Top Ten Reasons Why Monaco is Better Than Indonesia

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1 Monaco actually gets their flag first, while Indonesia rips off theirs

Indonesia has a similar flag to Monaco. However, Monaco gets their flag earlier than Indonesia's.-Vestalis

2 Monaco is cleaner

This is because it's a smaller country, in a more clean region and doesn't have to take care of any forests, rivers, animals etc etc

In Citarum river basin, a river in Indonesia, The Envioronmental Protection agency was shocked to find the citarum river basin's lead levels were more than a thousand times above the standard level. The river gets toxic waste dumped from both domestic and industrial sources. The city of Jarkata is greatly affectly by the toxic waste, and the Asian development bank gave a $500 million donation to clean up the river-Vestalis

3 Monaco has modern, futuristic towns

Monaco's futuristic cities look very nice.-Vestalis

4 Indonesia is racist

Um, no it's not the people there are friendly no matter what race you are. The person who made this list haven't went to Indonesia or is to dumb to understand. - Picklesthekitten45

5 Monaco makes your life comfortable

Also, Monaco has the #1 highest life expectancy, at around 89.68 years.-Vestalis

I googled "Monaco homes". It looks very comfortable.-Vestalis

6 Indonesia always claims that they are the best country to visit

Well, I got a comment from you on my list why my homeland Is good to visit - P-51IsDaBest

7 Indonesia always makes people embarrassed
8 Indonesia ruins your life
9 Indonesia has too many cases
10 Indonesian government is weak

In an Alltime10s video (It's 10 Deadliest Countries), Indonesia is ranked number 5, by the annual number of murder is 18,963.-Vestalis

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11 Less population
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