok. I just didn't like season 7 or season 8 that much. The rest were good. - Therandom

Season 6 was the worst! NO good episodes. All were either boring or just terrible - sryanbruen

Actually Syran season 6 had Sand Castles In The Sand, a great episode.

Old doesn't mean it's the best. New SpongeBob is still good - truespongebobfan

2 They hate all new episodes just because two 2010 episodes were bad


There's way more than One Coarse Meal and A Pal for Gary, my friend. If I listed all of the horrible episodes from Seasons 6-7, I'd be here all day. - greenshyguy

Seriously, who the hell wrote this list?!?!?!?

But One Coarse Meal and A Pal For Gary WERE bad and the Splinter was kind of bad too, and people are afraid more bad ones will happen. - MarioMaster101

They were still a fraction of the era, so this item is ultimately a good reason. - ArtistUnknown

3 The new movie was amazing

Part 3 is coming soon is 2020!

I can definitely agree with you, though the first one is still superior in my eyes. - ArtistUnknown

True part 1 is better but part 2 is still good - icefurl

The new movie was better than the old. The old movie, though a guilty pleasure of mine, is just a lame Finding Nemo/Pixar knockoff the time it came out. When making a T.V. show movie, you gotta go for it. "Sponge out of Water" went for it!

4 "Squid Baby" was one of the best episodes ever

It's a good episode. Well, at least to me. However, I wouldn't call it the best, especially in the series. - ArtistUnknown

It's kind of stupid, but I still found it funny. - RalphBob

Best episodes ever? You have got to be kidding me. This weird squidward torture fetish-like episode pales in comparison to even I'm With Stupid. - SammySpore

Maybe it was so bad it was funny (though I've never watched it, but I don't want to) - PageEmperor

5 It has barely changed at all, people just like to exaggerate things

So damn true that it hurts. - ArtistUnknown

This. - purpleyoshi98

It has changed. You can very clearly see that almost everyone in the show except Plankton, Gary and Squidward have changed and not in a good way, especially Patrick. - 3DG20

Oh, you're like the others...
Squidward did change, and it was for the worst. Do I have to tell you the gist of Little Yellow Book? - Jasmine21064

I hate this list. It’s obviously written all by the same person. Ps, where are we going with this?!

6 It's still better than any other monstrosity on children's networks these days

Yeah, about that, Phineas and Ferb and Cartoon Network’s GOLDEN age were during seasons 6 and 7!

This one is true. - 3DG20

My username states the obvious, but I agree. Even Modern SpongeBob is one of the only good shows on Nickelodeon left. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

No, it isn't.

7 There are some good episodes

Like one of my favorites, Not Normal

That's true. (Ie: Roller Cowards) - IcetailofWishClan

I really liked all the old and new episodes but some episode I just call bad like one course meal or the splinter also most episodes people hate I like. Like spongbob your fired, bubble buddy returns, and garys new pet

8 The fact that some people hate it so much leads real fans to believe they don't even watch it anymore

Um... Okay?

9 New Spongebob still gets nominated for Emmys

True. However, it doesn't really mean that it's good, although I do like the era. - ArtistUnknown

This doesn't make it good

Just because its nominated doesn't make it good

LOL! Modern SpongeBob still gets Emmys?! That's like saying if Justin Beiber or Nicki Minaj get awards, then they aren't bad! And yes, I know JB isn't that bad, but he is still bad! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Seriously? You're comparing Post-Movie SpongeBob to Justin Bieber? If only you thought twice... - Jasmine21064

10 It still teaches great morals

I loved this show when I was younger, and I never, ever was taught bad examples from it because I knew it wasn't meant to be taken seriously. People on here say it's "like an Adult Swim Show". How? Have you guys ever watched Family Guy? Nothing even like SpongeBob. Way too sensitive.

Oh yeah? One Coarse meal had TWO really bad morals: "If all else fails, just kill yourself" and "Drive your rival to suicide to save your business". Or the one from A Pal for Gary: "If your pet is scared of the other pet, scold the frightened pet". Last, the one from SpongeBob, You're Fired: "Being jobless is the best thing ever" - Goatworlds

Like the time Spongebob creepily stared into the audience and said “I guess crying does solve your problems after all! ”?

