Top Ten Reasons Why Monday Music Sucks

If you go on the website please stop using it. This will show you why it is bad. We should go against them and find another website or talk to others about music. If you read this it would be well worth it. You can learn something. It should not take long and will not be a waste of time.

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1 Swamp Fox Has a Bad Attitude

Swamp Fox call me an entity, saying I am Irritant and how he was treating me was not nice or good. Even some of the mods thumbs up his comments. Those people are losers since it is like they are agreeing with him calling me things when I was not being mean first. The loser who thumbs up his comments who are not mods is cwgf. I had to make another account to say bad things to Swamp Fox back. Drysocks is also a loser for thumbs up the comment of Infadelicious when she was sticking up for Swamp Fox.

Never heard of this website but I guess I'll stay off of it now.

2 Infadelicious Has a Bad Attitude

I try talking to her and she calls me a troll. She did say to me to read the rules on the website but I did not saw that. That could of been for Disqus not the website since it said here are Disqus rules. I may not should what I did by asking people what is all your favorite music artists to other people but it is how the mods were treating me. We are only human and we all make mistakes. I was asking a few people this because they may not see the comment by all the other comments in the way. They may not answer unless I ask them and they may not know I what to know what are all their favorite music artists.

Infadelicious sounds like a real jerk, she should be banned. - Thelistmaker

3 CopperJohn is a Hypocrite

He even thumbs up Swamp Fox comments that was reply to me after he knows what I did and said I was one of the new friends.

4 The Mods Would Not Give You Another Chance Even How Much You Change and How Good You Are

Even though you are so good and just do what the other people do on the website you are still not be forgiven. Even if you help lots of people, caring and is a great person. The website have me blocked when I should not be stayed blocked.

5 The Website is Just For Posting Tracks

That is what the website mostly does. If you want to look for music you should pick out your own and find it yourself. If you want to show your band like just samples and the link shows where to buy your music it would not be good for that. The mods would not want that. To them it would be like posting the same comment when others can find it. They do not want you to even post it on their other links. They would take that as spam. So, that proves the website is useless when you cannot even show your new music on it unless you post full tracks on a website.

6 Has Lots of Random Photos

The photos are like homemade ones that are like only online and are not like photos from your other gifted people. The photos are not all just taken from a camera. Most are just a bunch of random photos like memes.

7 It's a Waste of Time

What would you really need to do on it! Keep looking at the videos there everyday. You can talk to other people about things on other websites like Rolling Stone (which works better now). If you need to find new music look around my account or talk to me about it.

8 The Mods are Controlling

If one blocks you and that mod was wrong they all stay by each other side and would not fix the problem. They think they can do what they want and would not lose anything. It is like they think they can just control all the people.

9 The People Do Not Care for You

If you got blocked there and got called names no one would not care or stick up for you. They would just keep posting videos. There just like a lot of other online people.

10 The Website is Boring

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11 There are Better Websites for Music

Rolling Stone, TheTopTens, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and My Space are all way better. If you know what they did to me by reading what I said and know about the other websites you should agree.

There's also spotify. - Thelistmaker

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