Top Ten Reasons Why Mordecai Is the Best Regular Show Character

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1 He's Cool

Yep. He is really cool. Coolest character of the show - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

Coolest bird in the world, so rock on Mordecai! - 05yusuf09

He's my favorite character from the show. - cosmo

What! rigby has so much more humor and character and plus,he doesn't punch people for no reason unlike the tall blue jay himself

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2 Almost Every Regular Show Fan Likes Him

I like him, but I think Rigby's the best. - Goatworlds

I do, but I like the others just as much. Mordecai has too much drama with Margret and CJ.

Not me becausehe is a jerk to rigby because he has more power such as smarts and strength

This is not true I am a huge fan of r.s and I even have home made books of r.s I made 200 seperate books I wrote a comic of every regular show episode so far draw the pictures and everything and I have 10 more books to do and I hate mordecai

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3 He's Smarter Than Rigby

So? Rigby's funnier. - Goatworlds

I kind of like rigbys makes him a great character

4 He Has a Cool Name
5 He Has a Great Voice
6 He Looks Cool
7 He Won At a Staring Contest Against a Giant Eye on The Episode Called "Peeps"

Yup, amazing episode, loved it.

8 He Has Rigby with Him

If one of them left, the show would be terrible and BORING. But luckily both of them were on the show till the end so the show stayed awesome! - PeeledBanana

The show may honestly be bland without Rigby. - Garythesnail

They both compliment each other.

9 He Isn't Scared Easily By Scary Movies
10 He Easily Wins At Playing Punchies Against Rigby

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11 He Easily Wins At Video Games Against Rigby
12 He Was So Brave In The Christmas Special
13 He's Chilled
14 He is Usually the One Who Saves the Gang from Trouble
15 He Cares for His Best Friends

Yeah he does for Rigby most of the time

16 He Helps His Gang in the Toughest Situations
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1. Almost Every Regular Show Fan Likes Him
2. He's Chilled
3. He's Cool
1. He's Cool
2. Almost Every Regular Show Fan Likes Him
3. He's Smarter Than Rigby
1. He's Cool
2. He's Smarter Than Rigby
3. Almost Every Regular Show Fan Likes Him

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