One Coarse meal,Q pal for Gary, yeah they do teach good morals don't they? 😒(rolls eyes)

The Contenders

11 Stephen Hillenburg approved of modern SpongeBob episodes

I fell like Hillenburg just delivered suggestions on a good way because the bad episodes would just be WORSE by comparison

Hopefully it will still be good after he died

You can trash the modern episodes whatever you like but if Stephen Hillenburg TRULY hated them, they never would've existed.

You can trash the modern episodes whatever you like but if Hillenburg TRULY hated them, they never would've existed.

12 It's still just as hilarious

I laughed at least once at every single Spongebob episode. - purpleyoshi98

This is Paul Tibibitt that made this list, the guy that Stephen regretted putting in charge.

I Hate This List.

Like the doorbell gag from Pets or Pests! - Puga

13 Good Animation

It's good, but not very compared to Pre-Movie. Post-Movie's animation is probably my least favorite thing about the era; it just feels too stiff, like Family Guy. However, such like It's a SpongeBob Christmas takes a new turn on animation in the series and it's amazing. Would recommend to someone who never seen it. One last thing, the animation became more fluid in the Post-Sequel era. I wished it stayed like that during the whole series, to be honest. - ArtistUnknown

I think that spongebob has graet animation. I have never seen an episode with out bad Animation

Post sequel episodes, right?

Nah, the animation got a little stiff, kind of like how Family Guy got stiff and became faster - Goatworlds

14 The Splinter is actually pretty funny

Though kinda gross, I still find at least some of its scenes to be worth a chuckle. - ArtistUnknown

It's over hated


It is. - purpleyoshi98

15 Many good episodes

Plankton's Pet (a lot of people seem to like that one, and I agree, it didn't end on a Status Quo and it was actually nice to see Plankton only getting punished when he's being evil... and I think it actually made dead baby comedy work in one scene because it was made clear that the baby was Plankton and Mr. Krabs knew), Sand Castles in the Sand (besides a bit of Patrick being a jerk, the episode was pretty entertaining), and Sing a Song of Patrick (Again Patrick does steal SpongeBob's money in the beginning but the rest makes up for it).

Because say modern Spongebob sucks, well they are talking about seasons 4 - 9. Shut up people that say Spongebob season 10 sucks. Season 10 is not THAT bad.

16 It's the same SpongeBob
17 It has the old characters

They bring back the old characters

18 One Coarse Meal is a very over hated episode

Also, why do people forget Plankton told an old lady to kill herself in 20,000 Patties Under The Sea? Very hypocritical.

Here me out: Plankton blew up part of Mr. Krabs restaurant, physically hurt Mr. Krabs and SpongeBob, AND held them as hostages until they told him where the formula was! Not to mention, in the first SpongeBob movie, as Mr. Krabs is begging and crying for King Neptune to spare his life, Plankton is sitting comfortably, EATING POPCORN, and yelling "YES! " each time Neptune gets closer to killing him! Now, don't get me wrong, Mr. Krabs drove Plankton too far, but so many people forget the terrible things that Plankton did!

How is this a reason why it's good? - MarioMaster101

Wow even a list like THIS can’t help but admit it.

19 It's still the same lovable sponge

I guess if crying over everything, torturing your neighbours and blaming the pet that’s being tortured counts as loveable, then sure. - 3DG20

OH MY GOD, that last part was ONE episode. Stop acting like it was like a whole season, dammit! And SpongeBob also did those first two in the Pre-Movie era. - ArtistUnknown

I honestly love the new episodes as much as the older ones.
I get sad when people say they aren't as funny and just never watch it anymore..
It's still the same lovable sponge!

I'm actually beginning to think that Spongebob has some evil inner demon in him...

Little Yellow Book has this voice when spongebob goes "Whatever for? " and Demolition Doofus has "Oh dear. I believe I am in that fellows way. Well I guess I should hit the GAS HAHAA! "

He's creepy, when you notice it. - mattstat716

20 It has it's mindless, enjoyable moments
21 Spongebob got what was coming to him in Demolition Doofus
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